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Updated May 8, 2010 - 10:42 PM EDT
Pentagon: More Money for Arms, Less for Troops
US Takes the War Into Pakistan
  Pakistani Militant Groups Out in the Open
Afghans Worry as Kandahar Invasion Rebranded
  Attacks Signal End of Poppy Harvest in Afghanistan
IAEA to Discuss Israel's Nukes for First Time
  Peres: Israel Ready for Deal on Palestinian State
  Why Won't Israel Allow Gazans to Import Coriander?
Turkish Warplanes Hit Northern Iraq
  Allawi Insists Right to First Stab at Next Govt
  Iraqi Anti-Qaeda Chief Switches Back to Rebels
Military Officials: NY Bomber Likely Acted Alone
  Times Square Suspect Inspired by New Mexico Cleric
Labour and Tories Woo Kingmaker Nick Clegg

US Business Groups Fault Rush to Sanctions on Iran

David Petraeus for President? He Keeps Speculation Alive
Living with Risk is the Cost of Freedom  by Leonard Pitts Jr.
Hijacking the Constitution and the Bill of Rights  by Jacob G. Hornberger
War Epics on Screen Skip Mass Slaughter of Civilians  by Charles Burress
The Push to Isolate Iran  by Robert Dreyfuss
North Korea and Israel: A Lot in Common  by John Feffer
Losing Afghan Hearts and Minds  by Julien Mercille

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Is Brazil Developing the Bomb?
'The King of Torture' and the Child Jihadist
FBI Team Arrives in Pakistan to Probe Ties of NY Bomber
Times Square Suspicious Package Contained Only Water Bottles
Pakistanis Pose as Indians After NY Bomb Scare
Britain Tries to Stop Atomic Test Veterans Claiming Damages
'War on Terror'
White House Denies Reports of Spy Planes Over NYC
Frequent Terror Scares Have Nyers Wary, Not Scared
'Big Ideas' Key to US Surge 'Success' in Iraq: Petraeus
Sahwa Fighter Killed, Five Wounded in Blast Near Baaquba
'Sergio' Makes Clear How Much Was Lost in Iraq
Babylon Ruins Torn Between Preservation and Profit
Friday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded
UN on Target for Iran Sanctions by Mid-June
Iran Defiant on Nukes at UN Diplomats' Dinner
US Envoy Discussed Detained Americans With Iran
Israel to US Mediator: Security Priority in Negotiations
US Photo Exhibit: Israel Blocks Palestinian Access to Water
Captured Israeli Soldier Accused of Plagiarism
New Israeli Ambassador Jeered in New Zealand
Israel Diplomats Breathe Sigh of Relief at Clegg's Poor Poll Showing
Middle East
Dubai: More Suspects, More Intrigue in Alleged Mossad Assassination Case
Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood Picks Hawk to Lead Political Party
Lebanon Charges Army Colonel With Spying for Israel
Analysis: Somalia Hasn't Capitalized on Rifts
Russia Says Pirates Who Held Tanker Are Freed
Weekend Reviews
Wills Power
Andrew Bacevich on Pax Californica
China and Us
'Green Zone' Intrigue Is a Little Late
The Pentagon Book Club
How Hollywood Hides the Horrors of War
Richard Clarke's Cyberwar: File Under Fiction
War Epics on Screen Skip Mass Slaughter of Civilians
US Military in Japan
Japan PM Faces More Local Refusal on US Base
US Base Haunts Hatoyama
American Soldier in Okinawa: 'Only a Minority Think We're Monsters'
North Korea
China Says Kim Reaffirms Nuke Talks During Visit
Frail North Korean Leader Makes Scaled-Down China Visit
Witness: A Day Chasing North Korea's Camera-Shy Kim
Gates: Pakistan Committed to Fighting Extremists
Clinton: US Needs More Help From Pakistan
Pakistani Govt to Supreme Court: Zardari Graft Case 'Closed'
Karzai Arrives Monday for Four-Day Washington Visit
Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
US Vows More Transparency Over Base in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan Demands Toppled Leader's Extradition
Tensions High in Kathmandu After Anti-Maoist Rally
Nepal Maoists End Crippling Strike Amid Growing Opposition
Soldiers, Rebels Battle in Indian Kashmir; 8 Dead
Blasts, Shooting Kill 1, Wound 7 in Bangkok
Imelda Marcos Seeks to Restore Philippine Dynasty
Dalai Lama: Exiles Must Press China Talks
Train Station Bomb Kills One in Russia
Russian President Slams 'Totalitarian' USSR
US Military
Illegal Status of Army Spouses Often Leads to Snags
Gates to Levin: Pentagon Committed to Repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Law
Meet the New Frontline Bloggers: Security Contractors
Marine Sent to Calif. After Conviction Overturned

Justin Raimondo
Is Faisal Shahzad Crazy?

Charles V. Peņa
Weapons of Mass Destruction???

Philip Giraldi
A Timetable For War

Ivan Eland
Iraq: Controlled Devolution or Uncontrolled Disintegration

Kelley B. Vlahos
Return Our Weekend Warriors

Nebojsa Malic
Stirring the Bosnian Pot

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

Ran HaCohen
Israel, a New Decade

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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