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Updated April 4, 2010 - 11:22 PM EDT
Iraq Bombs Kill 50 as Bloody Weekend Continues
  Men in Iraqi Army Uniforms Kill 24 in Sunni Area South of Baghdad
  Killings in Iraq Raise Fears of Renewed Violence
  Iraq Election Tangle Stokes Fears of New Violen ce
  Iraqi Public Doubts That Election Was Fair
  Sunday: 55 Iraqis Killed, 320 Wounded
NATO Admits Killing Afghan Civilians in Raid
  German DM: Sorry for Killing Afghan Troops
  US 'Moves on' After Karzai Fails to Apologize in Call to Clinton
  Wikileaks to Unveil Secret Video of US Airstrike in Afghanistan
Ahmadinejad: Sanctions Help, Not Hurt, Iran
  India Rebuffs US Call to Shun Iran Gas Talks
  US Warns Pakistan Against Gas Pipeline Deal With Iran
Iraq, Afghan Wars Biggest Logistical Effort Since WWII
Obama Expands Military Involvement in Africa  by Daniel Volman
State Secrets, Courts, and NSA’s Illegal Wiretapping  by Julian Sanchez
The Problem With Alliances: Britain and the Falklands  by Doug Bandow
No Special Relationships  by Philip Giraldi
No Tea Parties for Bibi  by Leon Hadar
US and Colombia Cover Up Atrocities Through Mass Graves  by Dan Kovalik

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Nuclear Heartland Anxious About Missile Cuts
13 Civilians Killed in Clashes in Somali Capital
White House in Calming Message to US Jews: Obama Is Israel's Friend
Australia Gives $10 Million to Landmine Action in Laos, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon
2 Former Gitmo Inmates Settling in New Swiss Home
Uranium-Mining Nations Flout UN on Nuclear Market
Sadrist Kingmakers Close Referendum on Iraq PM
Kurds Want Talabani to Stay on as Iraqi President
National Iraqi Alliance: Al-Maliki Should Accept Reality
Barazani Urges Christian, Shabak, Yazidi Winners to Merge With Kurdistan Alliance
Report: Iran Used China Connection for Nuclear Gear
Salehi: One or Two New Iranian Nuke Facilities in Planning
Israel Pressures China to Back Tehran Sanctions
Turkey's Role in Iran's Nuclear Row Still Vague
Iran's President Warns Israel Against New Offensive on Gaza
About 100 Azerbaijani Activists Arrested During Rally in Iran
Federal Judge Orders Iran to Pay 1983 Beirut Bombing Victims $1.3 Billion
Israel Warns of New Gaza Assault as US Urges Restraint
Hamas: All Options Against Israel Are Open, Including War
Hamas, Gaza Militants Agree on Reducing Tensions With Israel
Report: Hamas Wants to Try Fayyad Over Haaretz Interview
Report: Palestinian Teen Allegedly Killed by IDF Returns Home Alive
Palestinian Dies After Being Held for Hours at IDF Checkpoint
Palestinian in Israeli Jail for 33 Years
Middle East
Yemen Upholds Death Sentence in Israel Spy Case
In Turkey, Proposed Changes Aim at Old Guard
In Egypt, Christians Celebrate Easter Sunday Under Shadow of Christmas Attacks
Boycott Threat Roils Key Sudan Elections
Sudan Opposition Party Suggests Election Compromise
Sudan Says Election to Start on Time Despite Protest
Sudan Vote Free and as Fair as Possible: US Envoy
Central African Republic
Central Africa Troops Kills 3 Rebels: Officer
New Adversary in US Drug War: Contract Killers for Mexican Cartels
Kirchner Renews Argentina's Falklands Claims
US, Cuba Hold Rare Meeting at UN, With Haiti Focus
US Military
Wounded Soldiers Have Increased Odds of Survival
Bahrain: US Navy Ends Search for Missing Pilot
Air Force to Launch Robotic Winged Space Plane
Pentagon Wants Troop Poop Porta-Reactors
Americans Still Dying
Yakima (WA) Soldier With Ties to Alaska Killed in Afghan Attack
Hawaiian Soldier Deployed With the Virginia Guard Dies in Iraq
Slain Marine From Yorba Linda (CA) Remembered
Funeral Held for Gillette (WY) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Firefight
Deadly Day for Germany in Afghanistan
Hurting US Efforts to Win Minds, Taliban Disrupt Pay
India's Eager Courtship of Afghanistan Comes at a Steep Price
NATO Soldier Dies in Afghanistan Bombing
Karzai's Anti-Western Comments Draw Criticism at Home
Afghan Upper House Backs Karzai Election Decree
The Weakness of Taliban Marksmanship
100 Danish Soldiers Stuck at Kabul Airport
Canada: Families of Fallen Soldiers Mourn at Kandahar Airfield
6 Troops, 30 Taliban Die in NW Pakistan Clashes
Blast in Bazaar in SW Pakistan Kills 2
Two Militants Killed in Swat
Two Schools, College Blown Up in Frontier Region
Monitor Pakistan's Use of Military Aid, India Tells US
France Says Arms Sale to Pakistan Held Up
China: Cargo Train Mistaken for North Korean Leader's Train: Reports
South Korea Suffers Another Tragedy in Naval Disaster, 9 Presumed Dead
South Korea Says Sailor's Body Found; 45 Still Missing
Thai Protesters Occupy Capital's Commercial Center
Anti-Government Red Shirt Rallies Step Up Pressure on Thai Government
Talks Seek End to Protest Siege of Key Bangkok District
Muslim Insurgency in Thailand Grinds On
Strains Easing, Chinese Leader Plans US Visit
Worries Dog India Statehood Demand
Five More Killed in Kashmir Fighting, Say Police
UN Chief Sharply Chides Kyrgyzstan on Human Rights
Tamils Want an End to Sri Lanka Discrimination After Election
Forest Massacre May Be Linked to Moscow Bombings
Official: Militants Kill Policeman in Dagestan
Moscow Suicide Bombings: How the Internet Has Changed Terrorism
Russia Seeks More About Subway Bombing Widows
Hometown of Russian Suicide Bomber Rattled
Kurds March Against Belgian Police
Hundreds Detained in Belgian Anti-Nuclear Protest Near Military Base
Talat: Election Loss Would Kill Cyprus Peace Talks
Criticism of Chávez Stifled by Arrests
US Mocks Venezuelan Space Plans

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