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Updated December 27, 2009 - 11:24 PM EST
Mousavi Nephew, 9 Others Killed in Iran Protests
US Spies, Not Troops in Pakistan: Holbrooke
  US Drone Strike Kills 5 in NW Pakistan
  Pakistan: US Men Had Maps of Nuclear Power Site
Officials: No Indication of Larger Terror Plot
  Passenger: Sharp-Dressed Man Led Suspect Onto Plane Without Passport
  Al-Qaeda Wannabe Kept 'Bomb' on His Lap
  US Charges Suspect, Eyeing Link to Qaeda in Yemen
  Source: US Knew of Terror Suspect
  Passengers' Halted Attack That Billions Spent Failed to Prevent
  Al-Qaeda Has Changed Its Face and Operates From a Different Base
Elite US Force Expanding Hunt in Afghanistan
  German Defense Minister: Afghanistan Not Suited for Democracy
  NATO: Taliban Commander Dies in Mosque Shootout
One of Deadliest Days Since Gaza War
  Rights Group: IDF May Have Executed Unarmed Palestinian Militants
  Son of West Bank Shooting Victim: Revenge Is Not for Jews
Iraqi and Iranian Forces in Oil Well Standoff
  1,960 Christians Killed in Iraq Since 2003, According to Survey
  On Religious Holiday, a Round of Attacks on Shi'ites
America Under Barack Obama
John Whitehead Interviews Nat Hentoff
Have Americans Traded Freedom For Security?  by Paul Craig Roberts
A Bad Mideast Decade, Best Unrepeated  by Rami G. Khouri
Lost Battles of the Vietnam War  by Carlton Meyer
Obama's Af-Pak War Is Illegal  by Marjorie Cohn
The Settlement Freeze That Isn't  by Gershom Gorenberg

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Yemen Says Receiving US Help Against al-Qaeda
Pentagon Reviewing Strategic Information Operations
Contractor's Detention Highlights US Push for Democracy in Cuba
Kucinich: Obama Should Fire Generals Who Spoke Publicly for Afghan Surge
365 of UK's Most Eminent Photographers Attack Anti-Terror Legislation
US Bomb Suspect Was Denied British Visa: Source
Airliner Attack
Father of Nigerian Terror Suspect Warned US About Son
Official: Explosive PETN Used in Attack
Passengers Help Foil Attack on Detroit-Bound Plane
Dutch Tourist Says He Stopped Detroit Plane Attack
Militants Probe Aviation Security Weak Points
European Security Agencies: US Seeks Global Security Stepup on US-Bound Travel
Bomb Squad Searches Lufthansa Jet in Iceland
TSA Declines to Confirm New and 'Unpredicatable' Airline Restrictions
Nigeria Reacts to Attempted Terrorist Attack on US Airline
Europe Tightens Security After US 'Attack'
DOJ: 'Destructive Device' Placed on US Aircraft (pdf)
Clashes Erupt in Tehran on Shi'ite Holy Day
Security Forces Attack News Agency Housing Protesters
Police Use Tear Gas at Renewed Protests in Tehran
Iran: Bin Laden's Daughter Free to Leave Tehran
Iran's Neda Named 'Person of the Year' by UK Paper
Ahmadinejad Calls Europe's Politicians 'One More Stupid Than the Other'
US Commander: Iraq Must Be Fair to Sunni Awakening Councils
Tribal Leader, Police Officer Killed in Iraq Violence
Bomb in Iraqi Pilgrims' Tent Kills 3, Wounds 16
In Election Season, Iraq Steps Up Ashura Security
Thousands of Pilgrims Descend on Iraq's Karbala
Iraqi Priest Says Christians Must 'Not Be Afraid'
Saturday: 16 Iraqis Killed, 51 Wounded
Mideast Tensions Rise After Deadly West Bank Raid
Hamas Condemns Israeli Escalation, Vows to Reactivate Armed Resistance
Israeli Forces Kill Another Activist, Three Palestinian Boys
PA Urged to End Coordination With Israel
Netanyahu: I Hope Livni Realizes Time Is Crucial
Abbas Condemns Israeli Killing of Six Palestinians
Hamas Grip on Gaza Tighter a Year After War
Israeli Forces Injure Seven Palestinians in Nablus
20,000 Attend Funeral of Executed Nablus Fatah Men
Hamas Sends Children to Gaza-Egypt Border in Wall Protests
Graphic Novelist Pushes Palestinian Point of View
Gaza Still on a Knife-Edge, One Year on From the War
One Year On, Gaza War Violations Still Unpunished: HRW
Weekend Reviews
A Fistful of Dynamite
Malalai Joya Among the Warlords
Tracing Voluntary Military Service
7 Deadly Scenarios: A Military Futurist Explores War in the 21st Century
Western Nations Wary of Funding Another Afghan Election
Afghans to Hold Parliament Vote by Late May: Official
Rocket Hits Afghan Capital Kabul, Three Injured
Rocket Hits Afghan Defense Ministry, No Casualties
Afghan Religious Council Condemns Pakistani Taliban Over Sending Fighters
Afghan Police Work to Overcome Barriers for Women
NATO: US Service Member Killed in Afghanistan
UK Medics Keep Wounded Troops Alive in Afghanistan's Desert of Death
GI Christmas in Afghanistan: Iced Tea and an Antenna Tree
Taliban Planned to Use Americans in Pakistan Attacks
Pakistani Concern Over Unhindered Access to Afghan Truckers
Americans in Pakistan Face More Questions
Anti-Taliban Tribal Elder Beheaded in Bajaur
26 Injured in Karachi Blast Near Muharram Procession
Car Bomb Wounds 19 in Pakistan's Commercial Capital
Two Cops Killed in Ambush, School Blown Up in Peshawar
Pakistan Releases 100 Detained Indian Fishermen in Goodwill Gesture
Swat Militant Leader Shah Dauran Dies of Illness
Police Break Up Kashmir Procession, 60 Hurt
Terror Alerts Issued in Indian Cities
In North Korea, Resistance Is the New Currency
Sharia Tightens Its Grip on Banda Aceh
Peace in Caucasus Very Close, Saysturkish Minister
Jail Term Confirmed for Milosevic Police Chief
Sudan-Chad Ties Thaw After Meeting: Khartoum
Independence an Uncertain Draw for Khartoum Southerners

Libya Accuses Swiss of Abusing Gaddafi's Son

Mexican Officials Conclude That the US-Backed Deployment of Soldiers Failed to Control Border Violence
Ecuador TV Station Returns to Air After Suspension
Explosion Kills Hamas Member in Beirut
US Official: We're Not Taking Sides in Lebanon
Lebanese Army Arrests Five People Transporting Weapons
Nasrallah Calls for 'Psychological Warfare' Against Israel
Middle East
Activists Push Egypt to Grant Access to Gaza
No Celebration as UN Palestinian Refugee Agency Turns 60
Yemeni Director Combats Terrorism With Propaganda
Turkish Soldiers Get Jail Terms Over Capture by Kurdish Rebels

Justin Raimondo
The Awards!

Nebojsa Malic

Philip Giraldi
Christians United for War

Ivan Eland
Trying to Reduce Our Only Existential Threat

Kelley B. Vlahos
Why Are Military Families in Holiday Need?

David R. Henderson
The Case Against Iran Sanctions

Charles V. Peņa
Motivation for Jihad

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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