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Updated April 30, 2010 - 11:17 PM EDT
Dems Spark Alarm With Call for National ID
Pentagon: Still Not Enough Troops in Afghanistan
  Afghans Protest After NATO Kills Father of Five
  France Reports Yet More Civilian Killings by NATO in Afghanistan
  Forces Face Four More Years of Afghan Combat, Warns NATO Official
Pakistani Taliban Resume Killings in Swat Valley
  In Shift, Pakistan Considers Attack on Militant Lair
  India, Pakistan Have 'Very Good Talks,' Signal Thaw
Clinton Warns Iran Not To 'Disrupt' Nuclear Talks
  Neocon Press Slams Obama as Trying to 'Soften' Iran Sanctions
  Clinton Warns Iran, Syria on Threats to Israel
  AP Source: US Navy Has Encounter With Iranian Jet
Settlers Attack Palestinians to Protest Police Crackdown
  Israel's Netanyahu Wins Internal Party Power Struggle
Iraq's Banned Ba'ath Party Holds 1st Public Meeting in Syria
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime Has Triple Standards
Gitmo Canadian's Trial Brings Renewed Focus to Treatment
Is Karzai Heading for the End Game?  by Shahid R. Siddiqi
Giving Passes in the War on Terrorism  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Why Manuel Noriega Became America's Most Wanted  by Simon Tisdall
Okinawa and Problems of Empire  by Doug Bandow
The Legality of Drone Warfare  by Joanne Mariner
US Shouldn't Fight Leaked Video  Boston Globe

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Win by UK Conservatives Could Change US Ties
Manuel Noriega – From US Friend to Foe
Egypt, Hamas Complicit in Israel's Gaza Blockade
Israeli Govt Sees J Street 'Shift to the Center'
US Seeks to Revamp NATO Treaty in Europe
Outrage in Germany at Laura Bush 'Poison' Claim
US Panel Says 13 Countries Are Religious Violators
'War on Terror'
Video Shows Guantanamo Detainee Building Bombs in Afghanistan
Khadr Refuses to Attend Guantanamo Hearing
FBI: Omar Khadr's Interrogation Was 'Friendly'
New US War Court Manual Leaves Questions
Texas 'Terrorist' Posts Death Threat Against Obama
EU Will Let Air Travelers Carry Liquids in 3 Years
Baghdad Vote Recount to Take About 2-3 Weeks
Baghdad Vote Recount Starts Monday: Officials
Disputed Iraqi Poll Winner Briefs Egypt on Election Controversy
Iraq Demands Return of Its Jewish Archive
UN Pays Out $590 Million From Iraqi Oil Fund
Iraq Slams Kuwait for Attempting to Confiscate Iraqi Airways Plane Landing in London
Blast in Baghdad Kills Eight, Wounds 20
Thursday: 11 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
Russian FM: Iran Sanctions May Be 'Unavoidable'
Sarkozy Urges China to Back Iran Sanctions
Executive Linked to Iran Probe Is Sentenced in NYC
Iran Reformist Tries to Enlist Labor and Teachers
A Year After the 'Green' Uprising, Iranians Are No Closer to Breaking Free
Clinton Seeks Concrete Action on Peace From Arabs
Israeli Diplomat Flees British Anti-Israel Demonstrators
UN to Distribute 200,000 Laptops to Gaza Refugees
Nasrallah: Israel Should Be Wary of War Against Lebanon
Lieberman: Israel Has 'No Intention' of Attacking Lebanon
US Tour Near Syrian Border Criticized in Lebanon
Egypt Rejects Claims That It Gassed Gaza Tunnels
ElBaradei Declares Democracy Is Priority for Egypt
Colombia Detains Congressman for Alleged Drug Ties
Marines Face Challenge in Unstable Helmand
Afghan Governor: Taliban Commander, Bodyguard Killed in Kunduz
Does This Video Show Afghan Cops Killing UN Guard?
Taliban Flogging Video May Show Different Girl, but Message Is the Same
Elders' Absence Hinders Army Goals in NW Pakistan
Pakistan to Get $600 Million Under US Program
TTP Swat Commander Arrested From Khyber Agency
Thai Protest Rivals Want Military to End 'Anarchy'
Thai Chaos Leaves Power Vacuum
Yellows Return to Thailand's Color-Coded Protests
South Korea Vows to Avenge Sailors' Deaths
China Will Undertake Greater Global Role: Wen
Japan PM Appeals for Union Support Amid Base Row
Russia & Her Neighbors
Suicide Bomber Kills 2 Police in Russian Province
Russia: Metro Bombing Suspect Is Killed
Russia-Norway Arctic Deal a 'Hopeful Sign': US Official
Chechen President Kadyrov Denies Link to Killing of Critic
Reporters in Belarus Complain of Harassment
NGOs: Sudan Risks Return to War
UN Extends Sudan Peacekeeping Mission Another Year
21 People Killed in Mogadishu Violence
Chadian Army Clashes With Rebels
Zimbabweans to Protest North Korean Soccer Team Visit Over 1980s Massacre
US Military
Report Says US Military Vulnerable to Bad Parts
Pentagon Confirms It Gave $1.4 Billion in No-Bid Fuel Contracts to Mysterious Companies
KBR 1st Quarter Profit Slides 40 Percent on Military Losses
Navy to Allow Women to Serve on Submarines

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Papering the War Against Iran

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To the Tea Party: War and Liberty Aren't Fellow Travelers

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Killer Cocktail: PTSD and Your Local Police

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On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

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Boris's Blunder

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Israel, a New Decade

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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