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Updated December 25, 2009 - 11:22 PM EST
Yemen Tried to Kill Cleric in US-Backed Attack
27 Killed in Bombings Against Iraqi Shi’ites
  Threats, Ashoura Bring Blue Christmas in Iraq
  Thursday: 46 Iraqis Killed; 194 Iraqis, 1 Iranian Wounded
No Christmas for US Troops in Afghanistan
  Taliban Video Shows Captured American Soldier Denouncing War
  Suicide Bomb Kills Eight in Kandahar
Text Message Brings Christmas Fear to Pakistan
  Five Die in Peshawar Suicide Attack
  Al-Qaeda's Sights on Pakistan, and Beyond
Senate Eyes January Sanctions to 'Stop Iran'
  Iran: US Nukes Biggest Threat to Global Security
Blockaded Gazans Look to Smuggle In Christmas
  Netanyahu Courts Livni as Ugly Kadima Split Looms
Al-Qaeda Wannabe Lights Fireworks on Airliner
Ex-CIA Operative Warns of Terror Attack on US Soil
The NYT's View of 'Journalistic Objectivity'  by Glenn Greenwald
From Panama to Afghanistan: Selling a 'Just' War  by Ron Jacobs
Emulating Nixon  by John Feffer
Time to End the Neocon Con Game  by Bruce P. Cameron

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Israel Declares War on Peace NGOs
Imam: Hasan Asked About Killing GIs in 2008
Software Fraudster 'Fooled CIA' Into Terror Alert
Russia to Work on New Nuclear Missiles
Russian President Optimistic on Arms Deal With US
Navy's Attempted Suicide Rate Nearly 3 Percent
Colombian Assassination Raises Fears About FARC's Strength
Pro-Democracy Program in Cuba Questioned After Man Detained
The War at Home
Congress Raises Debt Ceiling to $12.4 Trillion
Military to Scrap Pregnancy Punishment
Envoy-on-Envoy Criticism Over Jewish Group
Jewish Group Slams Carter Apology
Power Struggle in Iran Clouds View of Nuclear Intentions
Iran Bans Memorials for Cleric in Wake of Violence
Iran Sends Former Government Spokesman to Prison
Iran Confirms bin Laden Daughter at Saudi Embassy
Iraq Christians Mark Christmas Under Threat
Two Iraqi 'Awakening' Members Killed in Kirkuk
Iraqi Trade Officials Jailed for Corruption
Thursday: 36 Iraqis Killed; 180 Iraqis, 1 Iranian Wounded
A Tougher Stance on the Use of Military Force Stirs Little Debate in Israel
Israel to Allow Glass Into Gaza
Hamas: Response to Israel Counter-Offer by Next Week
Israeli Teens: We Won't Dismantle Settlements
Year After Gaza War, Hamas Says Ready to Fight Israel Again
Gunmen Kill Israeli in West Bank Shooting Attack
Belgian-Israeli Dual Nationals Sue Hamas
Israel Recently Removed Road Block From Site of Fatal Attack
Turkey Says Kurdish Officials Arrested
Russia Successfully Tests Intercontinental Missile
Georgia and Russia to Re-Open Only Border Crossing
Serbia Detains Four Over 1991 War Crimes
1914 Christmas Truce
The Christmas Truce: When the Guns Fell Silent
1914 and Christmas: What Might Have Been
In Memory of the Christmas Truce
The Christmas Truce of 1914
Stop the War and Love Thy Enemy
Silent Night, Holy Night
Short Peace in a Terrible War
The Most Miraculous Christmas Eve in History
Veterans Re-Enact Christmas Truce
Canadian, British Soldiers Killed in Blasts in Southern Afghanistan
German Protestant Leader Calls for Afghan Pullout
Army's New All-Terrain Vehicle Debuts in Afghanistan
PM: Govt Ready for Musharraf's Trial if Allies Agree
Pakistan PM: Army Supportive of Ruling Party
Clashes in India Over Delay in Creating New State
Women's Deaths, and Inquiry's Findings, Enrage Kashmir
Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Sentenced to 11 Years on Subversion Charges
Chinese Court Sentences 5 to Death in Xinjiang Mayhem
North Korea
North Korea's DM Absent From Key Meeting
Report: North Korea Lauds Soldiers Who Nabbed Reporters
Southeast Asia
Cambodian PM Accuses Thailand of Preparing Coup
Thailand Appears Set to Ignore US, Send Hmong Back to Laos
Thailand PM Comments on Mass Deportation of Hmong
Vietnam Charges Rights Lawyer With Subversion
Violence in Somalia Over Land Dispute Kills Eight
Grim Legacy of Liberia's Most Isolated Town

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Trying to Reduce Our Only Existential Threat

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Why Are Military Families in Holiday Need?

David R. Henderson
The Case Against Iran Sanctions

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Motivation for Jihad

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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