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Updated July 6, 2010 - 11:13 PM EDT

US Soldier to Be Charged in Leak of Strike Video

Odierno Floats Idea of UN Troops in Iraq Past 2011

  Biden Demands Net No Progress on Iraq Govt
6 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Police, Troops Kill 64 People in Afghan Drug Bust


Afghans Find Their Welcome Running Out in Pakistan

Israeli FM Stokes Tensions With Turkey
  Cornflakes In, Fertilizer Out: Gaza's New Banned Goods List
  Obama Expected to Pressure Netanyahu Over West Bank
  US Tax-Exempt Funds Aid Settlements in West Bank
BP Bans Fueling Iranian Airliners, Citing US Sanctions
Neocons Warn RNC Leader to Stop Making Sense  by John Nichols
Turkey, America, and Empire's Twilight  by Conn Hallinan
What Eisenhower Could Teach Obama  by Melvin A. Goodman
Helmand in a Handbag  by Jeff Huber
The Price of Folly  by Stephen M. Walt
Death by Remote  by William Fisher

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Rep. Paul Defends Steele Amid GOP Criticism

As Afghan War Drags On, Some Democrats Threaten Revolt

Republican Rift Sparked by Afghan War

Turkey Grows Rich Trading With All

Israeli Judge: Learn From Nazis in Hasbara

E. Jerusalem Peace May Rest on the Future of 88 Houses

59 Journalists Killed So Far This Year


Biden: Iraqis Are 'Absolutely Ready' to Take Over Full Security

Iraq's Widows: A Grim Legacy for Postwar Iraq

'I Just Want the Truth,' Say Families of Killed Blackwater Employees

US Commanders: Iraq Navy Will Be Fully Ready to Defend Oil Rigs

Monday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 46 Wounded


US, Europe: Easing of Gaza Blockade 'Important Step'

IDF Objector Sprays 'Free Gaza' Graffiti on Warsaw Ghetto Wall

Turkey-Israel Rift Worries Syria

Lieberman to Turkey: Israel Won't Apologize for Flotilla Killings

Turkey Threatens to Cut Ties With Israel Over Gaza Flotilla

Netanyahu Heads to Washington Hoping to Regain Obama's Trust

Israeli MPs 'Committed' to Prevent Settlement Freeze Extension

European Envoys Accept Israel Offer to Visit Gaza

Alleged Mossad Spy Appears in Polish Court


Kosovo: Serb Member of Parliament Is Shot

Hearing Opens in Britain for Ex-Bosnian Leader


Canadian Intelligence Director Repeats Claims of Chinese Influence

Venezuela Rejects US Accusations of Rights Abuses

Raúl Castro Cuts Political Prisoner List in Half


Afghanistan: NGOs Await Ruling on 'Proselytizing' Case

US Cuts Afghan Aid After Millions Siphoned Off to Dubai

McCain: Kandahar Is Key to Victory in Afghan War

Pakistan: TTP Commander Ameerullah Mehsud Killed, Had $234,000 Bounty

Pakistan Renews Call for Dialogue With Some Taliban

Pakistan Army Finds Taliban Tough to Root Out

South Waziristan Militants Pledge to Abide by Accord

Pakistan Questions Foreign Hand in Sufi Shrine Attack That Kills 50

Police Arrest 12 Suspects in Pakistan Shrine Bombing

Attack on Lahore Shrine Raises Concern About Sectarian Violence in Pakistan

Suicide Car Bomber Kills Soldier in NW Pakistan

Russia and Her Neighbors

Two Russian Soldiers Killed in Ingushetia

US Warns Georgia Not to Give Russia Excuse to Act

Cypriot Authorities Searching Spy Suspect's Laptop


In Responding to West, Iran Stresses Its Naval Abilities in Persian Gulf

Germany Says No Ban on Refueling Iranian Planes

In Other News

China Sentences American Geologist to 8 Years for Stealing State Secrets

Imam Entangled in Terrorism Case Deported

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Bill Kristol Must Resign!

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Exum's Challenge: Game On!

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The Endless Summer of 1914

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Executive Privilege

Ivan Eland
The Second Coming of Petraeus

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

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Still Mesmerized by WMDs

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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