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Updated February 5, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
Inside Job Suspected in Pakistan Killing of GIs
  26 Killed as Bombs Hit Karachi Bus, Hospital
  US Says 200 Troops on the Ground in Pakistan
  No Body, No Photos, No Witnesses: The ‘Pretty Sure’ Death of Mehsud
  India Offers to Resume Stalled Talks With Pakistan
Blasts Kill 41 at Height of Iraq Shi'ite Pilgrimage
  Maliki Slams Court for Overturning Election Ban
  US Military Rushes Dogs to Iraq to Replace Defective Bomb Detectors
  New Iraqi Media Rules Raise Specter of Muzzled Past
  Election Panel Puts Off Start of Iraq Parliament Races
US Commanders Scolded for Afghan Failures
  NATO Falls Far Short Helping US-Led Afghan War
  US Confident Taliban Will Join Mainstream Afghan Politics
Dubai May Seek Israeli PMs Arrest Over Killing
  Israeli FM Threatens to Topple Assad Govt in Syria War
  What's Behind Renewed War Jitters in Israel, Lebanon?
Pentagon Seeks Untold Billions for Terror War
  Google, US Intel to Team Up to Fight Cyberattacks
Threatening Iran Sanctions Hinders Diplomacy: China
Romania Okays US Plan to Host Anti-Missile Shield
South Ossetians Warn Against Rearming Georgia
Will Obama Play the War Card?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
On the Claimed 'War Exception' to the Constitution  by Glenn Greenwald
Swiss Take Two Guantánamo Uighurs, Solve Obama's Problem  by Andy Worthington
Stay Out of Yemen! Rep. Ron Paul
60 Minutes Does Rambo  by Jeff Huber
The Pentagon Goes Intellectually AWOL  by Franklin C. Spinney

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Gates: Don't Rush to Lift Ban on Gays in Military
Gazans Denied Justice as Rights Take a Beating
Report: Israel Stole $2B from Palestinian Workers
Hillel at Odds Over J Street's 'Pro-Israel Pro-Peace' Stand
Stir as Clinton Strays From Script on Mideast Peace
House Allows Debt to Rise $1.9 Trillion
NYC Conviction Doesn't Silence Pakistani Scientist
Lawmaker: Russia, West Closer on Iran Sanctions
Ahmadinejad Move Signals Wish for Atom Deal: Envoy
US Fighting 'Psychological War' in Gulf: Iran
Iran Says Russia Offers Missile Reassurance
Iran Has Not Yet Informed IAEA of Nuclear Deal, Say Diplomats
Iran Groups Urge Non-Violent Protests for Anniversary
Iran Tells Gulf States Not to Buy US Missiles
Huckabee in Israel: Iran Threatens US as Well
Please Forgive Me, Begs British Woman Facing Lashes Over 'Subversion' in Iran
Guyana Says Iran Deal No Threat to US Ties
Iran and Iraq Exchange Bodies of Soldiers Killed in War
Iraqi Officials Hold Emergency Talks on Election Ruling
66 Iraqis Seek Public Inquiry Into British Abuse Claims
Thursday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 1 Wounded
US: Easing Gaza Siege Would Help Counter Goldstone
Palestinian Official Doubts Israel Talks to Resume
Israel Envisages Indirect Talks With Palestinians
Few Israeli Soldiers Charged in Abuse Cases: Rights Group
US Pledges 40 Million Dollars for Palestinian Refugees
Rights Groups Under Fire for Scrutiny of Israel's Conduct of Gaza War
Secretary General Reports on Gaza Inquiries
Jerusalem's Mayor Bowing to Demolition Order
Scattered Palestinian Protests Reflect a Fractured Struggle
Hamas Wants Talks With US, Europe: Haniya
Middle East
South Lebanon Residents Brace for New Israel War
Netanyahu Assures Syria After Israeli FM's Threat
World Ignoring Humanitarian Needs in Yemen, UN Warns
Shell Examining Alleged Nigerian Pipeline Attack
Nigerian Minister Calls for Ill President to Transfer Powers
Burundi Opens Trial of 'Mutinous' Peacekeepers
EU to Send Observers for Sudanese Election
Pirates Aboard Libyan Vessel Fire on Somaliland Forces
Watchdog Urges Libya to Stop Blocking Websites
Togo Files Legal Complaint After Rebel Bus Attack

'War on Terror'

Official: Christmas Bomb 'Student' Flips on Cleric
'Don't Be Evil,' Meet 'Spy on Everyone': How the NSA Deal Could Kill Google
Britain Seeks Urgent Terror Finance Freeze
China Says Swiss Asylum for Uighurs Will Harm Ties
US Charges Taiwan Citizen Over Iran Exports
Settlement Plan Drafted for Sept. 11 Lawsuits
Canadian Opposition Undaunted in Bid to Hold Tories to Account on Torture
US War Commander Sees Progress in Afghanistan
US Plan to Win Afghanistan Tribe by Tribe Is Risky
NATO: 32 Suspected Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Bans 6,000 Poll Workers From Next Election
Stable Now, Future Uncertain for Afghan Town
Soldiers March to a Different Beat in Afghan War
Officials: Suicide Bomb Kills 6 in Afghan South
Two Die in Afghan City After Suspected Car Bomb: Police
US to Share Anti-Bomb Equipment, Tech With NATO
Soldiers Find Time for Hockey in Afghanistan
Germany Confronts the Meaning of War
Afghanistan-Tajikistan in 'First Prisoner Swap'
Even Where Pakistani Law Exists, Taliban Find a Porous Border
Pakistan Concerned Over 'Indian Influence' in Afghanistan
Timeline: Highs and Lows in Pakistan-India Ties
Pakistan Arrests 35 in US Soldiers' Deaths
Mystery of Balochistan Disappearances
South Korean Marines Storm Beach in War Games With US
US Envoy Says Human Rights Crucial in Ties With North Korea
North Korea Eases Market Curbs as Anger Grows: Seoul
In North Korea, Angry Crowds and Rising Prices Spur Power Plays
Report: North Korea Fires Top Economic Officials
North Korea Says It Will Free Detained American Missionary
Thailand to Rule Next Week on North Korea Weapons Plane
White House Plays Down Tensions With China
US Envoy Shrugs Off Anti-Base Poll Result in Japan
Curfew in Kashmir as Anti-India Protests Pick Up
Sri Lanka's President Defends Wartime Policies
Thai 'Red Shirts' Rally to Warn Against Coup
Exclave's 10,000-Strong Protest Rocks Russian Politics
Six Rebels Killed in Chechnya
Russian Paper Back Online After Hacker Attack
Tymoshenko Threatens Replay of 2004 Orange Revolt
Threat of New Orange Protests Raises Ukraine Tension
Sinn Fein: Belfast Talks Over, New Pact Possible
Greek Minister 'Not Optimistic' on Cyprus Talks
Report: Chemical Weapons Dumped in Baltic Sea in 1990s
Peru CIA Shootdown
How Missionary Family's Plane Was Shot Down in CIA Blunder
'Justice Denied' in CIA Shootdown of Missionaries
Colombia Is Terrorized by 'Successor' Paramilitary Groups
Venezuela Opposition Decries Appointment of Cuban

Justin Raimondo
Don't Ask, Don't Tell -- Don't Go

Charles V. Pea
Budget Freeze as Political Theater

Philip Giraldi
Onward Christian Soldiers, Again

Ivan Eland
The US Can No Longer Afford Its Empire

Kelley B. Vlahos
Where Is Our Chilcot?

David R. Henderson
Hail Christopher Preble

Nebojsa Malic
Winter of Discontent

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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