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Updated July 10, 2010 - 11:28 PM EDT
Surge of Attacks Kills 6 US Troops, 12 Afghans
  Violence Spirals After Taliban Leaders Captured
  NATO Admits to Killing More Afghan Civilians, Troops
  Petraeus Clashes With Karzai Over Village Defense Forces
  Obama Chief-of-Staff Slams GOP's Steele: Afghanistan Is 'America's War'
  Peace Activists Protest DNC Attack on Steele Over Afghanistan
Stirrings of a New Push for Military Option on Iran
  Ahmadinejad Under Fire From Parliament Speaker
Gaza Aid Ship to Dock in Egypt After Israel Threat
  US Presbyterians Urge Ending Aid to Israel Over Settlements
  Obama, Netanyahu Out of Step With the Peace Beat
  UK Envoy Forced to Apologize for Praising Late Ayatollah Fadlallah
  Israeli City Cancels Shalit Rally, Fearing 'Slander of PM'
US, Russia Swap 14 Spies at Vienna Airport
  Russian Spies: Hollywood's Version vs. Real-Life Espionage
Suicide Bomb Kills 102 in Pakistan Tribal Region
Iraqi Parliament to Meet as New Govt Still Elusive
US Has Now Lost 75 Percent of Guantanamo Habeas Cases
On Afghanistan, Michael Steele Speaks for Me  by Robert Naiman
Michael Steele Talks About Fight Club  by Jack Hunter
Hillary Clinton's Latest Lies  by Paul Craig Roberts
Welcome to the Post-Unipolar World: Great for US and for the Rest  by Leon T. Hadar
Can America Afford an Empire?  by Sheldon Richman
Netanyahu 1, Obama 0  by MJ Rosenberg
Obama: I Have Met Israel and It Is 'Us'  by Robert Dreyfuss
A Time to Appease  by Paul Kennedy

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Palin, Paul Expose Rift in Tea Party on War Spending
News Blackout Over Italian Wiretap Law
'Mediterranean Intifada' Helping Hamas
Korean War Panel Finds US Attacks on Civilians
The Adviser at the Heart of National Security
US Tomahawk Missiles Deployed Near China Send Message
Allawi Hopes for New Government in August
Iraqiya: What Good Are Elections if Talabani, Maliki Keep Posts?
A US Unit Prepares Mosul Police for Self-Rule
Tikrit Mosque Imam Detained for Declining to Remove Saddam Name
Suicide Bomber Kills 6 in Baghdad
Friday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 27 Wounded
Iran Will Not Stone Woman to Death After Outcry
Protests Simmer Among Iran's Powerful Merchants
UN: West Bank Wall a Health Hazard
Gaza Aid Ship Prepares to Set Sail From Greece
Israel Demands UN Block Gaza-Bound Aid Ship
Obama to Abbas: I Will Make Every Effort to Ensure Palestinian Statehood
'Unprecedented Police Brutality' at East Jerusalem Protest
8 Arrested at Protest Following Clash With Police
Lebanon to Send More Troops South After Skirmishes
South Lebanon People Wary of French Troops
Somali Clerics Work to Denounce Radical Al-Shabab
Eritrea Urges No More African Troops for Somalia
6 Months Until South Sudan Votes to Secede
'War on Terror'
Chinese Separatists Tied to Norway Bomb Plot

Norwegian Terror Trial Could Face Problems

Six Detainees Would Rather Stay at Guantanamo Than Be Returned to Algeria
Irish Block EU Plan to Allow Data Transfer to Israel
US Military
Pentagon Ends Guantanamo Reporter's Ban
Pentagon's 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' Survey Wording Draws Fire From Gay Groups
Transatlantic Rivals Bid for US Military Mega Project
Canadian Commander in Haiti Sacked, Investigated for Inappropriate Relationship
Colombia: Former Hostage Seeks Millions From Government
Russian Spies in the US
US Began Deliberating Spy Swap Well Before Arrests
White House Briefed in Feb. About Russians
Russia's List for Spy Swap With US
Dead Russian Defector Not Connected to Spy Ring
Intrigue and Ambiguity in Cases of 4 Russians Sent to West in Spy Swap
Kids Might Not Follow Deported Russian Spy Parents
Into the Cold: Swapped Spies Face Uncertain Lives
Exchanged Russian Spies Debriefed in Britain
Recalling an Earlier US-Russia Spy Swap
Glamorous Russian Spy Could Be Stripped of British Passport
Chapman's Lawyer: Businesswoman Not Committed Spy
Vienna Still a Spot for Cloak-and-Dagger Work
Former Top Russian Spy Sergei Tretyakov Dies at 53
'Miscommunication' Behind Afghan Friendly Fire Deaths
Amid Gunfire, US Troops Try to Bring Governance to Kandahar
Australian Soldier Killed by Blast on Patrol in Afghanistan
War of Words in Afghanistan
Foreign Minister Defends German Role in Afghanistan
Germany Aims to Begin Afghan Handover in 2011
Petraeus's Letter to Afghan War Troops? a Lot Like His Letter to Troops in Iraq
Thousands Defy Curfew in Kashmir
Police Arrest 60 Anti-India Protesters in Kashmir
India Withdraws Curbs on Local Media in Kashmir
UN Condemns South Korea Ship Sinking Without Assigning Blame
Condemnation of Ship's Sinking Is a 'Victory,' North Korea Says
North Korea Proposes Talks With US Over Ship Sinking
North Korea: Imprisoned American Tried to Kill Himself
Google Wins Permission to Keep Website in China
China Group Says US Uses Facebook to Sow Unrest
Serbia to Offer Territory Swap and UN Chair to Kosovo
Sarajevo Draws New Generation of Tourists, 15 Years After War

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Bradley Manning, American Patriot

Nebojsa Malic
Srebrenica: The Sacred Lie

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Transportation Stupid Agency

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New Rankings Overrate Obama

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Exum's Challenge: Game On!

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Executive Privilege

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Supreme Mediocrity

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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