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Updated March 21, 2010 - 11:13 PM EDT
Iraq Panel Rejects President's Recount Request
  In Iraq, Even a Vote Hints at Violence
  US Military May Set Up an Additional Headquarters in Iraqi Kurdistan
  GOP Congressmen: Everyone Agrees Iraq War a 'Horrible Mistake'
US 'Victory' in Settlements Row Short-Lived
  Israeli Troops Kill Four Palestinians as West Bank Unrest Deepens
  Squeeze Israel by Cutting US Aid? Not Likely
IED Attacks in Afghanistan More Lethal
  Afghan Cops: A $6 Billion Fiasco
  Afghan Official: Taliban Arrests Hurt Peace Talks
  US Weighs More Troops for North Afghanistan: Official
  Exhausted Marines on an Operation in Afghanistan
Senior al-Shabab Commander Assassinated in Somalia
  Doubts Grow on Somali Offensive's Chances at Peace
Yemen President: War With Northern Rebels Is Over
Jihad Jane Suggests Rising Threat From Online 'Jihobbyists'
Thousands in US Rally to Pull Troops From 2 War Zones
Iraq War Triumphalism Ignores a Key Matter: Dead Civilians  by David Corn
Brazil Steps Between Israel and Iran  by Pepe Escobar
Obama Won't Restrain Israel – He Can't  by Rupert Cornwell
The Forgotten War  by Laurence M. Vance
Victory at Last?  by William Rivers Pitt
Who Needs Trials?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Americans Couldn't Care Less About the Wars
More Saudi Oil Goes to China Than to US
Under Panetta, a More Aggressive CIA
Cyberwar Paper in China Sets Off Alarms in US
Ranks of Amputees Rise Steadily in 8 Years of War
Star Trek-Style Force-Field Armor Being Developed by Military Scientists
UK: Nuclear Bunker Spy Comes Out of Hiding
'War on Terror'
US Allows India to Quiz Mumbai Attack Organizer
Bin Laden's Son Raps al-Qaeda
Tariq Ramadan: Why I Was Banned in the USA
Obama to Iran: Offer of Dialogue Still Stands
Iran Leaders Trumpet Victory Over Its Enemies in New Year Messages
Obama Offers Engagement in Video Message to Iranians
Iranian Exile Calls for Overthrow of Ahmadinejad
Gaza Border Fire Continues as 16 Palestinians Wounded
Report: Neither Israel nor Hamas Wants Another Gaza War
Is Third Intifada a Stone's Throw Away?
UN Chief Says Israeli Settlements Must Be Stopped
Palestinian Teen Killed in Clash With Israelis
Top US Reform Rabbi to Israel: Freeze East Jerusalem Building
Israel's US Envoy: 'No One Can Force US to Make Peace'
Fatah Factions Says It Fired 2 Rockets on Israel
Hamas: Learning From Mistakes
PA: Place Supervisors in W. Bank Settlements to Ensure Freeze
Palestinians Can Use Route 443, but Israel Will Seize Palestinian Land to 'Secure' It
Israel Labor MK: I Support Freeing Barghouti for Schalit
Israeli Tourism Minister Slams Aid Plan to Non-Jews
Lebanon Charges Four With Spying for Israel
Protests in Beirut, Sidon Condemn Israel's Settlement Plans in Jerusalem
UNIFIL Marks 32 Years of Peacekeeping in Lebanon
Middle East
Turkey Downplays Expulsion Threat to Armenian Workers
Egypt's Olympic Football Team Postpones Trip to Palestine Over Politics
IDF Soldier Released by Jordanian Army After Crossing Border
Arab Channels to Broadcast Show Depicting IDF Soldiers as Murderers
Saturday: 17 Iraqis Wounded
Sudan Clashes Kill 13 in Tense Border Area
US Says New Darfur Truce Important Step for Peace
Nigeria's Ruling Party to Hold Key Talks After Cabinet Sacking
Gaddafi Provokes Nigeria by Calling for It to Split
Bomb Scare in Nigerian Violence-Wracked City: Witness
Swiss Investigate Death of Nigerian Asylum Seeker
7,000 Demonstrators Protest Togo Election Results
Rwanda Opposition Man Indicted for Breaching State Security
Years of Conflict Etched on a Congo Village Chief's Face
US Condemns Ethiopia for VOA Jamming
Madagascar Leader Hardens Stance After AU Sanctions
Americans Still Dying
Largo (FL) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Was New Dad
Federal Way (WA) Woman Killed in Iraq Mortar Attack
Richfield (OH) Marine Dies on His Birthday From Afghan Wounds
Arkansas Couple Lose Grandson in Attack on Afghan Outpost
Fallen Sugar Land Marine's Family Thanks Community for Support (TX)
Texas Soldier With Michigan Ties Dies in Iraq Rollover
Christiansburg (VA) Soldier Remembered by Friends
Mesa (AZ) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Afghan Suicide Bomber Claims Live of Airborne Solder From New York
Taliban Adjust, Wage Bomb Attacks in Afghan Town
Roadside Bomb Kills Afghan Soldier in Paktia Province
US Turns a Blind Eye to Opium in Afghan Town
Afghanistan's Boy Sex Slaves
James Bond to Take on Afghanistan in Next Series?
Death and Doubt in Afghanistan for Australian Soldiers, Civilians
Drive-By Shootings Kill Seven in Quetta, Pakistan
Pakistan Tribal Council: Army Must Destroy Taliban
Air Strikes Kill 10 Militants in Northwest Pakistan
Pakistan Official: 3 Taliban Militants Arrested
Holbrooke Praises Taliban Arrests Despite Criticism
38,000 Bullet-Proof Jackets Distributed Among Policemen
Protests Continue in Bangkok as 65,000 Join Parade
Thai Protesters' Caravan Wends Through Capital
Thai Opposition Leaders Demand Talks With PM
Thailand PM Seeks Talks After Red Shirts Protest Halts Bangkok
One Dead, Six Hurt in Philippines Clashes With Abu Sayyaf
Philippines: Panel Calls for Extra Troops Against Private Armies
'Tension Simmers in Myanmar Ahead of Vote'
Myanmar Credits US Ties for Freeing American
Japan PM Hints at Leaving Disputed US Base on Okinawa
Official in China Says Western-Style Democracy Won't Take Root There
Nepal's Maoists Say Koirala's Death a Blow to Peace
Dogfighting Over the Taiwan Strait
North Korea Sets Date for Parliament Session
How the West Poisoned Bangladesh
Russian Protests Seeking Ouster of Putin Fall Short
Thousands Rally Against Putin, Dozens Detained
With Breakdown of Order in Russia's Dagestan Region, Fear Stalks Police
Russian Company Expected to Bid on Air Force Refueling Tanker
US, Russia, Will Sign Nuclear Treaty in April: Report
Greek Debt Crisis Merely Adds to the List of Issues Dividing the European Union
Men Shown on French Video Not ETA Suspects, Says Court
Balkan States Urge EU to Stay Committed to Expansion
Colombian Journalist Slain in Militia Stronghold
Colombian Rebels Kidnap Five Oil Contractors
After the Revolution: Why Are FARC's Young Soldiers Laying Down Their Guns?
A Satirical Site Skewers Chávez and Politics
Chavez Opponent Charged for Televised Remarks
US Military
'Business as Usual' for Military IT? Not So Fast
Boeing Completes Design of Shipboard Superlaser
Weekend Reviews
Whatever Happened to Conservatism?
War on Film
Terrorizing Ourselves With Overreactions
Why The Hurt Locker Hurts
Decline of a Great Power?
Ajami: You're Not in Exodus Anymore

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