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Updated July 16, 2010 - 11:25 PM EDT
US Afghan War Wounded Nears Entire 2009 Toll
  Hundreds of Contractor Deaths in Afghanistan Unreported
  Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan Show Growing Sophistication
  In Targeting Taliban, US Depends on Afghans' Reluctant Support
Despite 'Rift,' US, Israel Talking Iran Attack
  US-Backed Group Bombs Iran Mosque, Killing 28
Clues Suggest Defection Was an Iranian Plant
  US Says Scientist Aided CIA While Still in Iran
  Iran Scientist: CIA Offered Me $50m to Lie About Nuclear Secrets
US Vows to Shield Israel, Militarily, Diplomatically
  Israel Chokes Gaza Despite Announced Easing
  Israeli Ministers to Vote on 'Jewish' Pledge of Allegiance for Arabs
  US Probing Israeli, Indian Attempts to Buy ‘Dual Use’ Equipment
  Israeli Report: The Cost of War and Occupation
Fox News Reporting 2nd Christmas Attack, in NYC
Army Sees Worst Month for Suicides Ever
US Missiles Kill 10 in North Waziristan
Congressman: Some CIA Interrogation Techniques Not Authorized by DoJ
Just What Is America Doing All Over the World?  by Doug Bandow
UK Sought Rendition of British Nationals to Gitmo; Blair Directly Involved  by Andy Worthington
A Lawless Regime of Unlimited Government  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The High Price of American Hubris  by George F. Will
Hardly a Conservative Model  by Daniel Larison
Secrecy and Deadly Radiation  by Greg Mitchell

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Hezbollah Attack Victims Sue al-Jazeera in US Court
Ron Paul: US Spends $1 Trillion a Year on Foreign Policy
Obama Plan Outlines Reductions in Nuke Arsenal
Ex-Justice Official Says Limits on Detainee Questionings Exceeded
Poll: Most Americans Back Israeli Attack Against Iran
Most British Jews Want Israel-Hamas Talks: Survey
Advocate for Guantanamo Prisoners' Rights Dies
'War on Terror'
Former al-Qaeda Figure Makes Peace Plea
UK Army 'Involved in Torture Mission With US Troops'
NY Lawyer Stewart Gets 10 Years for 'Aiding Terrorists'
Yemen Asks US to Repatriate All Guantanamo Inmates
Mistake to Free Lockerbie Bomber: UK Ambassador
2 US Troops Killed by Bomb Blast in Afghanistan
Afghan Health Team Abducted; Local Official Killed
NATO Says Mullah Omar Ordered Killing of Afghan Tribal Chief
NATO Launches Afghan Intelligence-Sharing Drive
The Mission Was to Build a School, but We Ended Up Under Fire in Helmand
Female MP: Afghan Leaders 'Do Not Believe in Democracy'
Petraeus's First Act Is to Establish Militias to Fight the Taliban
Canada Hands Over Kandahar Security to US Military
Afghan Renegade Hit Killed British Major
Yoga, Blast Walls and Life in the Afghan 'Kabubble'
Blast in Pakistan's Swat Valley Kills 5, Wounds 58
Pakistan, India Agree on Talks, No Breakthrough
Facts About Pakistani ISI
Amiable Mood for North Korea-UN Military Talks: Officials
US, South Korea Will Meet North Korea if Provocations End: US
North Korea Demands to See Evidence on Ship Sinking
Dozens of Outspoken, Popular Blogs Shut in China
China's Microblogs Facing New Restrictions
Bomb Scare Forces Emergency Landing in West China
Negotiator Chosen to Meet Philippine Separatists
Former Suu Kyi Aide Released From Jail in Myanmar
More Than 900 World War II Munitions Found in Okinawa
Medvedev Pardoned Petty Criminals, Corrupt Officials Along With Spies
Medvedev Defends Russia's Efforts in Year-Old Killing
Russian Regional Strongman Resigns Amid Criticism
EU Urges Russia to Protect Human Rights Workers in North Caucasus
Police Arrest 100 at Zagreb Peaceful Rally
EU Seeks Closer Ties With Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia
Sweden: 2 Guilty in Muhammad Artist's Home Attack
Dutch Lawmaker to Launch International Anti-Islam Group
Israelis Convicted in Bound Palestinian's Shooting
Fatah Rejects Direct Talks With Israel as US Envoy Visits
US Sees Direct Mideast Peace Talks Likely
'Jewish Terrorist' Pearlman: Shin Bet Framed Me
Poll: Israelis Not Swayed by Obama
Greenpeace Activists Infiltrate Israel Power Plant
Who'd Be a Travel Agent in Gaza?
Abductee or Defector, Nuke Scientist Back in Iran
Iran Denies That Returned Citizen Is Nuclear Scientist
US Ties Scientist's Iran Return, US Hikers' Fate
Strike at Bazaar Spreads Beyond Tehran
British Aid Worker's Killer 'May Have Fled Iraq'
A Car Bomb Explodes in Saddam Hussein's Hometown
US Hands Over Last Iraq Jail but Keeps 200 Inmates
Iraqi Ex-Officials, Once on Most Wanted List, Languish in Prison
Saudi Plane Makes First Flight to Iraq in 20 Years
Thursday: 16 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded
Lieberman Thanks Top Egypt Official Over Gaza Aid Ship
Egypt Again Bars Jordanian Activists From Gaza
Lebanon Accuses Israeli Patrol of Crossing Border
Second Israeli Telecom 'Spy' Arrested in Lebanon
Lebanese PM Calls for Secrecy Over Spy Arrests
Sponsor of Flotilla Tied to Elite of Turkey
Turkey May Open Armenia Border for NATO Exercise
Bomb Scares Grip Kampala
Al-Shabab Leader Threatens More Uganda Attacks
Rwanda Genocide Tribunal Defense Lawyer Shot Dead
Rwanda Police Say Suspect Arrested Over Politician Murder
Rwanda Opposition Wants External Probe of Leader's Murder
Sudan Expels 2 Foreign Aid Workers in Darfur
Court Orders Congolese War Crimes Suspect Freed
Gambia Sentences 8 to Death for Coup Attempt
Colombia Accuses Venezuela of Tolerating Rebels
Freed Prisoners Describe Life in Cuban Jails
In Other News
US Ruling Could Spark Wave of Central American Asylum Claims
World Parliaments Criticize Israel, Cambodia
Britain Unveils New Super-Drone

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Why Do We Still Have Troops in Korea?

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Soccer Bombing Should Not Prompt More US Meddling

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The Dark Legacy of Gen. McChrystal

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Srebrenica: The Sacred Lie

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Executive Privilege

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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