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Updated January 23, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
Taliban 'Part of Afghan Fabric', Gates Concedes
  Civilians, US Soldiers Among Nearly 30 Killed in Afghanistan
  Claim: 15 Foreign Militants Killed in US Drone Strike in Afghanistan
  Karzai Wants to Pay Taliban to Lay Down Their Arms
  CBO: Afghan Troop Surge to Cost $36 Billion Over the Next 3 Years
29 Killed in Clashes, Suicide Attack in Pakistan
  Pakistan Kills 15 in Surprise Waziristan Attacks
  CIA Deaths Prompt Surge in US Drone Strikes in Pakistan
  Gates Says Propaganda Tainting US Image in Pakistan
  Blackwater Fallout: Pak Senate Demands Interior Minister Resignation
  Gates: Pakistan Should Decide on Plans for Anti-Taliban Offensive
Chalabi at the Center of Iraq's Election Scandal
  Iraq Election Chief Eyes More Candidate Bans
  Biden in Iraq to Help Ease Pre-Election Tensions
UK Alert Raised: Terror Attack 'Highly Likely'
  Indian Airports on Hijack Alert
20 Saudi Soldiers Found Dead on Yemen Border
US Says Up to Palestinians to Revive Peace Talks
Group: 150 Muslims Killed in Nigerian Town
Pentagon's Gitmo Recidivism Claims Don't Add Up  by David Rosenfeld
Obama to Indefinitely Imprison Detainees Without Charges  by Glenn Greenwald
The Age of the Killer Robot Is No Longer a Sci-Fi Fantasy  by Johann Hari
The Return of the Neocons  by David Margolick
Petraeus Gets It Wrong  by Robert Dreyfuss
Ukraine's Counterrevolution  by Doug Bandow

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Whistleblower Challenges Guantánamo 'Suicides'
US Policy in Gaza Remains Unchanged
Two Jailed in New York for Aiding Tamil Tigers
Video Shows Yemeni Shi'ite Rebel Leader Alive and Well
Radio Legend Paul Harvey Was Secret FBI PR Man
Sadr Slams Hakim for Wanting Occupation Forces to Stay
Turkey Arrests 150 Accused of Plotting Attacks on Soldiers in Afghanistan
'War on Terror'
Former US Air Force Officer Gets 3 Years for Spying
TSA Plants Evidence as a Joke
US Returns Two Former Detainees to Algeria
Officials: 35 Detainees Face Trial or Commission
US Moves Closer to 9/11 Trial in New York
Military Commission Charges Withdrawn in Sept. 11 Case
Canada, US Beef Up Security for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver
Russia Warns Against Rushing to Iran Sanctions
France Says UN Must Take Tough Action Against Iran
Engineer's Arrest Exposes US Pursuit of Iranians
Iran Activist Gets One-Year Prison Sentence for Spiegel Interview
Iraq Demands Every Barred Candidate Denounce Saddam
Reports: UK Leader to Appear at Iraq Inquiry Soon
More Threats and Violence Against Independent Journalists in Kurdistan
Marines to Mark Official End of Their Anbar Mission in Iraq
Najaf Governor Survives Assassination Attempt
Friday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 4 Wounded
Military Prepares to Open 'Israelis Only Road' to Palestinian Traffic
Not All Settlers and Palestinians Want Each Other to Disappear
Israel Pays $10.5 Million for Damage to UN Gaza Premises
Warden Allegedly Smuggled Cell Phones to Palestinian Inmates
15 Arrested Protesting Takeover of East Jerusalem
At Least 24 People Killed in South Sudan Clashes
Study Points to Disease as Main Killer in Darfur
Horrors of Religious Violence Found in Nigeria
Guinea Army Loses Its Swagger
Madagascar's Leader Snubs Calls for Power-Sharing
US Military
Widespread Defects Found on Navy Warships Made by Northrop Grumman
Doctors Study Link Between Combat and Brain Disease
Simulators Prepare Soldiers for Explosive Attacks in War
Assets of Suspended Pa. Navy Contractor Sold
Weekend Reviews
David Gordon's Books on War
Faith-Based War: From 9/11 to Catastrophic Success in Iraq
John Yoo Again Defends Torture and an All-Powerful Presidency
Avatar – Torture for Conservatives
After Atom Bombs' Shock, the Real Horrors Began Unfolding
US Delays Setting Up More Anti-Taliban Militias
Strong Afghan Taliban 'Might Talk'
Afghanistan Bans Fertilizer Chemical Used in Bombs
Israeli Drones Take Over Afghan Skies
Germany Mulls More Troops for Afghanistan
More Finnish Troops to Afghanistan
Pakistani Gunships Attack Car in North Waziristan
Pakistani Government Denies Ever Denying Blackwater Was in Pakistan
Pakistan Army Kills Militants in North Waziristan
In Pakistan, High Court Investigates 'Disappearances' in Wake of 9/11
74 Schools, Colleges Destroyed in Bajaur
Kashmiri Civilian Killed in Indian Police Shooting
Minister: Indian Maoists Importing Arms
Sri Lanka
Attacks Mar Sri Lanka's First Poll Since War's End
China Says US Criticism of Its Internet Policy Harms Ties
China Says Missing Lawyer 'Is Where He Should Be'
South Wants North Korea Back at Nuclear Talks Mid-February
Dear Leader Overboard: North Korea Honors Effort to Save Sinking Pictures
UN Envoy: Life Getting Harsher in North Korea
Local Vote Could Decide Japan Base Issue
Hiroshima Mayor Gives Peace Plea to Mayors in the US
Russian FM 'Doesn't Understand' Polish Missiles
Russian Official Sounds Positive Note on Arms Deal With US
Kremlin Fires Senior Policeman Over Dead Journalist
Bomb Threat Forces Plane to Land in North Greece
Greek Police Arrest Britons in Connection With Synagogue Attack
US Troops to Help Oversee Haiti Ports, Roads in Earthquake Relief
Cuba Will Let US Military Fly Over Its Territory on Way to Haiti
Forces at Guantánamo Readied to Assist Haiti Quake Victims
Zelaya Plans Mexico Stay, Later Return to Honduras
United Nations
Supplier Accused of Bribes for UN Contracts

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