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Updated December 13, 2009 - 11:29 PM EST
PM: Waziristan Offensive Not Over After All
  Al-Qaeda 'Not Behind Pakistan Bloodshed,' Says American Member
  Blackwater Operating at CIA Pakistan Base, Former US Official Says
  Casualties of the Drone War
  Pakistan Taliban Create Artificial 'Jannat' to Lure Suicide Bombers
Deadly Game of Wits on Afghan Roads of Blood
  Insurgent Infiltrators Terrorize Kabul's Ruling Class
  Winning the War, 30 Taliban at a Time
  Antiwar Protesters Gather Outside White House
White House Unhappy With Iran Nuclear Proposal
  Iran Agrees to Nuclear Fuel Swap, With Caveats
  Report: Missing Iranian Scientist Gave Nuclear Secrets to UN Inspectors
US Jail in Iraq an 'al-Qaeda School'
  Lawmaker: Iraqi Security Had Tip-Off Before Bombs
Israel Fears US Arms Will Reach Hezbollah
  Showdown Looms Over West Bank Construction Curb
Islamic Extremism Raises US Terror Fears
  Memo Points to Illinois as Site for Gitmo Detainees
  Obama Administration Files to Dismiss Case Against John Yoo
  US and Russia Open Talks on Limits to War in Cyberspace
  UK Nursery Children Monitored for Signs of Radicalization
Defense Secretary's Trip Encounters Snags in Two Theaters
Once Again, We're Marching Into an Unwinnable War  by Joe Galloway
Obama's Wrong Road in Afghanistan  by Ivan Eland
The Desperate War Cries of a Besieged President  by Alexander Cockburn
Our Murderers in the Sky  by Scott Ritter
It's Time to Leave Afghanistan  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Bush-Obama War  by Chuck Baldwin

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Blackwater 'Used in Raids Against Insurgents'
Terrorist Recruiters Leverage the Web
Zelaya Gets Green Light to Leave Honduras
Military Orders 47,200 'Certificates of Death'
VT Families of War Dead Deal With Mixed Emotions
War Tax Advocate Sees Echoes of Vietnam in Afghan War
'War on Terror'
Imam Claims Innocence in NYC Terrorism Case
Flight 297 Passenger: Incident Bigger Than Airtran Claims
Bulgaria Could Take in a Guantanamo Prisoner
Attempt to Secure Freedom for Last Briton in Guantanamo Bay Is Rejected
Sentencing Delayed in US Hamas-Funding Case
Canadian Science Fiction Writer, Beaten and Arrested at US Border
UK Iraq Inquiry
Untouchable: Blair to Give Iraq War Evidence in Secret
Blair Defends Iraq War – Even Without WMD
Blair Attacked Over Iraq War 'Justification'
Tony Blair Accused of 'Twisting Facts' on Iraq
Chilcot Inquiry: The Mistake in Iraq Was Ducking the Aftermath
Iraqi Oil
Iraq Awards Oil Deals, but No Boon for US Firms
Iraq Hails 2nd Oil Auction but Risky Sites Shunned
Iraq Hails Oil Auction; Major Firms Steer Clear
Iraqi Oil Ministry Reaches Deals With 10 Foreign Oil Companies
Today in Iraq
Iraq Defense Minister Asks for Budget to Pay Informers
No Bombs Dropped in Iraq in November
Panel Faults Marine for Response to Iraq Killings
Police Targeted in Iraq Attack
Interior Minister Wants Iraq to Turn Page on Ba'athists
American Plans His Comeback in Iraqi Politics
Bangladesh Sends 252 Workers to Iraq, Hopes 100,000 Will Follow
Armorgroup Security Firm to Run Baghdad Airport
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 6 Iraqis Killed; 10 Iraqis Wounded
Taiwan Denies Knowledge of Firms Aiding Iran's Nuclear Ambitions
Iranian Men Don Hijabs in Protest at Student's Arrest
Iran Clerics Rally to Support Supreme Leader
Hardliners: Iran Opposition Seeks Leader's Removal
Iran Needs Up to 15 Nuclear Plants, Says Foreign Minister
Iran's Mottaki Defiant on UN Nuclear Sanctions Threat
Der Spiegel: Siemens Supports Iran's Nuke Efforts
Iran Nuclear Talks Failed Because Gulf Left Out: Bahrain
Israeli PM Condemns West Bank Mosque Attack
Peres: Bring Extremists Who Torched Mosque to Justice
Lieberman Deputy: I'll Fight Any Shalit Deal That Frees Barghouti
Palestinians Tell Israel: We Won't Accept Interim Deals
Jerusalem Cop Caught on Tape Pepper-Spraying Detained Activist
After 22 Years, Hamas Becomes More Popular
Palestinian Farmer Killed in Gaza Crossfire
Egypt Agrees to Host New Round of Palestinian Talks
UN Builds Mud Brick Homes for Homeless Gazans
Kurds Boycott Turkish Parliament, Unrest Flares After Party Ban
Kurds Fight Running Battles With Turkish Police
Israel: Turkey's Hostility Is Strategy
Lebanon Pressing US to Deliver Military Aid
Judiciary Will View Syrian Warrants Under Lebanese Law
Saudi Denies Yemen's Huthis Seized Border Post
Iran Says Yemen War Must Be Ended Diplomatically
State Department Says Cuba Has Detained US Citizen
Argentine 'Dirty War' Trial Begins
Pinochet's Grandson Runs in Chile's Parliamentary Elections
Leftist Latin America Bloc to Begin Using Its Own Currency
Americans Still Dying
Waterbury (CT) Marine Dies of Wounds Four Months After Bomb Blast
Illinois Soldier's Family Deals With His Loss

'Gentle' Lake Oswego (OR) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Explosion

Not Finding WMD
Kabul Deputy Mayor Arrested in Crackdown
British Army's Growing Toll of Injured
Top UN Official: Civil Effort in Afghanistan Needs Restructuring
Afghanistan: Help Wanted
Afghan Cabinet Unveiled End of the Week: Official
Afghan Police Uncover 700 Kg Explosives in Taliban Hotbed
Suicide Bombing Kills Three in Afghan East
Did Canada Turn a Blind Eye to Torture of Afghan Detainees?
Women's Rights Groups Collide Over Status of Afghan Women
Pakistani Leader Zardari Is on Shaky Ground
Americans Held in Pakistan Straddled 2 Worlds
Pakistan Officials: US Suspects Shifted to Lahore
Obama: Pakistan Must Help US More Fully
Peshawar on Front Line of Pakistan's Militant War
Mumbai Attack Suspects Challenge Pakistan Indictment
US General: Lack of Coordination With Pakistan Unfortunate
Baloch Leaders Assure Support to Zardari
Pakistan: 15 Militants, Three Soldiers Killed in Kurram
US Forces Using Airbase in Balochistan, Govt Says Not Paying Satisfactory Rent
India Deluged With Demands for New States
Ministers Resign Over Decision on New Indian State
What Was David Headley's Role in the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks?
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka War Refugees Face Uneasy Homecoming
Free Sri Lanka Child Soldiers: UN Envoy
Gunmen Free Remaining 47 Hostages in Philippines
Philippines Lifts Martial Law in Southern Province
Militants Attack Philippine Jail
US Commander in Okinawa: Moving Marines to Kadena 'Not a Viable Option'
Japan Prods China on Rights as Ties Improve
Japan Ruling Party Leader: We Must Apologize for Rule Over Korea
Obama's Half-Brother Made 'Image Ambassador' in China
China, Kazakhstan Unveil Landmark Gas Pipeline
Tons of North Korean Weapons Seized From Plane at Thai Airport
Malaysia Activists Protest British Massacre Decision
Russia, US to Extend Talks on Nuclear Arms Pact
Reign of Fear Grips Russia's Chechnya
Medvedev Dismisses Top Russian Prison Officials
Abkhazia Elects President in Vote Unrecognized by Most of the World
Catalans Vote in 'Referendum' on Independence
Russia-France Arms Deal Raises Concerns for Neighbors
As Web Challenges French Leaders, They Push Back
Swiss Muslims Protest Minaret Ban
DR Congo
UN Warned of Risks in Backing Congo Army Ops: Memo
War-Ravaged DR Congo Gets $624 Million in IMF Funding
Sudan Police Kill 15 Accused of MP Murder in Darfur
South Sudan Backs 'Hybrid Courts' for Darfur
Mugabe Endorsed to Lead Party for Another 5 Years
Mugabe: Zimbabwe's Unity Govt Has 'Short Life'
UN Experts Get Threats in Inquiry Into Somalia
Guinea Leader's Wound May End Junta Rule
Nigeria Opposition Party Meets Ahead of 2011 Polls
Algeria: Cry the Benighted Country
Rights Group Says Libya Still Behind on Freedoms

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The Afghan 'Experiment'

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No-sama bin Laden

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More 'Corruption' Is Needed in Afghanistan

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Best Performance in a Farce

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Trial and Error

David R. Henderson
A Coalition's Progress: Monterey's Anti-Afghan War Demonstration

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More Sanctions, More Insanity

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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