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Updated July 11, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
64 Killed in Uganda 'World Cup' Bombings
Afghan Protests Over Rise in Civilian Deaths
  Attacks Kill Afghan Governor, 11 Police
  Local Defense Initiatives in Afghanistan: Making Everyone Feel Safer
  UK Strategy to Train Afghan Forces Is in Deep Trouble
  Pakistan Analysts: US 'Realizes It Cannot Win' Afghan War
  Surge of Attacks Kills 6 US Troops, 12 Afghans
Pakistanis Disenchanted With Taliban and US
  Pakistan Tries New Counterinsurgency Strategy
Israel Threat as Libya Aid Boat Eyes Gaza Landing
  Hezbollah High Alert Over Concern Israel 'Preparing Something for Us'
  Palestinian Village to Be Encircled by Barrier
  Shalit's Father Says Netanyahu Meeting Total Failure
Gen. Casey: US in Iraq and Afghanistan for Another Decade
UK Govt Curbs Stop-and-Search Terrorism Powers
On Afghanistan, Michael Steele Speaks for Me  by Robert Naiman
Michael Steele Talks About Fight Club  by Jack Hunter
Hillary Clinton's Latest Lies  by Paul Craig Roberts
Welcome to the Post-Unipolar World: Great for US and for the Rest  by Leon T. Hadar
Can America Afford an Empire?  by Sheldon Richman
Netanyahu 1, Obama 0  by MJ Rosenberg
Obama: I Have Met Israel and It Is 'Us'  by Robert Dreyfuss
A Time to Appease  by Paul Kennedy

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US-Russia Reset on the Skids
Syria Asks Sen. Specter to Mediate Israel Talks
10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased
Judge Won't Drop Charges Against Ex-Blackwater Contractors
Psychology Group Backs CIA Detainee Abuse Claim
Poll: Europeans Back Muslim Veil Ban, Americans Oppose
Today in Afghanistan
Gunmen Kill 11 Pakistani Tribesmen in Afghanistan; 2 NATO Convoys Attacked
Report: Taliban Faction Supplying Intelligence to Afghan Govt
Large Blast in Afghanistan's Kandahar City
Kabul Attacks Planned in Pakistan: Afghanistan Intelligence
Long Road for Afghanistan's Security Forces
Plotters of Deadly Afghan Attacks Arrested: Official
Insecurity Forms Key Afghan Investment Challenge
Severed Trees in Orchards Mirror Afghan History
11 Terrorists Arrested, Says Afghan Official
Afghanistan Occupation
Funding for Afghanistan Surge Overestimated, Experts Say
Keeping Sane in Sangin: Life and Death in Afghanistan's Most Perilous Military Posting
For the US, Cat and Mouse in the Taliban Heartland
Top US/Canada Commanders Meet in Bunker in Afghanistan
2 German Soldiers Slightly Injured in Roadside Bombings in Northern Afghanistan
Two School Friends Killed Just Weeks Apart Fighting in Afghanistan
FM Smith: Australia Committed to Afghanistan
Australian Troops Under Intense Pressure of Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq
Canadian Colonel Says Security Ring Will Result in Safer Kandahar in Days
Three Soldiers, 25 Taliban Killed in Pakistan Clashes
Analysts Say Pakistan Is Beijing's Window on Afghanistan
Taliban Brags It Bombed Pakistan Market
Taliban Militants Kill Pakistan Elder for Opposing Them
Zardari Rules Out Handing Over Mumbai Suspects to India
Bhutto Murder Probe Team Responds to Court Order
Pakistan's Sufis End Their Silence
Hindus Forced Out in Karachi
Three Years On, Red Mosque Legacy Bites
50 Nabbed in Peshawar Search Operation
Germany Says Terrorism Suspect Held in Pakistan
Pakistan's Journalists Observe Black Day
Nawaz Condemns Restrictions on Media
Curfew Reimposed in Parts of Indian Kashmir
US Terms Kashmir Valley Protest India's Internal Matter
Newspapers Stop Publications in Held Kashmir
Kashmir's Angry Youths Spurn 'Biased' Indian Media
India and Pakistan to Revive Peace Process
India's Foreign Secretary Meets Dalai Lama
Korea Bloodbath Probe Ends; US Escapes Much Blame
North Korea Open to Nuke Talks After Escaping UN Blame
Maoist Rebels Kill 7 Soldiers in North Philippines
Breakaway Faction of Suu Kyi's Former Party Receives Permit to Contest Myanmar Elections
Turkmenistan Leader Orders Establishment of Private Media
Sri Lanka Cabinet Minister Ends 3-Day Protest Fast
Watchdog Slams Thai Army
Cambodia to Host Large Scale Military Exercise Next Week
Catalans Rally for Greater Autonomy Within Spain
Northern Ireland Bomb 'Designed to Kill or Injure Police'
An Island Divided: Jennifer Lopez Cancels Cyprus Show
Data on Balkan Wars Found in Home of Suspect
Srebrenica Massacre Memorial to Point Finger at UN
Bosnian Serb Party Lauds Genocide Suspect Karadzic
Sudan to Consider North-South Confederation
Sudan Ruling Parties Seek Post-Referendum 'Roadmap'
Darfur Rebel Leader Agrees to Qatar Talks
Amnesty for Nigerian Oil Militants Being Sabotaged: Ex-Rebel
Rwanda: Editor Is Arrested and Accused of Defamation
Under Threat of Violence, Somalians Play Soccer – or Watch – at Their Peril
Naomi Campbell Will Testify at Charles Taylor War Crimes Trial
Fidel Castro Makes First Known Public Appearance in Four Years
Cuba Church Announces Release of 12 More Prisoners
Two US Spies for Cuba Ask Court to Jail Them Near Each Other
Nicaragua: How Left and Right Are Uniting Against Ortega
Colombian Politician to Sue Over Kidnapping
US DEA Aids in Seizure of Cocaine Submarine Near Ecuador-Colombia Border
US Military
VA Never Notified 79 Miami-Area Veterans of Possibly Unsafe Colonoscopies
Fake Iraqi Village Staffed by Actual Iraqis
Obama: More Post-Traumatic Stress Help for Vets
Russian Spies in the US
Russian Spy Swap Brings Swift End to Diplomatic Problem
Why the US Was Willing to Swap Agents
Doing the Least but Paying the Most: the Spy Sent Into the Cold
Russian Media Blackout on Spy Exchange
Biden Tells Leno US Did Fine in Russian Spy Swap
In Russian Spy Swap, Agents Were Pawns in a Practiced Game
Family of Freed Spy-Swap Russian 'Seriously Worried'
Russian Expert in Spy Swap 'Resurfaces Near London'
Russia-US Spy Swap Participants Phone Families
Spy Swap Mystery: Cyprus Bail Jumper Who Vanished
Anna Chapman's Father May Have Had 'Serious Kremlin Connections'
US Spy's Family Fears for His Safety After Swap
Spy Swapped in Deal With Russia Could Return to House in Maryland Suburb
The Uncertain Future Awaiting Swapped Agents
'Life Will Be a Nightmare for the Spies Returning to Russia'
Russian Spies: Children Face Trauma, Psychologists Warn
Baghdad on Red Alert for al-Qaeda Attack in the Green Zone
Iraq Still Blackspot for Human Rights, Says UN
'Why I'm Certain My Friend Dr. Kelly Was Murdered'
State of Law Party Acquiesces to the Inevitable, Says Iraqiya Source
Paradise Found: Water and Life Return to Iraq's 'Garden of Eden'
Wanted: Jihadists to Marry Iraqi Widows
2 Killed in N. Iraq Clashes That Followed Attack on Police Chief
Baghdad Kills 58,000 Stray Dogs in 3-Month Span
Saturday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
Lloyd's of London Backs US Sanctions on Iran
India, Iran Seal Strategic Deals
Abbas: No Direct Peace Talks Before Progress Made in Proximity Talks
Tragedy of Palestinian Family Dispersed by Israeli Eviction
Israeli Academics Hit Back Over Bid to Pass Law That Would Criminalize Them
Israel: Committee to Debate Sinai Fence
Hamas Vows to Punish Collaborators With Israel as Remorse Ultimatum Is Over
Israel's 'Street Apartheid'
Palestinian Source: No Serious Meeting on Shalit in Months
Shalit Family Steps Up Protest, to Camp Outside Israeli Cabinet Meetings
Hamas Says Shalit Won't Be Released Until Israel Releases Political Prisoners
Security Council Denounces Attacks on UN Troops in Southern Lebanon
UNIFIL Tries to Calm Anger Over Lebanon Maneuvers
5,000 Lebanese Soldiers Head South
Ayatollah Fadlallah Tributes Divide Opinion
Turkish Aircraft Wounds Civilian in Northern Iraq
Turkey Asks Iraq, US to Hand Over Kurdish Rebels: Report
Yemeni Security Forces Foil Attempt to Bomb Oil Pipeline
Yemeni Govt Accuses Shi'ite Rebels of Kidnapping 5 Oil Engineers
'War on Terror'
Norway Claims al-Qaeda Cell Had Links to New York Subway Bomb Plot
Norwegian Police Secretly Filmed Terror Suspect
US: Muslim Airline Worker Sues for Being Called 'Bomb Maker'
Muslim Charged With Plotting Genocide of Canadian Jews
Brazil: Air France Jet Lands After Bomb Threat
Chairwoman of Powerful Intel Subcommittee Used Unsecured Wireless Network at Home, Group Says
Americans Still Dying
Maine Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Three Young Children
Solider (ND) Was to Return Home Within Month, Get Married in Fall
Colorado Marine Killed in Afghanistan While Carrying Wounded Marine
Omaha (NE) Soldier Called Mom One Day Before Dying
Army Sergeant (VA) Dies in Non-Combat Incident in Afghanistan
Cobb County (GA) Soldier Had Wanted to Be on the Front Lines
Iowa Pilot Dies of Injuries From June Afghan Helicopter Crash
Family Remembers Philadelphia (PA) Airborne Combat Medic
Georgia Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Injuries in Iraq
Tennille (GA) Mourns Guardsman, Former Seal
Fremont (CA) Combat Medic Was a 'Great Man'
Arkansas Paratrooper Killed in Afghanistan 'Had a Big Heart'
La Grange (KY) Soldier Honored After Death in Afghanistan
Nevada Family Remembers Paratrooper Son Lost in Battle
Virginia Beach (VA) Native Killed by Afghan Bomb
Louisiana Guardsman Killed in Iraq Is Laid to Rest
West Monroe (LA) Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Cause in Iraq
Oklahoma Soldier With Ties to Vermont Killed by Afghan IED

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