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Updated April 29, 2010 - 11:28 PM EDT
Afghans Protest After NATO Kills Father of 5
  Few Afghans Back Karzai, Pentagon Warns
  US Seeks to Bolster Kandahar Governor Against Karzai’s Brother
  US Generals Give Baffling Powerpoint Show to Explain Afghan Mess
  Terrorist Attacks Spike in Pakistan, Afghanistan
US Struggles to Tame Iraqi Election Fiasco
  Allawi Seeks Internationally-Administered Iraq Govt, New Elections
  Rights Group: Torture Routine in Secret Iraq Jail
  Mosul in Revolt Over Torture Claims at Maliki's Secret Jail
US Again Fails to Kill Pakistani Taliban Leader
  Pakistan Shifting Troops to India Border, US Downplays Afghan Impact
  Showdown Looms in North Waziristan
  House Subcommittee Probes Legality of Drone Strikes
Neocon Press: Obama 'Softening' Iran Sanctions
  Iran Sanctions Debate Heats Up
To Peace Plan or Not to Peace Plan, and When?
Obama Defies Congressional Subpoena on Ft. Hood Docs
War Propaganda From Afghanistan  by Glenn Greenwald
Election Games: Iraq May Be Maneuvering for the US to Stay  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Past and Present  by Lawrence S. Wittner
'South of the Border' Reconsidered  by Anthony Gregory and Eric Garris
Pat Tillman Film a Haunting Blindside  by Bill Dwyre
Death Squads in Afghanistan  by Francis Shor

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ACLU to Obama: 'Entire World Is Not a War Zone'
US-Japan Airbase Spat May Have Regional Ripples
US Subpoenas Times Reporter Over Book on CIA
Ex-CIA Fugitive Was Subdued With Taser
Laura Bush Suggest They Were Poisoned at G-8 Summit
Russia Posts Katyn Massacre Docs on Internet
'War on Terror'
Ex-Guard Says bin Laden Wants to Use Nukes
Air Force General Says Anti-Terror System Working
EU Terror Attacks Down 33% in 2009: Europol
Spelling Error Aided Abdulmutallab's Terror Mission
Yemeni Bomber's Father Says Son Had Disappeared
Air Force Veteran Faces Charges From Interrupted Paris-To-Atlanta Flight
FBI: Passenger on Airliner Claimed He Had Dynamite
Canadian Detainee in Plea Deal Talks
TV Habits Divide Guantanamo Prisoners, US Says
Clinton Vows 'Tough New Sanctions' Against Iran This Spring
Ahmadinejad Likely to Get US Visa for Non-Proliferation Treaty Meeting
Iran Tries Fuel Deal Counter-Offer as Sanctions Loom
Widow Says Slain al-Qaeda Commander Arrived in Iraq Under Saddam
Iraqi Doctors Use Acupuncture During Drug Shortage
Clinton Urged to Protect 'Fragile' Christian Minority in Iraq
Army Finds US Unmanned Aircraft in Mosul
Twin Car Bombs Kill Seven in Baghdad Shi'ite Enclave
Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 7 Iraqis Killed; 31 Iraqis Wounded
Shas Head Officially Invited to White House
Settler Sewage Ruins Palestinian Crops, Drinking Water
Poll: More Than Half of Jewish Israelis Support Gagging Human Rights Groups
IDF Troops Kill Gazan at Border Protest
Israeli Parliament Could Strip Immunity from MPs Who Met Gadhafi in Libya
Israeli Arab MP Removed From Knesset Podium During Debate
Hamas Accuses Israel of Foot Dragging Over Prisoner Swap
Hamas Warned: Fear May Give Way to Revolt in Gaza
No Penalties Yet for Palestinian Settlement Work
German Politicians Plan June Parley With Hamas
Hamas Crack Down on Gazan Far-Left Group
Israel's Dog and Pony Show
Jerusalem Mayor Shunned by Top US Officials
Hamas Says Egypt Kills 4 Tunnel Smugglers With Gas
Egyptian Court Convicts 26 Men of Hezbollah Links
Egypt Hands Life Sentences to 3 Hezbollah Members
Afghan Chieftain Assassinated in Kandahar
Roadside Bomb Kills 12 Civilians in Afghanistan
Afghans Mark Anniversary of Mujahedeen Victory
On a Holiday for Afghans, Tight Security and Violence
Briton, Translator Get 2-Yr Terms for Afghan Bribe
India, Pakistan Leaders Agree on New Peace Talks
Pakistan to File Murder Case Against Musharraf
Officials: Army Kills 7 Insurgents in NW Pakistan
Five Policemen Killed in Pakistan Car Bomb Attack
2,000 Containers With NATO Goods Headed to Afghanistan Still Missing in Pakistan
US Begins Inquiry on Spy Network in Pakistan
US, Pakistan Bolster Joint Efforts, Treading Delicately
US Mission Attack Mastermind Held in Karachi
Troops Open Fire on Thai Protesters
Soldier Killed in Clash Near Thai Capital
Maoists Converge on Nepal Capital
Japan PM to Visit Okinawa Over US Base Row
Russian Plan to Bolster Security Agency Evokes KGB's Powers
Norway, Russia Agree on New Barents Sea Border
Greek Instability Threatens to Topple Merkel's Government
Japan, EU to Cooperate on Afghanistan, Somalia
AU Denies Illegal Fighting in Somalia
Suicide Car Bomb Attack in Somalia Wounds 4
Russia Proposes New UN Court for Somali Pirates
Brazil Plans an Armed Force of 500,000
Chavez Takes to Twitter to Fight Critics Online
US Military
Congress Targets Pentagon Waste, Inefficiency
Childhood Obesity Threatens Military Recruiting Goals
Soldier Back From War Suspected of Killing Family
Texas: Death Penalty to Be Sought in Fort Hood Case
Hezbollah Slams Gates' Remarks Over Weapons
Scuds or No Scuds, South Lebanon Beckons Tourists

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Israel, a New Decade

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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