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Updated December 5, 2009 - 11:20 PM EST
Neocons Laud New 'War President'
Little Resistance on Day 2 of US-Afghan Offensive
  Britain Rejects Obama Pullout Pledge
  Marines Launch Assault on Afghan 'Ghost Town'
  Karzai Set to Replace Most of His Cabinet
  What Obama's Afghan War Plan Will Cost You
  25 Nations Commit 7,000 More Troops to Afghanistan, but Avoid Details
  How the Afghan Surge Was Sold
Pakistan Slams US Plans to Expand Drone Strikes
  Two Generals Among Top Pakistani Officials Slain in Bombing
  At Least 40 Killed in Pakistan Mosque Attack
  Petraeus: Mullah Omar Stays Most of the Time in Pakistan
Iran to Limit IAEA Cooperation to a Minimum
  US Eyes January for New Iran Sanctions
  Russia, China Closer to Approving Iran Sanctions
Iraq MPs Again Fail to Vote on New Election Law
  Iraqi Counterterror Chief Falls to His Prey
  Baghdad Struggles Over Banned Books
Obama Steals Bush's Speechwriters   by Matthew Rothschild
Top Ten Things That Could Derail Obama's Afghanistan Plan  by Juan Cole
Obama With Blood on His Hands  by Nicolas J.S. Davies
Defining 'Isolationism' Down  by Justin Logan
O=W  by William S. Lind
All Too Familiar on Afghanistan  by Laura Flanders
Vietnam-Lite Is Unveiled  by Pepe Escobar
The Same Old Pax Americana  by Leon T. Hadar

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Pelosi Rejects Plan to Impose 'War Tax'
Afghanistan Is 'Not Iraq': One Surge Doesn't Fit All
Deployments Will Delay Army's Dwell Time Goal
Obama Warmed to Bush's Iraq Surge as Example for Afghanistan
Blackwater's Prince Raising Concern in Washington
Reports Fuel Speculation Over bin Laden's Location
Britain in Iraq
Britain's 'Meaty' Iraq Role Aimed to Influence US
Ex-UK Defense Chief: US Declared Iraq Win Too Soon
Iraqi Lawyer Defending Ex-Soldier Fails in Bid to Visit Client's UK Family
Iraq Buys Border Security System for Iran, Syria Frontiers
GIs Learning to Stand Down as Iraqis Step In
US: Arrest Campaign in Mosul Led by Iraqi Forces
US Forces in Salah al-Din Release Detained Journalist
Iranian Group: Health Care Blocked at Iraq Camp
Friday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded
China Urges Iran to Cooperate With IAEA
Iran Will Keep Nuclear Plans Secret
Iran Says It Needs 20 Uranium Enrichment Sites
Iran Cracks Down on Dissent in Universities
Netanyahu's West Bank Plan Meets Resistance From Settlers
Netanyahu Forms Task Force to Monitor Settlement Freeze
Israeli Troops Shoot Palestinian Protester
Israel Closes Sole Oil and Gas Terminal on Gaza Border
Middle East
ElBaradei Mulls Egypt Presidency if Poll 'Democratic'
Frustrated With West, Turks Revel in Empire Lost
Somalia Blames al-Qaeda, Somali Group for Bombing
Somalis With al-Qaeda Link Deny Hotel Blast
Guinea's Wounded President Flown to Morocco
Prosecutor Says New Charges Possible in Darfur
My Friend, the Nigerian Militant
'War on Terror'
Librarians Unite Against PATRIOT Act Provisions
Guantanamo Writings Cost Ex-Prosecutor His New Job
Secret Agents Fight a Cyber Attack on Britain Every Day
More Charges Expected in NYC Terror Plot
Weekend Reviews
A Prudent Foreign Policy
Does Terrorism Work?
Liberal Democrats Take Aim at Funding for War
German Defense Minister Calls Kunduz Air Strike 'Inappropriate'
Clinton Hopes for French Troops in Afghanistan
US Lauds Afghanistan Troop Pledges
NATO Chief Praises UAE for Afghan Role
Jordan Islamists Blast Obama's Dispatch of New Troops to Afghanistan
Two Army Generals Killed in Pakistan Mosque Attack
Massacre at Pakistan Mosque Shows Taliban Strength
Gilani: Taliban Not Capturing Pakistan
Recent Major Militant Attacks in Pakistan
North Korea
North Korea Talks Seen Unlikely to End Arms Stalemate
North Koreans Burn Bills in Anger Over Currency Reform
China Sentences 3 More to Death Over Ethnic Riots
Uighurs Using Missionary Railway to Flee China
Uighurs Who Fled China in Cambodia Seeking Asylum
US Presses Japan to Resolve Base Dispute 'Expeditiously'
Japan FM Tours Okinawa for US Base Talks
Officials: Top Indian Rebel Arrested
Philippines Arrests Clan Leader in Massacre Probe
US, Russia to Extend START Treaty
Russian Cafe Blast Not a Terrorist Act
US, Poland Sign US Deployment Accord
Quick Signing of Arms Pact Unlikely, Says Czech Official
British Defense Ministry Shuts UFO Unit
Nicaragua Lawmakers Resist President's Re-Election
Accused Colombian Rebels Arrested
Cuba-US Migration Talks Pushed Back Until February
US Military
Iraq Vet Charged With Murder in Fort Drum Killings
Democrats Call for Temporary 'Don't Ask' Immunity

Justin Raimondo
Obama's War: The Reaction

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Trial and Error

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Jailed Mom Symbolizes the Rot of War

Philip Giraldi
Fool Me Twice

Ivan Eland
Pay for the War, or Just Call It Off?

David R. Henderson
A Coalition's Progress: Monterey's Anti-Afghan War Demonstration

Charles V. Peņa
More Sanctions, More Insanity

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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