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Updated December 28, 2009 - 11:23 PM EST
Karzai: 10 Civilians Killed by NATO Forces
  America’s Afghan Toll Doubles Record 2008
  'Haunted' Afghan Outpost Unnerves US Marines
Report: Al-Qaeda Claims Failed Terror Attack
  Did Bomber Board Plane Without a Passport?
  Dutch Probe Claims of Nigerian Bomber Accomplice
  From the Lap of Luxury to a Lap of Explosives
Officials Eye Yemen War in Wake of Lap Bombing
  US Widens the 'War on Terror' to Yemen
  Congressman: 9/11 Hijackers' Spiritual Leader Ordered Airliner Bombing
Mousavi Nephew, 9 Others Killed in Iran Protests
  Iran Battles Reinvigorated Opposition
  Iran Militia Halts Former President's Speech
Pakistan Bombing Kills 30 at Shi'ite Procession
  Pakistan Reels as Bombings Continue
  Floundering Zardari Rails Against Enemies of Democracy
Israel Kills Six Palestinians in Twin Shootings
Another Peril in War Zones: Sexual Abuse by Fellow GIs
Bombs Without Borders: Bernard Kouchner's Prescription for War  by John Laughland
'The US Military Is Exhausted'  by Sarah Lazare
What the Soviets Learned in Afghanistan About Assumptions  by Jordan Michael Smith
The Joys of Air Strikes and Anonymity  by Glenn Greenwald
Cast Lead 2  by Uri Avnery
Obama Undeserving of Civil Liberties Accolades  by Robyn Blumner

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Al-Qaeda Wing Says Will Avenge Yemen Raids
White House Warns Foes on Terror Politics
Sen. Lieberman: US Must Preemptively Act in Yemen
Al-Qaeda Group in Yemen Gaining Prominence
Uninvestigated Terrorism Warning About Detroit Suspect Called Not Unusual
The 'Lap Bomber'
Contractor: Al-Qaeda in Yemen Threatened Airliner Attack 5 Days Ago
Nigerian in Aircraft Attack Linked to London Mosque
Wealthy, Quiet, Unassuming: The Christmas Day Bomb Suspect
Bomb Suspect Came From Elite Family, Best Schools
Profile: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
Nigerian Bomber's Home Town Blames Foreign Schooling
Detroit Explosive Common, Easily Detectable
Air Travel Aftermath
Another Nigerian, Another Flight 253 From Amsterdam, Another Arrest
Guy Who Got Sick on Detroit Plane 'A Legitimate Businessman'
TSA: 2 Passengers Detained After Flight to Phoenix
Security Heightened for Flights Bound for United States
For Airline Passengers, Pat-Downs, Searches, and Restroom Monitors
Passengers Face Security Crackdown After Failed Airliner Bomb Plot
Obama Addresses Airline Security in Low-Key Fashion
Airlines: TSA Wants Your Hands Where We Can See Them
Equipment to Detect Explosives Is Available
Holiday in Iraq Is Largely Peaceful
Iraqi Shi'ites Protest Maliki's Government
Sahwa Council Member Killed in Kirkuk
Iraq Army Says Nine Bombs Defused as Shi'ite Rituals Climax
Sunday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 42 Wounded
Hamas: Two Members Dead in Lebanon Blast
Army and UN Forces Uncover Boxes of Explosives in South Lebanon
Middle East
White House Condemns 'Unjust' Actions in Iran
Turkey's Erdogan Denies Tensions With Army
Divisions Await Egypt's New Muslim Brotherhood Head
Bomb Blast in Athens
Germany: Thousands Evacuated After World War II Bomb Is Found
Taliban: US Should Quit Before Meeting Fate of Soviet Union
Soldier Badly Wounded in Afghanistan Wants to Return to Duty
Afghan War Museum Displays Past Horror
Zardari Declares War On... Pretty Much Everyone
Eight Terrorist Suspects Killed in Orakzai Clashes
Thousands in Pakistan Mark Second Anniversary of Bhutto's Death
Zardari Should Appear in Court, Says Nawaz
Bomb Kills Govt Official, Family in NW Pakistan
10 Killed, Scores Injured in Pakistan Mosque Blast
Bomber Kills Five at Shi'ite Gathering in Pakistani-Held Kashmir
North Korea
Pakistani Scientist Depicts More Advanced Nuclear Program in North Korea
Activist: US Missionary Likely Detained in North Korea
Japan PM Says Moving US Base to Guam 'Unreasonable'
Thailand Begins Repatriation of Hmong to Laos
Argentina Puts Officials on Trial Over the Abuses of the 'Dirty War'
US Asks Israel to 'Clarify' Deadly West Bank Raid
Israel Promises Tough Response to Attacks
Israel Seeks Bids for Hundreds More Jerusalem Settler Homes
Gaza Aid Stuck in Jordan Amid Turkish Mediation
Lieberman: No Turkish Mediation as Long as I'm in Office
Israeli Minister: East Jerusalem Construction Not About Provocation
Dozens of Arrests as Protesters Mark Anniversary of Gaza Conflict
Hamas Praises Gaza's 'Steadfastness' on War Anniversary
Netanyahu Offers Kadima Two Cabinet Posts, but Says He Sets Israel Policy
No Progress Made in Netanyahu-Livni Meeting

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