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Updated December 20, 2009 - 11:23 PM EST
Yemeni Rebels: Saudis 'Massacred' 54 Civilians
  'Al-Qaeda Leader' Escapes US/Yemen Raid
  Shia Fighters Saudi Warplanes Rain '1,011 Missiles' on Yemen
Iraq Says Iranian Troops Left Disputed Oil Well
  US: Iraq Not 'Pushed Around' by Iran
  Iran Charges 12 at Prison Over Death of Protesters
Rural US South Calls in Iran to Cure Health Blues
  In Iran, Nuclear Issue Is Also a Medical One
Pakistan in Crisis as 'Creeping Coup' Unfolds
  Pakistani Ruling Party Decides to Fight Back on Corruption Ordinance
  US Escalates 'Drone War' in Pakistan
NATO to 'Stay in Afghanistan as Long as It Takes'
  Former UN Envoy Blasts New Karzai Cabinet as 'Corrupt'
Senate Dems Break Fillibuster, OK $636B Pentagon Spending
  12 Guantánamo Detainees Freed; Captive Count at 8-Year Low
IAEA Applying a Nuclear Double-Standard
Stunning Statistics About the War Every American Should Know  by Jeremy Scahill
Homeland Security's Improper Intelligence  by Steven J. DuBord
Judge Orders Release From Gitmo of Unwilling Yemeni Recruit  by Andy Worthington
Obama's Dirty War  by Douglas Valentine
A Lesson on Nonviolence for Obama  by Eric Stoner
'The UK Is Not a Banana Republic'  by Daud Abdullah

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Israeli Pleads Guilty to Leaking Classified US Docs
Did US Keep Mum on Mumbai Attack?
US-Russia Arms Deal Unlikely Before February: Report
Police Expect Mumbai-Style Terror Attack on London
2/3 of UK Afghan War Vets Suffer Hearing Damage
Afghan Killing Bares a Karzai Family Feud
Modellers Claim Wars Are Predictable
Afghanistan Cabinet
Karzai Presents New Afghan Cabinet List, Including US Favorites
Karzai Ousts 2 Ministers US Wanted Gone Over Corruption
Afghan Cabinet Nominations Show Little Change
New Afghan Cabinet List Draws Ire From Legislators
Nominees for Afghanistan's New Cabinet
Grateful Georgia Sends Troops to Afghanistan
US Contractor Jailed for Afghan Kickback Scheme
US Officer Works to Create 'Security Bubbles' in Afghanistan
American, British, Polish Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
UK Defense Spending Pledge for Afghanistan to Be Tested
Afghanistan Army Widow: I'm Hurting Now but the Nation Will Be Hurt for Generations
Fijian Security Officer Dies in Afghanistan
Pakistani Govt Crisis
Pakistan Govt: Ministers Who Lost Amnesty to Stay
Pakistan Court Reinitiates Proceedings Against Interior Minister, Others
Pakistan Will Reopen Zardari's $60m Money-Laundering Case
Former ISI Official Challenges Presidential Immunity
US Fighter Jets Intrude Into Pakistani Airspace
Why Pakistan May Be More Willing to Help US Target Taliban Than It Appears
Three, Including Deputy Police Superintendent, Killed in Quetta Shooting
Militants Attack Military Camp in Pakistan's Khyber Agency
Pakistan Arrests 3 Suspects on Spying Charges
Mainstream Politicians Hail Troop Cuts in Kashmir
Two People Shot Dead in Kashmir
Indian Official Warns of Attacks in Goa
India's Troubled Hindu Nationalists Name New Party Boss
Nukes Shouldn't Block Better Ties, Says North Korea
North Korean Weapons Were Bound for Mideast: US Spy Chief
Swedish Jeans 'Made in North Korea' Go on Sale
Philippine Forces Surround Kidnappers
Massacre Suspect Mobbed by Journalists in Philippines
7 Maguindanao Police Officers Face Dismissal Over Philippines Massacre
Cambodia to Deport Uighurs Despite Persecution Fears
Tribunal Charges 3rd Ex-Khmer Rouge With Genocide
Chinese Envoy's Visit to Test Taiwan's Ma
Myanmar: Seven Killed as Bomb Explodes During New Year Party
Suspected Insurgents Kill Three Buddhists in Thai South
Sri Lankan Guards 'Sexually Abused Girls' in Tamil Refugee Camp
Demolition of Georgian War Memorial Kills 2
Regional Governor Sacked in Georgia Over Kutaisi Deaths
EU Opens Borders to Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia
Western Sahara Activist: Weak and in Pain, but Home After 32-Day Hunger Strike
Hundreds Rally in Spain in Favor of West Sahara Activist
Lockerbie Bomber Megrahi's Health Deteriorates: Hospital
Report: Lockerbie Bomber Had Secret £1.8m
Colombia to Build New Military Base on Venezuelan Border
Americans Still Dying
Georgia Soldier's Death in Iraq Being Investigated
Detroit (MI) Marine Dies on Fourth Deployment in Iraq
Air Force Reservist, Cincinnati Police Officer, Slain in Afghanistan (KY)
Panama City (FL) Soldier With Ties to Ohio Dies of Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan
Iran-Iraq Disputes
Iran, Iraq Seek Diplomatic End to Border Dispute
Mullen: 'Concerned' About Iran's Influence in Iraq
Iraqi Forces Deny Journalists Access to Oilfield at Heart of Iran Incident
Iran Demands $1 Trillion in War Damages From Iraq
Iraq's Kurdish Premier in Tehran
Iran Ready to Examine Nuclear Fuel Swap Offers: FM
Iran Opposition Gears Up for 10-Day Showdown, Possible Mousavi Arrest
Voices of Iranian Rights Activists Are Being Heard: US
Leading Iranian Reformist Speaks to BBC
US Companies Shut Out as Iraq Auctions Its Oil Fields
Iraq: Blackwater Guards' Lawyers Want Nicknames Kept From Jury: 'Savage,' 'Extreme'
Channeling Sunni Rage Into Iraqi Political Clout
On the Road With Mullen: Parking Concerns in Iraq
GIs in Iraq Try to Heal Ancient Site, St. Elijah's
Iraq: Bush Shoe Protester Says Worldwide Fame Has Still Left Him a Poor Man
Party Ban Elicits Demonstrations in Iraqi Kurdistan
Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
Tony Blair's Iraq Legacy
Blair Accused by Families of Iraq 'Cover-Up'
Biographer Says Tony Blair's Lack of Iraq Apology Endangers His Reputation
It's Only You Brits Who Don't Appreciate Me, Insists Tony Blair
US Wants Israel to Free Fatah Prisoners in Shalit Deal
Shalit Mediator Threatening to Quit if Swap Not Achieved by 'Deadline'
Israel: Prisoners Swap Talk Enters 'Frozen Stage'
Israeli Rabbis Say Soldiers' Loyalty to God Trumps Army Orders
Fatah Rejects Local Mediation to Resume Reconciliation Talks With Hamas
Mosque Attack in West Bank Draws Condemnation From Israeli Leaders
Abbas' West Bank Is Flourishing but Hamas Is Not Worried
Gaza Militants Clash With Israeli Forces
Peres Urges Obama to Press on With Mideast Peacemaking Efforts
The Ongoing Repression of Palestinian Protesters
Egyptian FM Implicitly Confirms Gaza Border Barrier
Gazans Shoot at Egyptians Building Underground Border Barrier
Egypt Boosts Security at Gaza Border After Firing
Lebanese Army Dismiss Reports of Ghajar Withdrawal
Lebanon PM on 1st Syria Visit Since Father's Death
Hariri: Syrian Summoning Warrants Have 'No Impact' on Upcoming Visit
Full Video of Alleged Air Strike Aftermath in Yemen
Yemen Finds Four al-Qaeda Suspects in Hospital
Kingdom Trying to Find if Saudis Were Among Dead in Yemeni Operations
Six Gitmo Detainees Are Returned to Yemen
Nigerian Militants Attack Oil Pipeline, Breaking Cease-Fire
Nigeria Oil Rebels Claim Attack Over Talks Delay
Nigeria's Future, President's Power in Question
'Missing President Is Being Used as an Excuse' to Delay Reforms in Nigeria
South Sudan Town Stuck Between Two Armies
Sudan Says Human Rights Situation in Darfur 'Better'
Critics Bristle at UN Force in Chad, Central African Republic
Official: Two Italians Kidnapped in Mauritania
Test for a Court as Prosecutors Face Liberia's Ex-Ruler
Madagascar Leader Fires Prime Minister

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