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Updated May 13, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama Set to Delay Iraq Troop Withdrawal
  US Sees Return of Sadrist Threat in Southern Iraq
NATO's Civilian Killings in Afghanistan Soaring
  Afghan War Costs Now Top Iraq
  Hersh: US Troops Executing Prisoners in Afghanistan
  Obama: Afghanistan Going to Get Worse Before it Gets Better
  Distrust of Afghan Leaders Threatens US War Strategy
  Obama, Karzai Claim Media 'Overstated' Differences
Incoming British FM Won't Rule Out Attacking Iran
  Pentagon Contracts Went to Companies With Iran Business
Israel to Demolish Arab Homes in E. Jerusalem
  Netanyahu Turns to Bible in Tussle Over Jerusalem
  Is Israel Sliding Towards a Police State?
  Israel FM: North Korean Arms on Plane Bound for Hamas
FBI Raids 'Cash Couriers' Related to NYC Bomb
Thai Protest Leader Shot in Head During Interview
Revenger's Tragedy: The Forgotten Conflict in Pakistan  by Patrick Cockburn
Obama: Say Yes to Afghan Peace Talks  by Robert Naiman
Politicians: Far More Dangerous Than Terrorists  by Becky Akers
Pakistan's Two Air Wars  by Jeremy Scahill
Japan Can Defend Itself  by Doug Bandow
Will Obama Listen to Karzai?  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Court: Govt Can't Close Charities Without Warrant
US Urged to Probe Alleged 'Second Prison' at Bagram
US Opposes Canadian's Appeal on Torture
Defense in Iran Embargo Case: Dad Had Mistress
Maryland 1st to Bar Schools Releasing Tests to Military
Feds Slash New York City's Anti-Terror Funding
US Frets Anti-Drug Cooperation With Mexico Won't Last
British-US Alliance
New UK Govt Promises 'Solid, Not Slavish' US Ties
US, UK Alliance Questioned Following British Election
Meeting Between Allawi and Maliki Within 48 Hours
Iraqi Vetting Commission to End Election Work
Protesters Want Justice for Dead Kurdish Reporter
Three Dead in Baghdad Grocery Bombing
Iraqi Officials: 7 Killed in Sadr City Bombing
Wednesday: 19 Iraqis Killed, 68 Wounded
US Warns Russia About Delivery of S-300 to Iran
China's Role Grows in Debate Over Iran Sanctions
Moms of 3 Americans Jailed in Iran Get Visas
Iran Wraps Up Major Naval Drill
Ahmadinejad: UN Resolutions Against Iran 'Not Worth a Penny'
Israel Defiant on Settlements as It Marks Jerusalem Day
US Warns Israel, Palestinians of Taking Inflammatory Actions in Jerusalem
Leg Lost to Land Mine, Boy, 11, Moves Israel
Israeli FM Slams Russia, Says Hamas 'Like Chechens'
Gazan Man Says Hamas Beat Him for Alleged Affairs
Israeli FM: Iran, Syria and North Korea Are New 'Axis of Evil'
Israel Pledges a United Jerusalem Despite Pressure
Israel Urged to End Nuclear Secrecy
Amnesty Tells Israel to Stop 'Harassing' Activist
Equal Number of Jews, Palestinians Predicted for Historic Palestine
'Nobody Wants War,' but Israel-Lebanon Border Is Heating Up
Lebanese Court Jails 31 al-Qaeda-Linked Members
Middle East
US Signals Unease Over Russian-Syrian Civilian Nuclear Talks
Turkey's Pact With Russia Will Give It Nuclear Plant
Egypt Detains US Passenger With Weapons in Bag
Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Attack on British Envoy in Yemen
US Envoy Says Sudan's Peace Accord Is in Peril
Somali Refugee Crisis Accelerating
US Military
Iraq War Quadruple Amputee Says He's 'Fortunate'
Quiet Resistance to Women on Subs
New British Foreign Minister Makes Afghanistan Top Priority
Bomb Kills Two US Service Members in Afghanistan
Obama Says He's Accountable for Civilian Deaths
Prisoner on Being Held in the 'Black Jail' at Bagram
Taliban Claims Killing of Afghan Prison Official
Death by IED: the Hidden Killer Stalking NATO's Frontline Troops
Little Progress on Installing Electronic Surveillance Systems in Afghanistan
UN to Investigate 'Poison Gas Attacks' on Afghan Schoolgirls
US Reviews Afghan Watchdog Authority
US Military Plans Mobile Phone Network for South Afghanistan
Obama: Pakistan More Willing to Move on Extremists
Georgetown Professor: 'Drones Are Not Killing Innocent Civilians' in Pakistan
Taliban Kill 2 Alleged US Spies in NW Pakistan
Pakistani Driver Transporting Fuel for NATO Forces Killed
Grenade Attack Kills Girls in Pakistan: Police
Cotton May Be New Dispute for India, Pakistan
North Korean Nuclear Fusion Claims Dismissed
US Nuclear Envoy Arrives for Talks in South Korea
US Satellites Shadow China's Submarines
China: Confession Obtained by Torture
US Risks China's Ire With Decision to Fund Software Maker Tied to Falun Gong
Thai Protesters Vow to Rally Until Deputy PM Charged
Bangkok Protest Leaders Appear Divided
Kashmir Gun Battle Leaves Four Dead, Says Indian Army
Indonesia Steps Up Pressure on Islamist Militants
Kazakhstan President Granted Immunity as 'Leader of the Nation'
Russia Says May Lift Veil on Nuclear Arsenal
Senate Sets Hearings on New Treaty With Russia
'War on Terror'
Judge Says Torture Would Not Invalidate Ghailani Terror Indictment
Feinstein Urges New Defenses Against Terrorists
Part of Times Square Evacuated Due to Report of Suspicious Package, Police Say

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