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Updated April 3, 2010 - 11:21 PM EDT
No Drawdown for US Special Forces in Iraq
  Men in Iraqi Army Uniforms Kill 24 in Sunni Area
  Long Lines and Good Participation in Sadr’s Referendum
  Leader of Iraqi Shi'ite Party Gives Boost to Allawi
  Legal Turmoil Dogs Iraq Poll Result
Marines Offer War or Peace to Afghan Elders
  German Friendly Fire Kills Afghan Soldiers
  Karzai Faces Fallout: Will Vote Fraud Claims Undermine War?
  US Sees Afghan Reconciliation Drive Lasting Years
  General: Expect More Killing in Afghanistan's Helmand Province
Obama: 'All Evidence' Shows Iran Building Nukes
  US Warns India, Pakistan Against Transactions With Iran
Israel Threatens Gaza Invasion in 'Near Future'
  US: Military Action Will Not Solve Mideast Conflict
  Israel Gags News on Extrajudicial Killings
Legality of Drone Strikes Still in Question
CIA's Top Spy: No Intel Losses From Waterboarding Ban
Obama No Closer on Nuclear Test Ban Ratification
South Korea Says Torpedo Might Have Sunk Warship
Obama Expands Military Involvement in Africa  by Daniel Volman
State Secrets, Courts, and NSA’s Illegal Wiretapping  by Julian Sanchez
The Problem With Alliances: Britain and the Falklands  by Doug Bandow
No Special Relationships  by Philip Giraldi
No Tea Parties for Bibi  by Leon Hadar
US and Colombia Cover Up Atrocities Through Mass Graves  by Dan Kovalik

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Moscow Subway Bomber Was 17, Alleged Rebel Widow
Marine's Mission: Tell Family Their Son Died in War
New Security Checks for Travelers to US
US Shift From Iraq to Afghanistan Presents Massive Logistical Operation
UK OKs Sea Reserve, Angering Islanders Forcibly Removed for US Base
Supporters of Shi'ite Cleric Sadr Could Pose Problems for Maliki
Sadrists, Iraq's New Kingmakers, Hold Sway in Vote
Abdulmahdi Meets Maliki on New Government
Long Lines Reported at Sadr Referendum
Iraq Visa Requirements May Push US Interpreters Out the Door
US: 6 Iraq al-Qaeda Leaders Killed or Arrested
Iraqi Artists Denied Entry to Britain for Their Own Exhibition
Friday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 2 Wounded
Obama Confident of Securing Broad Support for More UN Sanctions Against Iran
Obama Calls on China's Hu to Support Action on Iran
Iran Nuke Envoy Pushes for Dialogue, Not Sanctions
Cease-Fire at Risk as Hostilities Rise Along Israeli Border of Gaza Strip
Palestinian PM Sees Statehood by August 2011
Israeli Aircraft Strike Gaza
Hamas Hints It Wants to Keep Gaza Quiet
Pro-Conscription Rally in Israel Draws Few
Israeli Journalist to Go on Trial for Treason Over Leaked Papers
Britain Concerned Over Gaza Escalation
Israeli Unveils Tank-Defense System of the Future
ElBaradei Defies Officials in Egypt With Outdoor Speech
Egypt's ElBaradei Says 'The People Are My Party'
Middle East
Turkey to Send Ambassador Back to US
Israel's Deadly Legacy Still Lurks in Lebanon
Medvedev Proposes Tougher Terrorism Laws
Moscow Hunts for More 'Black Widows'
Mexican Helicopter Spotted in Texas Airspace
Putin Will Help Us Get Nuclear Power, Says Chavez
US Military
Unemployment Spikes for Iraq, Afghan Vets
Thousands of Vets Missing Out on Better Benefits
Navy Took More Than a Year to Announce Personal Data Breach
Army Corps of Engineers Unit Tightens Contract Standards
The Kandahar Warlord Who Has Presidential Protection
Cheap and Deadly, Homemade Bombs Plague Afghan Roads
Afghan Attacks Kill Five Security Guards
British Army May Send Imams to Afghanistan
Pentagon Boosting Afghanistan 'Eyes in the Sky'
3 German Soldiers Killed in Afghan Fighting
Japanese Journalist Kidnapped in Afghanistan
Pakistani President to Lose Powers to the Premier
Pakistan Attorney General Quits Amid Graft Dispute
Pakistani Chief Justice's Battle With Zardari Threatens Stability
MPs: Orakzai Operation Will Take a Load Off Peshawar
Militants Blow Up High School in Mohmand
Rebels Blow Up Train Track in Kashmir
North Korea
China: Cargo Train Mistaken for North Korean Leader's Train: Reports
US Says Working With China on North Korea
North Korea to End Private Market Experiment
Obama Welcomes China's Participation in Nuclear Summit
Obama Talks to Chinese Leader While Plane Idles
China Tightening Border Control in Tibet: Dalai Lama Envoy
China Buys Air Defense Systems From Russia
Sudan Opposition Renews Threat to Boycott Election
Sudan's Guessing Game

Somali Rebels Planning Attack on Mogadishu Port: Sources

Wanted al-Shabaab Suspect Arrested in Uganda
Guinea-Bissau's PM Released From House Arrest
Nigerian President Meets Muslim Dignitaries: Imam
Kenyan Parliament Passes Draft Constitution
The War at Home
2nd Woman Charged in 'Jihad Jane' Case
Militia Draws Distinctions Between Groups
National Disaster Exercises, Called Too Costly and Scripted, May Be Scaled Back
Aircraft Maker Pushing Exports of Spy Drones

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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