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Updated May 11, 2010 - 11:09 PM EDT

US Missile Onslaught Kills at Least 24 in Pakistan

  Clinton: Pakistan Officials 'Harboring' bin Laden

Pakistani Official: No, We Didn't Capture Mullah Omar

Pentagon Doubts Grow on McChrystal War Plan
  Afghan Peace Deal Would Promise Jobs to Taliban Fighters
At Least 154 Killed Across Iraq on Monday
  Allawi Warns of New Civil War on Iraq's Deadliest Day

Deputy PM: Israel 'Primed' for War With Iran

  EU Open to Iran Nuclear Talks
  IAEA to Maintain Iran-Israel Double Standard
Facing Peace Talks, Israel Touts Settlement Growth

Israeli Scientist Calls for Nuclear Disclosure

Gordon Brown Resigns, Cameron to Become UK PM

The Gray Lady and Officials Anonymous  by Jeff Huber
The Myth of the Menacing Militias  by Jesse Walker
The Poetry of Death: Patterns of State Terror  by Chris Floyd
Gates Is No Eisenhower  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Divestment Diversion  by Michael C. Desch
From Shas to Hamas  by Maidhc O'Cathail

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A Look at Costs of Afghan War to US Taxpayers

Brown Quits as Labor Leader to Thwart Tory-Lib Dem Pact

White House: Al-Qaeda Connection in Plot to Ignite Manure in Times Sq.

Israeli Settlers Step Up Attacks on Palestinian Mosques

Iraq Risks Sectarian War, Warns Election Winner Allawi

Where Iraq Meets Iran, Guards See Shifting Lines

Killing of Journalist Inflames Iraqi Kurds

Monday: 154 Iraqis Killed, 620 Wounded

'War on Terror'

Official: Shahzad Went to Pakistan for Help With Attack

The Assimilated Terrorist: an Outsider No Longer

War on Terror Goes Madison Avenue: 'If You See Something, Say Something'
Bomb Scare in Miami Causes Police to Block Off Streets Near Courthouse

Belgian Woman Sentenced on Terrorism Charges

US Military

Spec Ops Pilots Refused Fill-Up, Crash-Landed Plane

Digging Up Chemical Weapons in DC

PTSD Diagnosis Could Appear on Georgia Driver's Licenses

Aviation Week Grounds Top Critic of Gajillion-Dollar Jet

US Army Loves the Smell of Roses in the Morning


Iran: Los Angeles Terror Group Working Against Us

Iran Sentences Newsweek Reporter in Absentia to 13 Years in Prison

Iran Says Mothers Can Visit 3 Jailed Americans


Critics Say UN Envoy to Somalia Should Resign

Somali Rebels Vow to Free Pirates' Captives


Zimbabwe Court Acquits Mugabe Opponent of Terrorism Charges

Biggest Peacekeeping Force at Crossroads in Congo


US Officials Insist Afghan Policy 'On Track' Ahead of Karzai Summit

US Tries Using Its Good China for Karzai Visit

General Sees More Violence Ahead in Afghanistan

Afghan Fire Forces Down NATO Helicopter, Crew Safe

Limits on Afghan Airstrikes Frustrate Pilots

Germany Clears Way to Compensate Kunduz Bombing Victims

Afghans Wary of America's End Game

Eikenberry Sees Closer Alignment With Afghanistan

Six Civilians Killed in Attacks in Afghanistan

Clinton Accuses Pakistani Officials of Holding Back on bin Laden Intelligence

Clashes in NW Pakistan Kill 9 Troops, 37 Militants

General: Pakistan Push in North Waziristan Needs Time

Air Passenger's Massage Shoes Mistaken for Bomb

26 Journalist Bodies Demand Terrorists Stop Bombing Civilians


Israel Says It's Better Prepared for War With Iran

Muslim Leaders Warn Israel Over Illegal Settlements

Hundreds Rally Over Arrest of Israeli-Palestinian Human Rights Activist

OECD Invites Israel to Join Over Palestinian Objections

Hamas Says No Casualties After Israeli Airstrike on Gaza Tunnels


Traces of Explosive Found on Sunken S. Korean Ship

Aquino Takes a Lead in Philippines Voting

US Diplomat Meets With Myanmar Opposition Leader

Thai Protesters Refuse to Pack Up, Push New Demands

In Other News

Young Egyptian Activists Hindered by Political Immaturity

Mass Grave Discovered in Serbia

Russia's Medvedev in Syria to Revive Old Partnership


Justin Raimondo
Has Faisal Shahzad Started a War?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Hollywood at War

Ran HaCohen
From Two States to One

Charles V. Peņa
Weapons of Mass Destruction???

Philip Giraldi
A Timetable For War

Ivan Eland
Iraq: Controlled Devolution or Uncontrolled Disintegration

Nebojsa Malic
Stirring the Bosnian Pot

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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