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Updated July 2, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
GOP Chief: Afghan War Is 'of Obama's Choosing'
Under Cover of Dark: House OKs War Funding
  Roll-Call Vote on War Funding Bill
  Roll-Call Vote on Withdrawal From Afghanistan
  Roll-Call Vote to Cut All War Funding
  Petraeus: No Change in Afghan War Plan
UK Gen. Blames Pakistan, Iran for Afghan Attacks
  UK Ministers Appear Divided Over Afghan Withdrawal
  Hague Looks Beyond the US in His Vision for Foreign Policy
Iraqiya Bloc Insists: Allawi Must Be Iraq PM
  Iraq: Key Figures Since the War Began
Obama Signs 'Toughest Ever' Iran Sanctions Bill
  Iran Arms Syria With Radar
50 Killed, 180 Wounded in Pakistan Bombings
  Lahore High Court Justice: Drone Attacks Have Increased Terror Acts
  Vengeful New Militant Group Emerges in Pakistan
Suspect in Russian Spy Ring Confessed
Cement Still Banned as Israel 'Still Deciding' on Gaza Blockade
Study: Anger Drives Support for Wartime Presidents
US Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: Lessons From Humpty Dumpty  by William R. Polk
Counterinsurgency Down for the Count in Afghanistan  by Ann Jones and Tom Engelhardt
Unanimous Conformity in the Senate  by Norman Solomon
Why the West Lost Afghan War  by Michael Scheuer
Terrorism: Why They Want to Kill Us  by Doug Bandow
We Can't Afford War  by Amy Goodman

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When Does Conciliatory Become Obsequious? Abbas Meets the Pro-Israel Lobby
One West Bank Town's 'Unarmed Courage'
Report: Flotilla Passengers Were Tortured
Former Afghan Envoy Fights Dismissal
UK to Probe Collaboration with CIA Renditions
Stuck in No-Fly Limbo
UK Must Find New Allies or Decline, Says William Hague
Roll-Call Vote on Outlawing Lobbyists From Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Cuba
US Afghan Policy Not Working, French General Notices
NATO Intensifies Attacks on Taliban Leaders
Afghanistan Withdrawal Date Reinforced by William Hague
Karzai Approves Plan for Taliban Reintegration
Rockets Hit South Korean Afghan Reconstruction Base
Russia Warns West Against 'Chumming Up' With Taliban
Bringing a Reality TV Business Competition to Afghanistan
NATO Says District Afghan Taliban Chief Arrested
Afghan Hindus and Sikhs Grapple With Uncertain Future
'Casablanca Rick's Bar of Kabul' Serves Up Its Last Drink
Dogs of War: In Afghanistan, a Platoon's Best Friend Has Four Legs and a Wet Nose
Pakistan Army: No More Insurgents in South Waziristan
Proposal Stirs Fears of Pakistani Media Censorship
One Killed, Six Wounded in Quetta Violence
Pakistan Army Chief Denies Secret Karzai-Haqqani Meets
China Welcomes Gates Visit at Appropriate Time
Google Says China Partially Blocks Search Service
Maoists Kill Three Accused Informers in Central India
Nepal's Maoists Stake Claim to Lead New Government
Uzbeks Accused of Inciting Violence in Kyrgyzstan
2 North Koreans Get Prison Terms for Assassination Plot
Humiliation for Merkel as Coalition Stages Revolt
German Policy Changes Possible After Merkel Debacle
Hillary Clinton's Ukraine Trip to Balance Tilt to Moscow

Thousands Demonstrate in Rome Against Berlusconi's Wiretapping Law

Thousands Protest Expulsion of Kosovo Migrant Family in Vienna
Somali Clashes Kill 21 as Moderate Group Issues Demands
Somali President Seen on Front Lines in Fight Against Militants
African Countries Form a Common Market
US Warns of al-Qaeda Threat in Burkina Faso

Sudan Releases Prominent Opposition Leader

Editor's Murder 'Approved by Rwandan President'
Ugandan Military Monitoring Rebels Threat at Boarder With DR Congo
'War on Terror'
Al-Qaeda Will Exploit Cut in Security, Says UK Met Chief
Al-Qaeda Launches English-Language Online Magazine
Judge: Guantanamo Detainee Not Suffering From PTSD
Russian Spies in the US
Spy Suspect Is Released on House Arrest, Nine Are Detained
DoJ: Detain Alleged Russian Spies as Flight Risks
MI5 Investigates KGB Father of Russian 'Spy'
Marines Use Anna Chapman Photos to Warn Sailors of the Danger of Beauties in Foreign Countries
Prosecutors Say Suspect Placed Love for Russia Before His Son
With Parents Accused of Spying for Russia, What Happens to Their Children?
Espionage Expert: There Will Always Be Spying
Iranian Official: New US Sanctions 'Meaningless'
Iran: Sanctions Do Not Ban S-300 Russian Missiles
Russia May Lose Billions for Breaching Missile Contract With Iran
Dubai: Iran Smuggles Nuclear Equipment Via UAE Ports
Iran Leader to Visit Nigeria as It Takes UN Post
Top UN Nuclear Inspector Resigns
Maliki-Allawi Meeting Aims to Pressure National Alliance
Risk-Tolerant China Investing Heavily in Iraq as US Companies Hold Back
British MPs Urge Iraq Inquiry to Recall Blair
Bombs and Gunmen Kill Three Iraqi Civilians
4 Members of Iraq Security Forces Killed
Thursday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 29 Wounded
Russia to Deliver Armored Vehicles to Palestinian Authority
Israel Willing to Release 1,000 Palestinians in Exchange for Captive Soldier
Netanyahu: There Must Be a Limit to What Israel Would Pay for Soldier's Freedom
Israel Hits 'Weapons Facility' in Northern Gaza
Report: Obama Pressured Israel and Turkey to Hold Secret Talks
Israeli Leftists: Jerusalem Mayor Is Handing the City to Settlers
Easing Gaza Blockade an Opportunity for Peace, Blair Says
Palestinian Leader Gives Interview to Israel Media
Abbas: No Direct Talks Without Progress on Borders and Security
Erekat: Netanyahu's Invitation to Abbas 'Propaganda'
Italy Claims Palestinian, European Support for Gaza Visit
Gaza Power Plant to Partially Operate
Syria Detains 400 People in Operations Against PKK
Syrian Websites Fear New Media Law
Middle East
11 PKK Rebels Killed in Clash in East Turkey
Intelligence Officer Gunned Down in Southern Yemen

Justin Raimondo
The Spy Scare

Nebojsa Malic
The Endless Summer of 1914

Philip Giraldi
Executive Privilege

Ivan Eland
The Second Coming of Petraeus

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

Charles V. Peņa
Still Mesmerized by WMDs

Kelley B. Vlahos
Obama Is No Superman

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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