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Updated May 23, 2010 - 11:22 PM EDT
US Kandahar Offensive: 'No Plan B'
  Crack in UK Cabinet on Afghanistan
  Insurgents Attack NATO's Southern Afghan Base
  US Troops Kill 12 Afghans South of Kabul
Obama Defends Escalation of Afghan War
  House to Vote on $708 Billion for 2011 Military Spending
Probe: German-Made Torpedo Sank S. Korea Ship
  US Implicates North Korean Leader in Attack
  Clinton to Wage Digital War on Kim for Sinking Ship
Pak Detainees 'Proud of Role in NYC Bomb Case'
  Officials: NYC Bomb Suspect Claims of Pakistan Taliban Support
  Death Toll From Target Killings in Pakistan's Karachi Rises to 40
  US Missile Kills 10 in NW Pakistan
Iran: No Nuclear Swap Without Support of West
  US Mum Over China's Links to Iran
Abbas: Gaps Remain in Land Swap With Israel
  Palestinian Authority Denies Making Concessions Over Border Issue
  From Gaza to Golan, IDF Soldiers Train for War
Boredom Puts Troops at Risk of Anti-Social Behavior Later
We Can Live With Nuclear Iran  by Larry Derfner
The Pakistan Mess: Return of the Ugly American  by Saul Landau
A Flawed and Dangerous US Missile Defense Plan  by George N. Lewis and Theodore A. Postol
Dirty Linen Gets Intel Chief Fired  by Ray McGovern
Politicizing Miranda  by Adam Serwer
Recrossing the Rubicon  by Patrick Foy

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Don't Expect Britain to Back a New EU Treaty, Cameron Tells Merkel
Candidates to Lead UK's Labour Renounce Iraq War
US, Egypt Strive for Mideast Nuclear Arms Ban Deal
Surveillance Is Suspected as Spacecraft's Main Role
'Freedom Flotilla' En Route to Gaza
Texas Man Faked Way Into Army Officer
Guns for Hire Get Their Own Online Comic
'War on Terror'
Caterer Had No Ties to NY Bomb Suspect, Says Dad
Pakistan Detainee Was Happy in US, Father Says
Times Square Bomber: Pakistani Novels Shed Light on Why
US Appoints First Cyber Warfare General
Blair's Resignation May Reflect Inherent Conflicts in Job of Intelligence Chief
DoD to Implement New Suspicious Activity Reporting System
DARPA's Self-Learning Software Knows Who You Are
Turkey Seeks Support for Iran Deal

Iran Opposition Figure Lashes Out at Regime

Egypt, Pakistan Say Iran Has Right to Peaceful Nuclear Energy
Iran Letter to IAEA Will Advance Nuclear Talks: Brazil
Mothers Allowed Second Visit to US Detainees in Iran
Iraqi PM Maliki Warns Against Rushing to Form New Government
Mossad Does Interrogations in Iraqi Jails: Human Rights Group
2 US Soldiers Die in Incidents in Iraq
In Iraq, Toll of Khalis Market Blast Rises Over 49
Saturday: 2 US Soldiers, 3 Iraqis, 4 PKK Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
Abbas: No Progress in Indirect Talks With Israel
Abbas Backs Palestinian Boycott Campaign of Israeli Goods Made in Settlements
Hamas Seeks Direct Ties With the US
56 MKs Petition Netanyahu: Let Gaza Evacuees Build in West Bank Settlement Despite Freeze
Israeli Gunships Open Fire at Palestinian Fishermen in Gaza, Damage Boats
Hamas Faces Financial Crisis After Three-Year Israeli Blockade
Israel Defense Official: Home Front Drill May Determine Outcome of Next War
Knesset Panel to Back Tougher Conditions for Hamas Prisoners
Palestinian Stones Injure Israeli Woman; Husband Opens Fire
Hamas Not to Run for West Bank Municipal Elections
3 Palestinians Wounded During West Bank Weekly Anti-Wall Demonstration
Hezbollah on Alert as Israel's Home Front Drill to Begin
Lebanon PM Slams Israel Defense Drill
US: Hezbollah Arms of 'Grave Concern'
Hezbollah Promotes Itself Through 'Jihadi Tourism'
Hezbollah Shows Off Weaponry in Lebanon 'Tourist Complex'
Obama, Hariri to Discuss Hezbollah Arms
Germany's FM Ready to Expand Relations With Lebanon
Middle East
Senator Kerry in Syria After US Sanctions Renewed
Yemeni President Vows to Form New National Unity Government
Trial Adjourned of Egypt Rights Lawyers, Blogger
Somaliland-Ethiopia Border Clash Kills 13
Ethiopia PM Faces Huge Opposition in Bastion
Ethiopian Religious Leaders Call for Peaceful Polls
World Leaders Pledge Support to Somalia
Crisis as East African States Battle Over Control of Nile
Congolese Rights Groups Urge Obama to Help Tackle Rebels
Top UN Officials in Sudan to Go to Bashir Ceremony
Nigerian Kidnappers Free Lebanese Hostages: Beirut
Rwanda Muzzles Candidate, Fearing Genocide Return
Cracks Appear in EU Unity as Fears Spread for Future of the Eurozone
Germany to Scale Back Mandatory Military and Civilian Service
Weekend Reviews
Can a Christian Kill for His Government?
The Politics of Hunger: The Allied Blockade of Germany, 1915-1919
A Classic Moral Theory and a War
The Banquo's Ghost of Israeli Foreign Policy
Hollywood Film on Plame/CIA Leak Case Debuts
Palestinian and Israeli Public Opinion: The Public Imperative in the Second Intifada
Palestinian Politics After Arafat
Taliban Win £1,600 Bounty for Each NATO Soldier Killed
Obama Says US Needs Allies With It in Afghanistan
Three NATO Soldiers Among Dead in Afghan Fighting
Australian Federal Police in Afghanistan Vital to Peace, Says Home Affairs Minister
Afghan Police Discover Biggest-Ever Weaponry Cache in Kabul's Outskirts
Obama Speech: US Facing 'Tough Fight'' From al-Qaeda in Pakistan
NY Bomb Probe Shows Radicalism Might Be on the Rise Among Pakistani Elite
As US Says 'Do More,' Pakistan Highlights Its Own Limitations
Two Killed in Blast in SW Pakistan's Quetta
Pakistan Blocks 800 'Blasphemous' Web Pages
Five Small Blasts Occur in Pakistan's Lahore
Zardari Grants Pardon to Rehman Malik's Crony
Indian Militant Outfit Says Pakistan's ISI Offered Help
Northeast Indian City Remains Tense After Killing of Gorkha Leader
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Re-Integrating Former Tamil Tiger Suspects
How Beijing Won Sri Lanka's Civil War
US to Extend Kyrgyz Air Base Fuel Contract Despite Questions About Operations
Putin Urges Kyrgyzstan to End Political Uncertainty
Kyrgyzstan's Interim Government Eyes Parliamentarism
Bangkok Limps Back to Normal, but Divisions Remain
Thai Govt Shows Red Arsenal, Tightens Detentions
Thai Govt Accuses Foreigners of Arson
Thai Govt to Clarify Whether to Entend Curfew: Deputy PM
Thai Opposition to Censure PM, 4 Ministers
Thai Government Accuses Reds Over Huge Weapons Cache
As Red Shirt Protesters Return to Their Homes Many Vow to Keep Up the Fight
South Korea on Alert as Tension Grows Over Patrol Boat Sinking
North Korea Urges South Korea to Receive Inspectors
Japan, US Agree on Base Plan but Hurdles Ahead: Report
Okinawans Weary of US-Japan Talks on Military Base
Clinton Courts Chinese People; Tough Mission Nears
Dalai Lama Tweets to Chinese Web Users
2 Die, Hundreds Flee as Moro Rebel Factions Clash in Philippines
US Not to Resume Relation With Indonesia's Army Soon: Report
Nepali Armed Outfit Hands Over Weapons to Govt
Vietnam, US Still in Conflict Over Agent Orange
Bangladesh Signs Nuclear Deal With Russia
Missing Mexican Pol's Family to Govt: Back Off
Chile Returns Pakistani Explosives Suspect to Jail
Bolivia Plot: House Arrest for General Who Caught 'Che'
Supporters Want Baby Doc in Next Haiti Election
Canada Top Commander Charged With Murder, Assault
Americans Still Dying
Texas Sailor Who Served as 'Doc' Killed by Afghan Bomb
Army Colonel (NJ), Father of Five, Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack
Waterloo (WI) Mourns Soldier Killed in Convoy Bomb Attack
Perrysburg Township (OH) Soldier Killed in Afghan Attack
Middleton (OH) Contractor Working for Global Security Killed by IED
Virginia Marine, Born in El Salvador, Killed in Afghanistan
Family Mourns Tomball (TX) Marine Killed by IED
Hall County (AL) Remembers Army Ranger Killed in Afghanistan
Grieving Father Recalls Marine Son (FL)
Dubberly (LA) Soldier Killed in Convoy Attack
Waynesboro (PA) Soldier Killed by Suicide Car Bomber

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On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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