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Updated April 12, 2010 - 11:25 PM EDT
Maliki Claims Fraud as Iran Backs Sunnis in Govt
  Defense Chief Backs Troops on Apache Attack Video

US Troops Attack Civilian Bus in Kandahar, Killing 5

  US 'Praises' Karzai, Downplays Row
  WikiLeaks 2: Wrath of Farah
  Afghan Soldier Fires on NATO Troops
  Italian Charity Workers Held Over Afghan 'Assassination Plot'
IDF Order Sets Up Mass West Bank Expulsions
  Israeli Military: Uri Blau's Allegations of Army Misconduct 'Outrageous'
  US Still Hopes for 'Pragmatic Bibi'
Iran to Complain to UN Over Obama Nuke Threat
  Not Inevitable Iran Gets Bomb: Gates
Lieberman: Senate Won't Ratify Nuke Treaty
  US Officials Stress Country's Nuclear Strength
  Agenda of Nuclear Talks Leaves Out a New Threat
70 Civilians Killed as Pakistan Jets Bomb Khyber
Ousted Kyrgyz President Seeks UN Invasion
Liberals With Guns: Scarier Than Tea Partiers  by Charles Davis
US Reaps Bitter Harvest From 'Tulip' Revolution  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
The 'Green Revolution' Is Still a Long Way Off  by Matthew Cassel
Your Taxes and War
by Jo Comerford and Tom Engelhardt
We Ignore War Crimes at Our Own Risk  by Rick Fisk
WWI, Xenophobia, and Political Suppression  by Wendy McElroy

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Ron Paul Chastises at GOP Conference: Conservatives 'Like the Empire'
Obama at New Low in Gallup Poll
Iranian Anger Rises Over Obama's Revised Nuke Policy
Obama: Al-Qaeda Bid to Go Nuclear Is Top Threat
US: No Policy Barring Israeli Nuke Scientists
Clinton: All Bets Are Off if US Under Biological Attack
The War at Home
Obama Meets With a Parade of Leaders
Revolving Door of Multiple Tours Linked to PTSD
Nuclear Twist Sees Russian Warheads Warming US Homes
Iran to Mass Produce Speedier Centrifuges
Iran's Khamenei Slams Obama 'Nuclear Threat'
GOP Senator: Sanctions Against Iran Still Worth a Try
Iran Lifts Ban on Prominent Pro-Reform Daily
Iran Producing New Anti-Aircraft Missile: Media
Ahmadinejad Wants Millions to Leave Tehran Over Quake Fears
Netanyahu: Iran Wants to Destroy Israel, and the World Remains Silent
Maliki's Bloc Says 750,000 Iraqi Votes in Question
Saudis Deny Interfering in Iraq Elections
Bomb Kills Three Iraqis From US-Allied Militia
Sunday: 7 Iraqis, 2 Saudis Killed; 3 Iraqis Wounded
Palestinian Authority Concerned Over Possible Expulsions
Human Rights Groups Warn of New Powers for Israel
Clinton Defends Role of Israel at Nuclear Summit
Fuel-Hit Gaza Power Plant Resumes Limited Operations
Reports: Israel's Olmert Says He Never Took Bribes
Shin Bet Urges Removal of Arab Worker From Olmert's Gym
Middle East
Turkey: World Is Turning a Blind Eye to Israel's Nuclear Weapons
Australia Orders Spy Agencies to Probe Dubai Hit
Kuwait Deports 21 Egyptian Supporters of ElBaradei
Sudan's Election Marred by Delays, Boycott
Sudan Votes on Reelecting Indicted President
South Sudan Takes First Steps to Independence
New Attacks in Troubled Nigerian Ethnic Hotspot
Chile Gives US Weapons-Grade Uranium
Not Finding WMD
Afghan President Urges Taliban to Air Grievances
Gates, Clinton Rally in Support of Karzai
Karzai Tours With McChrystal After US Rift
Parliament Demands Karzai Fill Afghan Cabinet Posts
Karzai in Kunduz Calls on Taliban to Renounce Violence
5 Deminers Killed in Afghanistan as Bus Hits Roadside Bomb
Canadian Soldier Killed By Roadside Bomb
Four Civilians, One Soldier Killed in Afghan Blasts
Kabul Park Offers Afghan Women a Taste of Freedom and Opportunity
Pakistani Forces Kill 23 Militants in Orakzai
Evidence Against Five Americans on Trial in Pakistan Questioned
In Pakistani School, Nuanced Views for New Nuclear Balance
Jet Fuel Sales to US Base Are an Issue in Kyrgyzstan
US Suspends Flights From Base in Kyrgyzstan
Russia Blamed for Fueling Unrest in Kyrgyzstan
Ousted Kyrgyz President Claims Popular Support
Kyrgyz Govt Threatens Force Against Ousted Leader
Protests and Bloodshed in Bishkek
Ousted Kyrgyz Leader: I'm Not to Blame for Deaths
Secret Pact Covered Jurisdiction of US Military Crimes Committed in Japan
Famous Japanese Pacifist Playwright Dies
Thailand in Turmoil After 21 Die in Bloody Clashes
After Clashes, Thai Standoff Deepens
Thai Protesters Reject Talks After Deadly Clashes
Setbacks Lead China to Tone Down Anti-US Rhetoric
Indonesia Police Detain Six Suspected Militants
Seoul Refuses North Korean Summons Over Resort Dispute
Car Bomb Explodes Near Northern Ireland Army Base
Greek Police Arrest 6 Domestic Terrorism Suspects

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