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Updated December 24, 2009 - 11:26 PM EST
US-Backed Yemeni Air Strike Kills 34
  Yemen Says Fort-Hood-Linked Cleric May Be Killed in Air Strike
Bombings in Iraq Kill 27 Before Shi'ite Rite
  Anti-Iran Rallies in Iraq as Border Tensions Linger
  Iraqi General, Candidate Killed in Separate Attacks
  Iraq Chases Many for Corruption, Catches Few
  US: Iraq Military Lacks Resources for Iran Frontier
  Thursday: 36 Iraqis Killed; 180 Iraqis, 1 Iranian Wounded
Iran Rejects Latest US 'Deadline'
  Protesters Clash With Police in Iranian City of Esfahan
  Osama bin Laden's Family in Iran: New Strain on Saudi-Iran Ties
UN Disarray Leaves Afghan Political Vacuum
  Police Kill Afghan Senator at Baghlan 'Checkpoint'
  NATO Diplomacy Adrift in Afghan Valley of Death
  Can US Troops Run McChrystal's 'Soft Power' Playbook?
US Supports Zardari, But Vows Not to 'Interfere'
  Pakistani Taliban Sending Troops to Afghanistan to Fight US
Gaza March Puts Spotlight on Civilian Suffering
  Israeli Peace Activist Arrested for Displaying Used Tear Gas Canisters
  PM: Israel Faces the 'Goldstone Threat'
  Settlers Plan to Cut IDF Ties in Fight Against Freeze
Navy's Attempted Suicide Rate Nearly 3 Percent
Guantánamo Closure Delayed Another Year
US Attack on Yemen Signals Escalation
Defense Bill Pork Earmarks Total $4 Billion
Obama and the Permanent War Budget  by William D. Hartung
Welcome to Pashtunistan: The Aim of America's Secret War?  by Shaukat Qadir
The Beginning of the End of Afghanistan  by Olaf Ihlau
Unjust War  by Doug Bandow
Tension Simmers in Iran  by William Pfaff
Breaking Palestine's Peaceful Protest  by Neve Gordon

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UN Council Sanctions Eritrea Over Somali Rebel Aid
Hard Line on Hezbollah Clashes with Political Reality
67% of Americans Say UN Not Tough Enough on Iran
Iraq, Iran Try to Resolve Border Spat
Gates Proposes $2 Billion in Funds to Aid Unstable Countries
US Military: No Change to Iraq Pregnancy Policy
'War on Terror'
Dumbest Anti-Terror Tech, Ever?
As Attacks Increase, US Struggles to Recruit Computer Security Experts
Should the US Destroy Jihadist Websites?
Feds Address Concerns About Safety of Illinois Prison
Guantanamo 'Hell on Earth,' Says Somali Detainee
Police Feared Terrorist Attack After 2004 Michael Jackson Arrest
Lithuanian Report Inconclusive on How Secret CIA Prisons Were Used
Lithuanian Parliament Condemns CIA Prisons
FBI Leaker Should Have Raised Flags
The War at Home
Blast! Los Alamos Researchers Accidentially Demolish Building With a Cannon
At Fort Hood, Reaching Out to Soldiers at Risk
Navy: Investigation Drove Sailor to Suicide
Iranian Police Threaten Fierce Crackdown on Protesters
Iran Police Clash With Mourners, 50 Arrested: Reports
Iran's Ahmadinejad Mocks Obama's 'TV series' Nuclear Talks
Bin Laden Daughter Hides in Saudi Embassy in Iran
Iran Behaves Increasingly Like a 'Police State': US
Iran Plans Satellite Launches Next Year
2003 US Raid in Iraqi Town Serves as a Cautionary Tale
At Least Six Killed in Religious Attacks in Iraq
Gunmen Storm Checkpoint, Kill 4 Iraqi Police
US Forces Observing From a Distance Developments at Maysan Oil Field
Iraqi Kurd Gas Victims Sue Dutchman for Damages
Oil Minister: Iraq Has 'Master Plan' to Boost Oil Exports
Wednesday: 23 Iraqis Killed, 67 Wounded
Gaza Crisis
Peace High on Gazans' Christmas Wish List
Postwar Gaza: Scars Frozen, Mideast at an Impasse
Egypt Says No Steel Gaza Wall Despite Hamas Fears
Palestinian Who Planted Bomb at Israel-Gaza Border Gets 10 Years
UN Expert Slams 'Tragic' International Failure in Gaza
International Community Has Failed Gaza: Aid Groups
UN Gives Mud Brick Huts to Gaza War Homeless
MKs Sign Deal to Leave Kadima as Split in Party Looms
Marwan Barghouti Barred for Israel Prisoner Swap
Hamas Says Needs Time to Study Israeli Prisoner Swap Reply
Report: Hamas Agrees to Deport 123 Prisoners in Shalit Deal
Israel Warns Nationals of al-Qaeda Abduction Threat in Africa
Erakat: Peace Talks Can Restart if Israel Halts Settlements
Yemeni Rebels Say They'll Leave Saudi Arabia if Attacks End
German Children Held in Yemen Appear in Video: Sources
Middle East
Turkish Military Breaks Silence Over New Plot Story
Renewed Lebanese Drug Trade Hikes Mideast Tensions
Israel Not Interested in Peace: Syria's Assad
Colombian State Governor Abducted by Rebels Found Dead
Honduras' Zelaya Stuck in Embassy for Christmas
Argentina 'Dirty War' Ex-Judge Gets 21 Years
Report Says Afghan Drug Effort Lacks Strategy
Remote Areas at Risk as NATO Acts to Protect Afghan Cities
British Paratrooper Is Fourth Soldier to Die in Four Days
Worrying Over Afghanistan's Pot-Head Soldiers
Karzai Impersonator Tests Limits of Afghan Free Speech
Human Rights Watch Urges Afghans to Investigate Prison Death
No WMD: World Reaction
Pakistani Taliban Chief Asks Group to Desist From Abductions, Crime in North Waziristan
'Major Political Drama' Unfolding in Pakistan, Says Holbrooke
Suicide Attack Kills Three Outside Pakistani Press Club
Pakistan Orders Security for Media After Attack
Taliban Blow Up Pakistan Girls School: Official
IMF Approves $1.2 Billion Payment to Pakistan
North Korea's Currency Revaluation 'Led by Successor'
Seven North Koreans Return Home From South Korea
In South Korea, Land Mines Remain a Threat
Rice Says North Korea Is Feeling Pressure
North Korea Turns to Air Smuggling
Japan Sets May Deadline to Resolve US Base Dispute
Secret Japan-US Nuclear Pact Documents Kept by Former Prime Minister's Family
Trial in China Signals New Limits on Dissent
Diplomats Shut Out of Chinese Dissident's Trial
US Says Chinese Dissident Trial 'Uncharacteristic of a Great Country'
Taiwan Policeman Injured as Protesters Hound China Envoy
Cargo Plane With North Korean Weapons Headed for Sri Lanka, Not Iran, Defense Lawyer Says
Turkmenistan to Resume Gas Supplies to Russia: Gazprom
Battles of Britain
UK Army Halts Soldiers' Training to Cut Costs
British Muslims Slam UK Pledge to End Arrest Threats Against Israelis
Brown to Appear at Iraq War Inquiry After Election
Jack Straw Faces Iraq Inquiry Grilling Over Tony Blair Letter
Russia, US Plan Unprecedented Nuclear Cut: Lavrov
US: Arms Talks With Russia to Drag Into 2010
EU Official in Georgia: Russia Violates Peace Deal
Ceausescu Fooled by Aides, Son Says
Sudan Parliament to Vote Again on Referendum Law
US Criticizes Sudan Parliament on Referendum Law
Guinea Junta Should Be 'Held to Account' for Massacre: US
Guinea's Military Celebrates 1 Year of Power
UN Extends Mandate of Congo Peacekeeping Force
Somali Militants Enforce Taliban-Style Dress Code
Group Blasts UNESCO Over Equatorial Guinea Link
Zimbabwe Rivals Getting Along, but No Breakthrough

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