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Updated January 11, 2010 - 11:01 PM EST
Yemen's President Eyes Deal With al-Qaeda
  Yemen's al-Qaeda Straying From bin Laden
  Cash-Strapped Yemen Finds a Reason to Join the Hunt for al-Qaeda
  Obama Plays Down Military Role in Yemen and Somalia
  Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's Snake Dancer
Pak Factions Eye Truce Amid Political Killings
  Sen. Lieberman: Pakistani Army Will Invade North Waziristan Soon
6 US and French Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
  No Secret as US Marines Plan for Afghan Assault
  CIA Director Defends Agency After Afghanistan Suicide Blast
  Blast Kills British Journalist, Afghan, US Soldiers
Iran Uses Fear of Covert Sites to Deter Attack
  US Counters Israeli Claim Iran Nuclear Facility Bomb-Proof
  Report: Iran Offers Nuke Fuel Deal
US Suggestion of Sanctions Causes Stir in Israel
  Netanyahu: Israel Will 'Resume' West Bank Building in Eight Months
Military Struggles to Make Sense of Drone Data
  Al-Qaeda: 'Head Office Has Gone Missing'
Sens. McCain, Lieberman Hawk It Up After Tour
UK Troops 'Executed Iraqi Grandmother'
Making Sense of the New CIA Battlefield in Afghanistan  by Tom Engelhardt and Nick Turse
The Quiet American  by Uri Avnery
Obama's Yemeni Odyssey Targets China  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
The COIN Myth  by Jeff Huber
Overspent and Overextended
by Doug Bandow
Helen Asks Why  by Ray McGovern

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CIA Planned to 'Rendition' Suspects in Germany
Japan to Come Clean on Secret Nuke Deals With US
'Bush Sold Arab States Arms in Violation of Deal With Israel'
Israel to Build Barrier Along Egyptian Frontier
Airlines Refuse to Transport Radical Cleric
Guantánamo Reunion, by Way of BBC
'War on Terror'
Sen. Feinstein: 'Scores' of Gitmo Inmates Back on Battlefield
McCain: Wrong to Give Nigerian Suspect Civilian Rights
Report: Radical Imam Detained at JFK Airport in 2002
US Military
Relatives of Blackwater Victims to Sue Company Again
US Food Delivery Contracts in Middle East Worth Billions
Plastic Helmets Fail Army Tests
Navy League: Obama on Path to Only 240-Ship Fleet
Bombing Targets Provincial Lawmaker in NW Pakistan
Imran Asks Pakistani Taliban to Stop Suicide Bombings, Calls for Talks
Two Tribal Elders Shot Dead in Mohmand
Swat Hoteliers Optimistic
Ex-ISI Chief Sheds Light on Blackwater Role in Pakistan
Afghanistan: Roadside Bomb Kills 3 Charity Workers
US Arms Sale to Taiwan Alarms China
Philippines Gun Ban Starts Ahead of Vote
First Visit to Northern Sri Lanka by a President in 30 Years
5 Militants Killed in Southern Russia
UK Bars Islamist March
Train Line Across the Balkans Restitches a Region
Opposition Lawyer Bids for Croatian Presidency
Attack in Angola
How Football Put Angola's War Back in the Spotlight
Cabinda Separatist Says More Attacks Possible
Likud MPs Slam US 'Threats'
Israel PM Vows Not to Free 'Terror Masterminds' for Shalit
Netanyahu Warns of Mighty Reaction to Incitement
Israel: Palestinians to Blame for Impasse in Talks
Palestinian: Israeli Cops Urinated on My Head During Arrest
Israeli Firm Blasted for Letting Would-Be Plane Bomber Slip Through
Palestinian Student Forcibly Sent to Gaza Gets Degree
Panel Ties Deaths to Iran Leader Ally
Iran's Opposition Spreads to Heartland
Iran Protesters Died in Overcrowded Cell
Iran MPs Criticize Treatment of Post-Vote Detainees
US: Iraqi Forces 'Integrating' al-Qaeda Forces
Iraqi in Blackwater Case Rejects Compensation Deal
Governor: Peshmerga Presence in Ninewa Illegal
Iraq Committee: Banned Parties Can Appeal
Three Christians Wounded in Mosul University Blast
Sunday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
Middle East
Hariri's Struggles in Lebanon Show Limits of US Influence
UAE Sheikh Cleared in Videoed Torture Case
Gunmen Stage Yet Another Raid in Kenyan Town
Radical Muslim Cleric Flown Back to Kenya

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