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Updated February 2, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST

17 Pakistanis Killed in US Drone Strike

  NATO Oil Tanker Destroyed in Peshawar Ambush

Obama Proposes $1.2 Billion to Aid Pakistani Military

Iran Accepts UN Nuclear Enrichment Deal Terms

Ahmadinejad Suggests Exchange for Jailed US Hikers


US Test Fails to Stop Fake Iranian Missile Strike

Karzai to Talk With Taliban Leaders Despite US

German Army Withheld Information From US Pilots in Kunduz

Blackwater Faces Iraq Massacre Bribery Probe
  At Least 54 Shi'ite Pilgrims Killed in Baghdad Bombing

Huge Deficits May Alter US Politics, Global Power


Defense Stocks Gain on Spending Boost in Budget

Israel Issues Mild 'Reprimands' Over Attack on UN in Gaza
Sen. Collins Spreads Myth About the Constitution  by Glenn Greenwald
Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan Is Counterproductive  by William R. Polk
Lawyers Appeal Guantánamo Trial Convictions  by Andy Worthington
Bring Our Marines Home  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Light at the End of the Afghan Tunnel?  by Eric Margolis
Israeli Female Soldiers Break the Silence  by Ira Chernus

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Kuwaiti Pentagon Contractor Faces Fraud Charges

Helpless in Gaza

Military Spared Belt-Tightening Budget

Judge Ties Italy Secret Service to Cleric's Abduction

Tony Blair's Messianic Justifications for the Iraq War

Iraq Veteran Leads 'Don't Ask' Push in Congress

US, Russia Resume Talks on Nuclear Arms Deal


In Baghdad, Speaking Freely Where Fear Still Rules

Bomb Defused in Central Mosul

A Look at Iraq's March Parliamentary Vote

Monday: 56 Iraqis Killed, 142 Wounded

The War at Home

Gates Asks for $33 Billion in War Supplemental by Spring

Gates Shakes Up Leadership for F-35, Withholds Lockheed Funds

Air Force Eyes Summer Tanker Decision; Budgets $12 Billion for Controversial Program

Sikorsky to Develop Unmanned Black Hawk Helicopter

UK Army Chiefs Threatened to Resign in Outrage Over Budget Cuts

'War on Terror'
In Closing, Competing Portrayals of Defendant in Afghan Shooting Trial

Republicans Revive 'Soft on Terror' Charge

Terrorism Suspect's Father Headed to NYC Court

DC Metro Plans Terrorism Drills on Train, Bus Systems

UK Air Passengers Who Refuse a Full Body Scan to Be Barred From Their Flights


Iran, With Opposition Protests Continuing, Executes More Prisoners

Former Iranian President Accuses Government of 'Blind Violence'

Iran Remembers Khomeini Amid Political Tensions

US 'Should Forget About' Chinese Support on Iran


China's Interests May Limit Taiwan-Related Sanctions on US Firms

White House: China Sanctions on US Unwarranted


Somali Islamist Groups 'Join Forces With al-Qaeda'

8 Killed in Fighting in Somalia's Capital


Koreas Hold Talks Days After Exchanging Gunfire

North Korean Weapons Mystery Continues

Obama Seeks $192B for Afghan War

Marines Feel Growing Anger in Afghanistan

Afghan Official Dismisses Taliban Denial of Talks

Are Actions of 'Super-Tribe' an Afghan Tipping Point?

As Marines Move In, Taliban Fight a Shadowy War

Bomb Kills US Service Member in Afghanistan

Two British Soldiers Killed on Patrol in Afghanistan

Marine Assault Vehicles Key to Afghan Strategy

NATO Still Short on Afghan Trainers


Evidence Grows That Pakistani Taliban Leader Is Dead

15 Militants Killed in Clashes in Pakistan

Karachi Death Toll Climbs to 22 as 4 More Killed

Pakistan Detains American Man Near Afghan Border

NATO Offers to Train Pakistani Officers

Taliban Lose Key Hilltop in Bajaur

Pakistan's Army Chief Seeks Stable Afghanistan


Israel Warns Officers After Hamas Assassination

Abbas Offers Talks With Israel if Building Halted

Barak to Israeli Military Brass: Goldstone Report Biased

Berlusconi: Bring Israel Into the EU

Middle East

In Yemen, the Truth Is a Casualty of War

Barak: Without Syria Peace, We Could Be Headed for All-Out War

Loss of Palestinians' Jordanian Citizenship Is Assailed

South Asia

Sri Lanka Army Officers Sacked Over Security Fears

New Groups Mobilize as Indians Embrace the Right to Bear Arms


US, Thailand Begin 6-Nation Military Exercise

Decades Later, US Military Pollution in Philippines Linked to Deaths


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