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Updated January 22, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
UK Terror Attack 'Highly Likely'
Iraq Poll Chief: More Candidates to Be Banned
Obama: I Misjudged the Will for Mideast Peace
  New Israeli Demand Complicates US Peace Mission
Pakistani Army Snubs US: No New Offensives
  Prospective Pakistan Army Takeover Could Force Early Election
  Gates Finally Admits Blackwater Operating in Pakistan
  Intel: Missile Kills Filipino Militant in Pakistan
More Afghan Civilians Killed, NATO to Curb Raids
  Claim: 15 Foreign Militants Killed in US Drone Strike in Afghanistan
  Loyalties of Those Killed in Afghan Raid Remain Unclear
  US Envoy Blocking Gen. McChrystal’s Afghan Militias Plan
  Petraeus: Afghanistan Needs More 'Sustained' Effort Than Iraq War
Clinton: Iran Must 'Come Clean' on Nuclear Plans
  Iran Denies Rejecting UN Offer
Yemen Will Not Allow Foreign Troops on Its Soil
  Clinton: US to Boost Aid Yemen
  Yemen University Denies US Charge of Promoting Islamist Extremism
  Saudi Deaths in Fight With Yemen Rebels Reach 113
Gitmo Closure Deadline Passes With No Updates
  Justice Task Force Recommends 50 Gitmo Detainees Held Indefinitely
Man Claims Terror Ties in Little Rock Shooting
US Missiles Spark Buildup Along Russo-Polish Border
Dark Revelations in the Bagram Prisoner List  by Andy Worthington
The Myth of Muslim Conquest  by Patrick Haenni and Sami Amghar
The Curious Case of Chemical Ali  by Charles McDermid and Rebaz Mahmood
Mayor of the North Pole  by Jeff Huber
Is al-Qaeda Winning?  by Marwan Bishara
The Guantánamo Suicides  by Stephen Soldz

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US Names Bagram Prisoners, Withholds Details
Time Interview With Obama
Pentagon: Haiti Relief 'No Impact' on Afghan Escalation
Police Arrest Guantánamo Protesters
Pakistani Senators Slam Gates' Comments on Possible Indian Attack
US to Supply 'Shadow' Drones to Pakistan
For Israelis, Mixed Feelings on Haiti Aid Effort
'War on Terror'
In-Flight Prayer Brings Bomb Squad to Pa. Airport
Politics of Terrorism Emerge Anew in Election Year
Britain Says Weak Pound Hits Anti-Terrorism Spending
Study: Terrorists Can Be Turned Away From Violence
US Security Chief: Airport Scanners Not Intrusive
UK Muslim Police Blast Official Anti-Terror Strategy
NYC Consultant Denied Bail in Iran Trade Case
Yemen an Easy Haven for Foreigners Drawn to Militant Islam
Yemen Tightens Visa Rules to Screen Out Militants
Clinton Sees Unity on Iran Despite China
Russia: Iran Nuclear Plant to Start Up This Year
US, Europe Vow Not to Back Down on Iran
Iran to Place New Limits on Cash Withdrawals
Iran Denies Handshake Report With Israeli Official
Iran Blacklist Puzzles Yale
British Iraq Inquiry
Brown to Testify at Iraq Inquiry Before Poll
Straw: Regime Change in Iraq Was Off the Agenda
I Could Have Stopped Blair on Iraq, Jack Straw Admits
Iraq Leader Seeks Ruling on Committee Behind Election Ban
Barred Politicians Mostly Secular, Iraqi Says
Former British Soldier Denies Being 'Murdering Psycho'
US Embassy in Baghdad Looking for Facebook Friends
Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 5 Iraqis Killed; 11 Iraqis Wounded
US Envoy Starts Mideast Tour Amid Obama Pessimism
Israel Moves to Launch University in West Bank Settlement
Israeli Unit to Monitor Soldiers' Entries on Facebook
Israel Fears Terrorist-Refugees May Set Up al-Qaeda Cells
Israel Probes Vandalism of West Bank Palestinian Cemetery
Turkish Ambassador: Kurd Terrorists Have US Arms
Turkish Army Denies Plot to Clash With Greece
United Arab Emirates
Entrenched UAE Monarchy Thwarts Aspirations for Modernity
Security Concerns Still Abound in Haiti
US Prepares Guantánamo for 1000s of Haitian Migrants
Honduras Interim Leader Leaves, Cabinet in Charge
US Military
Thriving Military Recruitment Program Blocked
Online Schools Market to Military
Combat Wounds Not the Leading Cause of Evacuations
Afghanistan 'Needs New Political Plan'
Dutch General in Afghanistan Slams Critics
Gates to Discuss Afghanistan War With Pakistanis
NATO Planning Civilian Boss in Afghan
US, British to Encourage Militants in Afghanistan to Switch Sides
Clinton Unveils Civilian Strategy for Afghanistan, Pakistan
Holbrooke Optimistic About Afghan Future Ahead of London Conference
Romania to Send 600 More Troops to Afghanistan
Why Pakistan Will Not Mount New Attacks on Militants
Gates: US Not to Repeat Mistake of Leaving Pakistan Alone
Pak Supreme Court Seeks Details of Pakistanis Handed Over to US
India, Pakistan Trade Diplomatic Barbs Over Cricket
Baloch Minister Orders Probe Into Attack on Separatists
Nine Killed in Swat Valley Operation
Three Killed, 20 Hurt in Bajaur Blast
Taiwan Military Plane to Land in US, Testing China
Hillary Clinton Calls for Web Freedom, Demands China Investigate Google Attack
China: Google Case Not Linked to Ties With US
India Lifts 'Terror' Ban on Prepaid Cellphones in Kashmir
Koreas Agree to Hold Talks on Industrial Park
Shattered Tamil City Braces for Crucial Poll
Indonesia Clerics Seek Ban on 'Funky Hairstyles'
Russian Bombers Fly Patrols Over the Aleutian Islands
Russia's Navy to Build Up Baltic Fleet Over US-Polish Missile Plans
Russia Invites French, British, US Troops to Victory Day Parade
Signs of Truce Stir Georgian Hopes
Germany Searching for Man Who Set Off Airport Scare
Al-Shabaab Threaten to Attack Kenya Capital
Confusion Over Whereabouts of Radical Kenyan Cleric
Nigerian Army Ordered to Quell Sectarian Clashes
Nigeria Holds Mass Funerals as Troops Patrol Riot City
Angola Abolishes Presidential Elections in New Constitution
80 Percent of Darfur Conflict Deaths Due to Disease
Review of Congo War Halves Death Toll

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