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Updated April 22, 2010 - 11:16 PM EDT
House Overwhelmingly Moves On Iran Sanctions
  Pentagon: Attacking Iran Always an Option
  Iran Rejects Building Missile to Hit US
South Korea: Ship Was Hit By N. Korean Torpedo
  South Korea Rejects Redeployment of US Nukes
Afghan Civilian Deaths a Dilemma for NATO
  NATO Admits Four Killed Were Civilians, Not 'Insurgents'
Pak Military Holding 1000s in Indefinite Detention
  On the Run, Pakistan Militants Find New Haven
  Pakistan Military Fails to Woo Tribal Allies Under Grip of Taliban
Lib-Dem Leader: UK Must Stop Doing US Bidding
  Traditional German Party Lines Reemerging in Afghanistan Debate
Israeli Dep. FM: US Pressure Will Prevent Peace
  Holiday Over for Israel as Obama Lays Down the Law
US: All Options on the Table Against Syria
Iraq Election Stalemate: Vote Recount Looms
They Fled From Our War  by Alisa Roth and Hugh Eakin
The New Anti-Nuclear Movement  by Frida Berrigan
Let the Koreans Take Care of the Koreas  by Doug Bandow
Fueling the Afghan War  by Aram Roston
The Wrong Man  by David Freed
Nuclear Follies  by John Feffer

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Disposable Soldiers
Ron Paul Challenges GOP's Foreign Policy Agenda
Russian Navy Gets 25 More Years at Ukraine Base
US Soldier Took $1.4 Million in Bribes From Contractors
Secrecy Surrounding Space Plane Fuels Speculation
Pentagon Invents Taliban Atrocity in Khataba
Iran Exports 'Revolutionary Principles' to Venezuela, Report Claims
'Truth Is Often the First Casualty of War'
US Report: Iran's 1st Priority Is Survival
US Confident It Could Intercept an Iranian Missile
Iran Revolutionary Guard Announces Military Maneuver in Persian Gulf
Three Iranian Troops Killed in Clashes With Rebels
UAE Likens Iran's Hold on Gulf Islands to Israeli Occupation
Shi'ite Clerics Predict Deadly Quake as Punishment From God
Turkey Offers to Mediate on Iran's Nuclear Program
Baghdad Election Recount Could Start Next Week
Iraqi Testifies He Was Beaten by US Troops
Iraqis Reveal Details of Raid That Killed Militants
New Life Stirring in Arab Cultural Capital
Wednesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 49 Wounded
Israeli High Court: Settlement Freeze Legal
Israel, US Secretly Working to Bridge Gaps in Peace Process
Fayyad Vows to Step Up 'Peaceful Resistance' Against Israel
US Lawmaker: Unfair for Obama to Call on Israel to Sign Nuclear Treaty
Palestinians Losing Faith in Obama Administration, Poll Finds
Israel Frees Former Hamas Minister
Israel Deports West Bank Prisoner to Gaza, Say Palestinian Officials
Middle East
US: Syria Missile Reports Deeply Troubling
Outrage Over Egyptian MP's Call to Shoot Protesters
Two Kurdish Armed Groups Reject Landmine Use
Turkey Seeks Closure on Troubled Past
AU Kills 10 Civilians in Mogadishu Shelling
Rwanda Opposition Chief Held for 'Genocide Denial'
Protesters Block Nicaragua Parliament for Second Day
US Military
Army Considers Rescinding Invitation to Evangelist
Americans Too Fat to Join the Army
House Expands Benefits for Veterans' Caregivers
Court-Martial of Navy Seal Opens in Iraq
Hoax on Vermont National Guard Families Investigated by Attorney General
The War at Home
Source: Pirate Suspects to Be Brought to Norfolk
Ohio Man Faces Somali Torture Claim
Former Blackwater Employees Contest Federal Charges
Vice Mayor of Kandahar, Afghanistan, Fatally Shot While Praying in Mosque
US Afghanistan Commander Defends Karzai
Official: Afghanistan 'Peace Jirga' Delayed for Up to Three Weeks
NATO's Top Commander in Afghanistan Visits Germany to Discuss New Strategy
US Directly Interrogating Mullah Baradar
Zardari: Ruling Party Must Be Allowed to Remain in Office
Provincial Court: Zardari Above the Law
As Power Shortages Spread, Pakistan Switches Off the Lights
Aid 'Running Out' for 1.3 Million Pakistan Refugees
Upheaval Rattles NATO Troops at Kyrgyz Base
Deposed Kyrgyz Leader Says He Is Still President
Indian Police Release Sketch of Bangalore Bomb Suspect
Bomb-Hit India Fights to Secure Major Sports Events
Mumbai Attacks Hotel Set to Reopen
Analysts Say North Korea Hinting at 3rd Nuke Test
2 North Koreans Arrested in Alleged Assassination Plot
Japan Sticks to Key Missile-Shield Deal: US General
Okinawa Anti-Base Rally Could Draw 100,000 People
Thailand's Unrest Spreads as Army Train Blocked
Late Philippine Dictator Ferdinand Marcos Makes Cameo in Busy Campaign Season
Detained Army Chief Set to Attend New Sri Lankan Parliament
NATO to Debate Future of Nuclear Arms in Europe
US and Europe Rethink Role of Cold War Alliance
NATO Ministers to Meet on Afghan Trainers, Nuclear Policy
Georgia Blames Russia for Uranium Smuggling
Chechen President Denies Ordering the Killings of 2 of His Opponents
British Army Wives Face a Demoralizing Battle on the Home Front
US Patriot Missile Battery Seen in Poland Late May
'War on Terror'
Intel Chief: Small Terror Groups Are Key Challenge
FBI Names Veteran Officer to Oversee Intelligence Divisions
Intel Chief Concedes That Legal Authorities on Military's Cyber Command Need Clarification

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