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Updated July 25, 2010 - 11:13 PM EDT
Secret Files Expose Truth of Afghan Occupation
  Story Behind the Biggest Leak in Intelligence History
  Afghanistan: The War Logs
  WikiLeaks Afghan War Diary
Afghans Say NATO Air Strike Kills 45 Civilians
  No Plans to Quit Afghanistan, US Assures Allies
  Holbrooke Says Pakistan Cooperation Not Enough in Afghan War
  5 US Troops Die in Blasts in Southern Afghanistan
  Taliban Kills One US Sailor, Captures Another
Ex-CIA Chief: Strike on Iran Seems Unavoidable
  EU to Hit Iran With 'Toughest Ever' Sanctions
  Signs of Sabotage in Tehran's Nuclear Program
  Iran Officials: US, Israel Wouldn't Dare Attempt a Military Strike
US, South Korea Begin Major Military Exercises
  US Aircraft Carrier Ups Pressure on North Korea
  North Korea Says Prepared for Both Dialogue and War
Iraq Withdrawal? US Expands Paramilitary Force
  Iraq War Inquiry: Former UN Expert Accuses Whitehall of Cover-Up
US Drones Kill 18 in Northwest Pakistan
Israel to Simulate Invasion of South Lebanon
Legal Challenges Could Overturn Half of Gitmo Convictions
US to Step Up Efforts to Train, Equip AU Troops in Somalia
On the Coming Fall of the American Empire  by Daniel McCarthy
Terror's Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone  by Ray McGovern
Obama's Deal With Indonesian Rights Abusers to 'Contain' China  by Robert Dreyfuss
Keeping Up with the Empire  by Dan Froomkin
The Great Myth: Counterinsurgency  by Conn Hallinan
Ask the Longboarders About War  by Philip Kraske

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Nobel Peace Prizes 'Are Being Awarded Illegally'
Malalai Joya: Resistance Personified
Lugar Optimistic He Can Rally GOP to Back US-Russia Arms Treaty
India-Pakistan Border Ceremony Indicate Signs of a Thaw
Man Will Appeal Prison Term for Lying During Seduction in Jerusalem
First Steps Toward Arms Trade Treaty
Iran Says It Has 100 Vessels for Each US Warship
The 'Unravelling Relationship' Between Russia and Iran
Iran Was Prime Target of Scada Worm
Stuxnet Spyware Still Mostly Infecting Middle East
Turkey Confirms Meeting With Iran, Brazil to Discuss Nuclear Swap Deal
Iran Arrests Suspected Mosque Bombing Accomplices
Iran Announces Plan to Build World's First Fusion Reactor
UAE Lining Up With West Over a Nuclear Iran
Germany Offers Asylum to 50 Iranian Dissidents
Plan 220 in Progress, Says Source
Maliki Says Iraq Keen to Boost Trade Exchange With Iran
INA MP: Reject Maliki for Second Term as Iraq PM
Journalists Complain of Intimidation by Kurdish Govt
Iraq's Football Election Split Between 2 Cities, Risks Ban
'I Hate My Father for My Forced Marriage, I Hate My Tribe, and I Don't Love My Wife'
Iraq War: Blair Faces Another Difficulty
Kirkuk Police Chief Badly Wounded by Iraq Car Bomb
Saturday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 22 Wounded
Direct Israel-Palestine Talks No Closer
Israel Rejects UN Plan to Probe Flotilla Raid
Israel Urges World: Stop Lebanese Ships
Hamas Rejects UN Call to Deliver Gaza Aid Via Land
Police: Gaza Militants May Be Firing a New Type of Rocket
Israel Faces War Crimes Lawsuit in Spain
Israeli Forces Detain Senior Fatah Leader
Shin Bet: 'Pearlman Abused by Investigators'
USS Liberty Survivor: Death Was Possible on Gaza Freedom Flotilla
Hamas Urges Direct Dialogue With EU, Gaza Official Says
Israeli Forces Crush West Bank Demo, Injuring Three
Blair: Gaza Aid Flotillas Not Helpful
Jerusalem Unlikely to Cooperate With UNHCR
Hot in Gaza, Continued Cooling in the West Bank
Goldstone Panel Head Denies Bias
Lebanon on Edge After Hezbollah Revelation
Hezbollah Looks for a Shield From Indictments' Sting
Hariri Calls for Calm After Hezbollah Revelations
Israeli Fire Targets Lebanese Fishing Boat, UNIFIL Position
Sleiman Holds Fourth Day of Talks to Ease Tensions
Hariri Says 'No Going Back' on Better Ties With Damascus
Hariri: Cabinet Will Work on Palestinian Rights Issue
Six Turkish Soldiers Injured in East Turkey Blast
Despite Rift, Israel-Turkey Contacts March On
Turkish PM Proposes Amending Sensitive Army Law
Turks Protest Israeli Volleyball Team
Ceasefire Is Agreed in Yemen After 60 Die in Fighting
Al-Qaeda Claims Credit for Yemen Intelligence Headquarters Raid
Saudi Man Sought for Attack: Yemen
Egypt's President Not Attending Africa Summit, Raising Health Questions
2nd Batch of Palestinian Pilgrims Cross Egypt's Rafah Crossing
UN Ignores Its Own Freeze on Deals With Alleged Somali Food Distribution 'Cartel'
Eritrea Says Talks Not Force Right Approach to Somalia
Raid in North Africa Kills 6 Alleged al-Qaeda
BP to Drill for Oil Off Libya 'in Weeks'
Ugandan Security on High Alert for African Summit
Nigeria on Alert for Taliban Uprising Anniversary
Gadget Makers Forced to Look at Links to Congo War
Chavez Says US, Colombia Seek Pretext for 'Invasion'
Colombia-Venezuela Ties Continue to Fester
Venezuelan Army Rejects Colombia's Accusations
Bolivia Wants Emergency Venezuela-Colombia Summit
Simon Bolivar an Obsession for Venezuela's Chavez
Peru Purchases Russian Helicopters to Counter Terrorism, Drug Trafficking
Artists See an Increase in US-Cuba Cultural Exchanges
Canadian Forces F-18 Hornet Fighter Jet Crashes in Alberta
US Military
Senate Panel Takes Up Arlington Woes
Army Sergeant Guilty of Sex Trafficking in Wash.
Event Connects Kin of Those Who Died in Military Service
Weekend Reviews
Thought Leader
Worth It?: The Human Price of Sanctions
A Call for Action to Begin Countdown to Zero – Will New Film Spark Movement?
Valerie Plame on Countdown to Zero: No Nukes Is Good Nukes
On the Coming Fall of the American Empire
Keeping Up with the Empire
Whitewashing History the Japanese Bureaucrat Way
Tehran in Chains
Roadside Bombs a Daily Menace for Troops in Afghanistan
Mosque Blast Kills Afghan Election Candidate
Mine Explosion Kills 2 Afghan Policemen, Wounds 2 in Taliban Hotbed
Dying Faces, Body Bags: How Trauma Hits a US Unit
Senators Ask McHugh Why Wanat Officers Exonerated
Fast Food May Return to Bases in Afghanistan
7 Children Injured in Troops-Militants Battle in S. Afghanistan
Would-Be Suicide Bomber Detained in S. Afghanistan
Armed Men Abduct 3 Bangladeshis in N. Afghanistan
NATO, Russia Share Interests in Afghanistan: Russian Military Leader
Scottish Soldier Killed in Helmland: 'All He Spoke of Was Going Home to See the Wee Man'
Former Rugby Ace Shot in the Head in Afghanistan Patrol
US Admiral Mullen Visits Pakistan Amid Militant Concerns
Mullen's Blunt Talk to Pakistan: Keep US Interest in Mind
A General Tightens His Grip on Power in Pakistan
Eight More Fall Prey to Karachi Target Killings
Gunmen Kill Anti-Taliban Pakistani Minister's Son
US to Object to Pakistan-China Nuclear Deal
What Does Kayani's Stay as Pakistan Army Boss Mean?
Police, Rangers Conduct Search Operation in Pakistan Localities
4 Injured in Shootout in Rawalpindi
1 Police Killed, 6 Others Injured in Attack in Lahore
Call to End 'Collective Punishment' in Swat Valley
F-16s in Pakistan: a Review
Experts Say Pakistan Army Act May Have to Be Amended
Zardari for Demilitarizing Siachen Border Area
Pakistan Minister Optimistic on India Talks
Blasts Hit Road Construction Site in Khyber of NW Pakistan
India's Strategy of Suppression in Kashmir Could Backfire
Anger Over India's Plan to Welcome Myanmar Junta Chief

US, India Sign Counter-Terror Pact

Suspected Naxal Rebels Kill School Headmaster in Eastern India
Wrestling Match Between Indian Politicians and Bureaucracy Over Pakistan's ISI
Reporter Hurt in Hyderabad Ambush
Indian Air Force Mig-27 Fighter Crash Kills One, Injures 25
276,000 Hindu Pilgrims Pass Safely Into Tense Kashmir Valley
India to Sign £500m Deal to Buy Hawk Jets
Unmanned Aircraft Carrying Radioactive Material Crashes in Japan: Media
Delay in US Marines' Move From Okinawa to Guam: Report
Leftist Rebels Attack Gold-Rich Southern Philippine Village
Cambodia Awaits Verdict in Khmer Rouge Tribunal
Russian Aid Sets Off to Troubled Kyrgyzstan
Senior Officers Among Seven Killed in Caucasus: Reports
Russia to Resume NATO Military Ties
Putin Promises Bright Future for Russian Spies After US Swap
Russia Insists on Tech Transfer in French Warship Deal
Russia Plans $29 Billion Asset Sale: Ministry Sources
UK: 1000 MoD Laptops Lost or Stolen
Cypriot National Guard Officers Arrested in Explosives Theft Case
'War on Terror'
American-Bred Terrorists Causing Alarm for Law Enforcement
Rift as British Politicians Snub US Senate Over Lockerbie Bomber
Scottish Official Sought at US Lockerbie Hearing
Terrorism Case Baffles Remote Alaska Town
Hearing Continued for South Park Critic
Americans Still Dying
Father Says Son (Northern Marianas) Believed Murdered by Another Marine
Vashon (WA) Soldier Killed Just One Month After Arriving in Afghanistan
Clovis (CA) Soldier Was to Return Home Next Month
Father: Fallen Texas Soldier Was 'a Great Man'
Son Remembers Dad Killed on Fifth Combat Tour (IL)
Radcliff (KY) Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Cause
Former Lawton (OK) Police Officer Working as Contractor Killed in Afghanistan
Coal Grove (OH) Soldier Killed by Insurgents in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Mourn Loss of Napa (CA) Soldier
Airborne Soldier From Worthville (KY) Killed in Afghan Attack
Fallen Missouri Guardsman Honored at Funeral
Afghan War Claims Missouri Soldier With Illinois Ties
Minnesota School Remembers West Point Grad Killed in Afghanistan
Grief and Gratitude at Funeral for Burney (CA) Marine
Hinesville (GA) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Dayton (TX) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
Fallen Sour Lake (TX) Army Medic Had Reenlisted for Third Tour
Family Remembers Hampton County (SC) Paratrooper Killed by IED

Justin Raimondo
Haters Go After the 'Ground Zero Mosque'

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Cry Havoc

Philip Giraldi
The National Security Product

Ivan Eland
Ending the Gaza Blockade Might Help Israel as Much as Gaza

Kelley B. Vlahos
Post-9/11 Militarism Helps BP, Hurts America

Charles V. Peña
Why Do We Still Have Troops in Korea?

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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