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Updated February 4, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
Intel Chief: US May Target Americans Overseas
Attack Brings Focus on US Pakistan Mission
  Three US Soldiers Killed in Pakistan's Restive Swat Valley
  Pentagon: Pakistan's Nuclear Security Has Vulnerabilities
US Set to Launch Massive Helmand Offensive
  UK: Up to 80 Percent of Afghan Taliban Not Hardcore
  Afghan Militants Boast Deadlier Bombs
Iran's OK to UN Demands Vexes Western Officials
  China Renews Opposition to Iran Sanctions
  Attack on Iran Could Backfire, Petraeus Says
  Clinton Says No Prisoner Swap With Iran
Maliki Slams Court for Overturning Election Ban
  Rising Death Tolls as Iraq Nears Election
Global Military Spending 'Recession-Proof'
  Which Defense Firms Will Get Lift From Obama's Budget?
Somali Bloodshed Killed 258 Civilians in Jan: UN
Sun Tzu and America's Way of War  by Jon Basil Utley
Talking to the Taliban Again  by Robert Dreyfuss
Foreign Handouts: More Harm Than Good  by William P. Hoar
Playing Charades With Terrorists  by Fred H. Cate
Hollywood at War  by John W. Payne
Spinning the War on Terror  by Adam Serwer

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Bush Pondered Military Use in Georgia
Raze Illegal Buildings – Unless They Are Jewish
Scientist Convicted of Trying to Kill Americans
Treasury Expects to Hit Debt Limit in February
Brennan Says No Recidivism Among Gitmo Detainees Released by Obama
Criticism of Obama on National Security Likely to Remain Big Issue
'War on Terror'
9/11 Terror-Suspect Trial: Dispute Grows on Court Venue
Gates Demurs on Question of NY Terrorism Trial
Officials: FBI Cracked Bomb Suspect Through Family
US Pledges Early Review of Air Security 'Blacklist'
Swiss Govt Approves Asylum for 2 Gitmo Inmates
Algeria Wants to Get Off US Air Travel Watch List
Attorney General: I Made Decision to Charge Terror Suspect
Court: Sentence for Millennium Plotter Too Lenient
Children of Dead CIA Officers Try to Learn About Their Work
Democrats Vulnerable on Terrorism, Republicans Say
Court: Man Can't Sue Prosecutor Over Terror Case
US Could Lose Foreign Visitors Because of Registration Rule, Groups Fear
Yemen Kills 16 Rebels, Leaders Among Them
Concerns Grow Over al-Qaeda's Group in Yemen
British Iraq Inquiry
Blair 'Used Iraq Evidence for Smears'
British Say Brown Should Share in Iraq Blame
Iraq War Inquiry: Gordon Brown 'Guillotined' Defense Budget Months After Invasion
At Least 23 Killed in Karbala Bombing
This Time, Iraq's Maliki Faces Tough Reelection Campaign
An Iraqi Woman's Taste of Freedom Turns Sour
Wednesday: 38 Iraqis Killed, 179 Wounded
US Expects China Won't Block Iran Sanctions
Iran Says It Sent Animals Into Space
White House Denies Prisoner Swap Talks With Iran
Student Denies Charges as Iran Protest Trial Resumes
FM: Brazil Not in Talks to Enrich Iran's Uranium
Iran Opposition's Karroubi Calls for Calm Anniversary
Iran Opposition Leaders Plan Rally
Australia Blocks Suspicious Shipments to Iran
Britain Gives Guarded Welcome to Iran Nuclear Offer
Italy PM: We Cannot Accept a Nuclear Iran
Fatah Leader to Hamas-Ruled Gaza in Goodwill Trip
Netanyahu: Peace Talks Could Resume in Weeks
Bombs in Sea Revenge for Hamas Leader's Slaying
Hamas Gives UN Response to Gaza War Crimes Report
Italy's Prime Minister Links Gaza War to Holocaust
Berlusconi in Bethlehem: Wall? What Wall?
Egypt: 2 Editors Punished for Dealing With Israel
Egypt's Bedouins Raise Tension at Israel and Gaza Border
Turkey, US Hold Talks on Kurdish Rebels
Genocide Charge Now Possible for Sudan's Al-Bashir
Sudan Slams ICC Decision on Beshir Genocide Charges
Bashir's Prosecutor: Darfur Camps 'Like a Gigantic Auschwitz'
Southern Sudan Says Vote on Independence Is Off-Limits for United Nations
Guinea's New PM Says Elections May Take Time
EU: Somali Pirates Hijack North Korean Cargo Ship
Rights Group Urges Colombia to Control Militias
Marines Brace for New Push in Southern Afghanistan
Bomb Kills Two US Soldiers in Afghanistan
Karzai's Taliban Reconciliation Strategy Raises Ethnic, Rights Concerns at Home
Defense Analysts Warn Taliban Reintegration Plan Could Be 'Complex'
US Military Officers Could Face Punishment Over Ambush in Afghanistan
Afghan Leader Cancels Meeting With Muslim Body
Slovak Parliament Approves More Troops for Afghanistan
Afghans Want to Be Farmers, Not Fighters, Says US
Pakistan Could Be Key to Afghan Taliban Reconciliation
Pakistani Official: Tribesmen Kill, Hang Militants
12 Militants Killed in Bajaur
Petraeus Lauds Pakistan's Appeal to Afghan Taliban
India Rethinks Policy to Keep Afghan Influence
Protests as EU Team Visits Site of Anti-Christian Riots in India
Nepal Has 4 Months to Rebuild Nation After War
Nepal Struggles to Integrate Army
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Opposition Protests Election Results
US Keeps North Korea Off Terror List
US: Sanctions Stay Until North Korea Resumes Nuclear Talks
North Korea Designates New 'Firing Zones' Near Sea Border
South Korea Says It Won't Reward North Korea for Summit
Economic Measures by North Korea Prompt New Hardships and Unrest
Two Koreas Set to Discuss Resuming Tourism Projects
Obama to Meet Dalai Lama Despite Chinese Warnings
China Police Boss Says Xinjiang Getting Better
China to Beef Up Security in Restive Xinjiang
US Senate Condemns Hacking of Google in China
One Year On, China Stays Silent on Missing Lawyer
Ukraine Breaks Up Alleged Russian Spy Ring
US, Russia Nearing Nuclear Arms Control Agreement
1 Injured in Russian Railroad Bombing
Kremlin Body Proposes Radical Makeover for Russia
Critics Say Proposed Sale of French Mistral Ship to Russia Will Harm Region
Serbia and Kosovo Heading for Strife Over Patriarch Ceremony
Northern Ireland Talks 'On Edge' as New Blast Rattles Belfast
Merger of UK Armed Forces 'Should Be Debated'
Gays in the Military?
Issue of Gays in Military Still Splits the Ranks
Few Fireworks in Afghanistan Over Gays in Military
Colin Powell Now Says Gays Should Be Able to Serve Openly in Military
US Military
Lockheed Martin Downplays Gates' Criticism of F-35 Program
Woman Sailor Wins Navy Sex Discrimination Case
US Military: 3 Die in Helicopter Crash in Germany
Wiccans, Pagans Gain Stone Circle Spot at Air Force Academy
Ex-POW in Iraq War Recalls Nightmares, Depression
Puerto Rico Activating National Guard to Fight Crime

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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