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Updated January 25, 2010 - 11:28 PM EST

Obama Spending Freeze to Exclude Military

Car Bombs Rock Baghdad Hotels, 38 Dead
  'Chemical Ali' Executed in Iraq
  Monday: 46 Iraqis Killed, 104 Wounded
Petraeus: Afghan War Will Take Longer Than Iraq
  Afghan Parliamentary Election Delayed Four Months
  Afghan Regional Solution May Be Too Little, Too Late
  Five US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Bombings
'Bin Laden Tape' Warns US of More Attacks
  Officials Doubt bin Laden Had Anything to Do With Christmas Bomber
  UN Seeks to Drop Some Taliban From Terror List
Pakistanis Wary of US Overtures
  Pakistan's Rebuff Over New Offensives Rankles US
  Pakistani President Faces Legal Challenge to Office
  US Drone Down in North Waziristan
  US Policy Confusion on Pakistan and India
Netanyahu: W. Bank Parts 'Eternally' Part of Israel
  With Peace Talks Frozen, Palestinians Back Protests
N. Korea Threatens War After South's Warning

US Lends Firepower to Yemen Fight

Iran Eyes Enriching Uranium for Isotopes Itself
UK: 70-Year Gag on Arms Inspector's Death Evidence
Time for George Mitchell to Resign  by Stephen M. Walt
War No Way to Afghan Women's Rights  by Doug Bandow
Emergency Doors, Karaoke Bombers, and Other False Alarms  by Patrick Smith
The Forty-Year Drone War
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
The Truth About Guantánamo  by Moazzam Begg
The Doomsday Clock Keeps Ticking  by Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss

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Full Transcript of Interview With Petraeus
Sweden Rattled by Somali Militants in Its Midst
Report: Lashkar Readies Paraglider Attack on India
Expert Lawyers to Declare Iraq War Illegal: Reports
Talks With Taliban Loom Over Pakistani-Afghan Summit
UK 'Using Obscure Legal Principle' to Dismiss Torture Claims in Colonial Kenya
Feds Detail Christmas Day Attack
US Marines in Haiti Move Full Speed Ahead
Al-Qaeda-Linked Suspects Arrested for Kabul Attack
Rocket Attack During Bulgarian Minister's Afghan Visit
UK Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan Explosion
British Troops Face at Least Five More Years in Helmand
London Draft Sees 2011 Start to Afghan Handover
Taliban Kill Seven in Pakistan for Being 'US Spies'
Drone Attacks to Figure in Pakistan's Talks With US
Pakistan Lawyers Slam Govt for Not Abiding by Immunity Decision
Substantial Drone Technology Given to Pakistan
Soldier, Three Militants Killed in Khyber Agency
Indian Capital Under Tight Security Ahead of Republic Day
Thousands Protest in Kashmir Over Villager Death
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Opposition Warns of Election Coup
Tamils May Hand Power to General Who Crushed Tigers
Sri Lanka Refugees Living in Limbo
Okinawa Town Elects Mayor Who Opposes US Base
Okinawa Vote Pressures Japan on US Marine Base
China Accuses US of 'Online Warfare'
US Asked to Drag China to WTO Over Google Dispute
China Says Not Involved in Cyberattacks on Google
China Paper Slams US for Cyber Role in Iran Unrest
China Casts Nervous Eye at Erstwhile Ally Myanmar
Nimble Agencies Sneak News Out of North Korea
Thai, Cambodian Troops Exchange Fire
Medvedev: Russia, US Arms Treaty Near Completion
Caucasus Extremists 'Vanquished': Putin
'War on Terror'
Officials Fear Toxic Ingredient in Botox Could Become Terrorist Tool
US Diplomat Defends Terror Country Watchlist
Detroit Shows 'New Phase' for al-Qaeda: Miliband
Washington Soothes Anger Over New Airline Security
Iraqi Speaker Rejects US Call to Allow 'Ba'athists' to Run in One Last Election Before Ban
US Marines Leave Former al-Qaeda Hotspot in Western Iraq
Baghdad Blast Kills Civilian, Wounds Three
Sticky Device Kills Civilian in Mosul
Iraq's PM Orders Probe on Bomb Detectors
Sunday: 19 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
Iran Opposition Calls for Free Elections: Website
Report: Iran Unrest 'Full-Blown Rights Crisis'
Rafsanjani Reminds Khamenei of His Duty to Save the Islamic Republic
Israeli Tourism Minister Invited to Iran – or Not
US Envoy Meeting With Israeli, Palestinian Leaders
Israeli Right-Wingers Call Rahm Emanuel a 'Hellenist'
Palestinians: Netanyahu's Claim to West Bank Destroys Peace Efforts
Kadima Discord Renews Likud's Hopes
Mitchell Pledges US Support to 'Viable' Palestinian State
Israel Denies Belgian Minister's Request to Visit Gaza
Immigrant Absorption Minister Says Israel Is a Racist State
Mubarak: Egypt to Quash Islamic Militant Groups
Egypt Defends Smuggling Barrier With Gaza
Egypt Drilling to Block Gaza Smuggler Tunnels Sparking Gunfire
Middle East
Obama's Envoy Urges Syria, Lebanon to Join Mideast Talks
Egypt, Libya Slammed by Rights Group
Ten Suspects Go on Trial in Jordan Terror Plot
Six Anti-Chavez Venezuela TV Channels Taken Off Air
US Seeks Extradition of Guatemalan Ex-President
28 More Bodies Found in Nigerian Village: Elder
Frightened Residents Flee Violence-Hit Nigerian City
We Are 'Messing Up,' Says Top Nigerian Cleric
Elections Cast Shadow Over Sudan Peace
Human Rights Watch Says 'Abuse' Undermining Free Sudan Election
Darfur Peace Talks Yet to Kick Off in Qatar

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