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Updated May 21, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
Palestinians Offer Wider Concessions on Land
  40,000 NATO Troops in the West Bank?
  In 410-4 Vote, House Approves Funding for Israel's Missile Defense
Car Bomb at Northern Iraq Market Kills 30
  Maliki: Allawi 'Wasting Time' Trying to Form New Govt
  Turkish Warplanes Pound Kurdish Rebel Targets in Iraq
US Drone Strike Kills Six in Pakistan
  US Warns of Terror Link to Pakistan Catering Firm
  Pakistan Arrests Army Officer Linked to NYC Bomb Suspect
US Sanctions Push Puts Iran Nuclear Deal at Risk
  Gates Says Iran Sanctions Could Work
Brazen Attacks May Signal New Taliban Strategy
  More Secret Talks With the Taliban
  US Launches Investigation Into Afghan Civilian Deaths
Darfur Rebels Say They Killed 200 Troops, Sudan Denies Toll
North Korea Claims South Faked Evidence, Warns of War
Facing a Rift, US Spy Chief to Step Down
Take the Deal, Mr. President  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Of Drone Wars and Buffalo Urine  by Conn Hallinan
Terrorism Law Lowers Bar on Justice  by David Rittgers and Julian Sanchez
Putting the Pentagon on a Diet  by Christopher Hellman and Tom Engelhardt
Stay Out of Bangkok  by Doug Bandow
An Uncivilized Society  by Andy Worthington

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South Africa Still Has Weapons Grade Uranium: Govt
House Panel Deals Gitmo Closure a Major Setback
'Modifying' Miranda Modifies the Political Debate
Deal Seems Near on US Base in Japan
China-Pakistan Deal Draws Little Comment From US
US Rolls Up Red Carpet for Karzai's Political Rival
Probes of Novak Detailed in Newly Released FBI Papers
New Film Explores Outing of CIA Agent Valerie Plame
'War on Terror'
Times Sq. Suspect's Cooperation May Prove Futile
Feds: Times Square Suspect Waived Rights Daily
US Outlines Moves After Bomb Suspect's Arrest
Why Is Anwar Al-Awlaki Terrorist 'No. 1?'
US Travelers to Terror Havens a Growing Worry
Report: Airport Watchers Miss 16 Linked to Terror
Turkey Left Out on a Limb After Iran Accord
Russia: Iran Nuclear Reactor Ready by August
China to Go Ahead With Iran Projects
3 Americans Jailed in Iran Reunite With Their Moms
Opposition Says Iranian Filmmaker Beaten Badly
Iraqi Politicians Break Bread, but Not the Standoff
Families of Iraqi Prisoners Who Suffocated in Truck Allege Torture
Iraq's Political Crisis Disheartens the Middle Class
Iraq to Form Preparatory Committee for Arab Summit
Son of Sunni Religious Scholar Kidnapped in Iraq
Al-Qaeda No. 2 Eulogizes Leaders of Iraqi Offshoot
Press Freedom Under Fire in Kurdish Iraq
Thursday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 46 Wounded
Netanyahu Reportedly to Offer Easing Palestinian Movement in West Bank
US Envoy Ends Round of Israeli-Palestinian Talks
Singer Elvis Costello Cancels Concerts in Israel Over Treatment of Palestinians
Pagan Altar Unearthed at Building Site in Israel
US Says Syria Must Curb Arm Shipments to Hezbollah
Peres: Syria Says It Wants Peace but Keeps Aiming Missiles at Israel
Chavez Allegedly Helped Colombian, Spanish Militants Forge Ties
Army Puts Down Police Mutiny in Madagascar Capital
Repression Is Alleged Before Vote in Ethiopia
Burundi, Rwanda Expel Human Rights Watch Workers
Pirate on US Wanted List Arrested in Somalia
25 Killed as Pakistani Jets Pound Militant Hideouts
Musharraf Says Plans Return to Pakistan, Politics
Pakistan: No Decision on North Waziristan Offensive
NATO: Waziristan Offensive Up to Pakistan
Pakistan Army Paying Heavy Price in War Against Terrorism
Pakistan Widens Online Ban to Include YouTube
Musharraf Backs Pakistan Decision to Shutter Facebook
Taliban Stages Big Attack on (Allegedly) Pro-US Ground
Toll in Kabul Attack Included NATO Officers
New US Troops Arriving in Afghanistan Quickly Learn About Challenges
US Troops in Afghanistan Drinking Unsafe Water
Thailand Mops Up, but Fears of Long-Term Strife
Bangkok Counts Its Losses After Downtown Rioting
Bangkok Grows Calm, but Social Divisions Remain
Thai Red Shirt Stronghold Recoups After Angry Riots
Pressure Mounts on N. Korea Over Warship Attack
Military Sees Chaos if Emergency Evacuations From Korea Are Needed
US Officials Urge Measured Response in Attack on South Korean Warship
North Korea Threatened With 'Stern Punishment' Over Sinking of Frigate
Pentagon: US Forces in South Korea Not on High Alert
Kyrgyzstan Unrest Persists; 2 Officials Attacked
Sri Lanka's Detained Ex-Army Chief Denies War Crimes
Basque Separatists
Spain: Basque Separatist Leader Arrested in France
US Military
Senators Press for National Guard Troops on Border
US Agrees to Announce Missile Launches
Military Seeks More Time in Iraqi War Case
Air Force Stands Down to Talk Over Suicides, Noncombat Issues
House Panel Puts the Brakes on 'Human Terrain'
US Air Force Testing Coal Powered Planes
House Panel Labels Fort Hood Victims as Combat Casualties
Army Graduate School Teaches Lessons From Iraq and Afghanistan

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On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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