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Updated August 11, 2010 - 11:28 PM EDT
UN Report: Afghan Civilian Deaths Up 31%
  Karzai Orders All Private Security Disbanded
Report: Obama Pressing Allies to Target Assange
  Plugging the Leaks
  Human Rights Groups Ask WikiLeaks to Censor Files
Israel May Not Seek US Approval to Attack Iran
  UN Chief May Be Heading for Showdown with Israel
  Libya to Fund Gaza Homes After Israeli Freed
  Homeless Bedouins Take On Israeli Forces
  US Revises Israel Travel Warning After Complaint
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Still Intact, Says US General
  US and Iraqi Interests May Work Against Pullout
  State Dept. Faces Skyrocketing Costs as It Prepares to Expand Iraq Role
US Outraged as Iran Offers to Replace Military Aid to Lebanon
Khadr’s 'Trial' Begins Amid UN Condemnation
The Permanent War System Rolls On  by Gareth Porter
The Curious Case of Omar Khadr  by M. Junaid Levesque-Alam
Saving Women and Preventing Genocide: The Real Reasons We're in Afghanistan Now  by Bretigne Shaffer
Calling Gaza a Prison Camp Is an Understatement  by Laila El-Haddad
Mosque Mania  by Stephan Salisbury and Tom Engelhardt
The Price of an Afghan Life  by Jochen-Martin Gutsch

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NY Buses to Carry Anti-Mosque Ads
NY Governor Offers 'Help' Moving Ground Zero Mosque
Lebanon: US Military Aid Halt Is 'Unwarranted'
Guantanamo Jury Can Consider Canadian's Age
Ex-Spies Ponder Report of North Korean Missile Sale to Taliban
UK Bans Offensive Anti-Terrorist Hotline Radio Ads
Japan Apologizes to South Korea on Colonization
Iran Digging Graves for US Troops if They Attack
Iran's Khamenei Aide Denies Comments on US Talks
Clinton Urges Iran to Release Political Prisoners
US Commander Stresses Importance of Funding Iraq Security Forces
Attacks Target Iraq Security Forces, Killing 6
Cabinet Agrees to Open 2 US Consulates in Basra, Arbil
Iraq Spending 300 Million Dollars on Hotels for Summit
Tuesday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 40 Wounded
Israel Razes Muslim Graves for 'Museum of Tolerance'
Signs of Movement in Middle East Peace Talks
Netanyahu Defends Blockade on Gaza
Turkey: Israel Solely Responsible for Convoy Deaths
UN Chief: UN Gaza Flotilla Probe Won't Assign Individual Responsibility
Accountability Unclear in Israeli Probe of Deadly Gaza Flotilla Raid
Ban Urges Governments to Work With Panel Probing Gaza Flotilla Raid
Barak Says 'Friction' Was Expected in Flotilla Raid
Netanyahu Says Flotilla Raid Was 'Last Resort'
Middle East
Two Killed in Attack on Pipeline in Turkey
Info Freedom at Center of Gulf's Blackberry Debate
UN Deliberating Possible 'Light Presence' in Mogadishu
South Africa Ruling Party Proposes Media Tribunal
Eritrean Exiles Prepare for Regime's Downfall
Two Pakistani TV Channels Say Shut Over Anti-Zardari Reports
UN: Floods in Pakistan Worst Disaster in Recent History
Pakistan's President Returns Amid Flood Fury
Pakistani Taliban Wants Foreign Flood Aid Rejected
Berlin to Pay Afghan Families for Fatal Attack
Pentagon Plays Down Karzai Plan to Dissolve Security Firms
Taliban Blamed for Sharp Rise in Afghan Casualties
Kabul Wants More Taliban Off UN 'Blacklist'
4 Die in Attack on Foreign Guesthouse in Kabul
They Call It the Grand National: How UK Marines Dodge Bullets in Sniper Alley
South Korea Warns North Korea After Artillery Barrage
North Korea Goes YouTube for Propaganda
South Korea Police Raid Google Over Street View Service
US House Passes Border Bill Amid India Anger
Major Japanese Antinuke Groups Want More
US Warns Against Travel to Russia
NORAD: Hijack Drill With Russia Makes Travel Safer
Colombia Opens Door for Talks With FARC Rebels
Leaders Repair Colombia-Venezuela Ties
Venezuela-Colombia Summit to Include Issues of Rebels, Trade

Justin Raimondo
Smearing Bradley Manning

Ivan Eland
COIN Thinking on a Larger Scale Might Work

Kelley B. Vlahos
Italian Film Captures Anger at US Bases

Nebojsa Malic
The Sorrow of Empire

Philip Giraldi
A Cakewalk Against Iran

Charles V. Peņa
Are We in Afghanistan Because We're in Afghanistan?

David R. Henderson
Life in the USSA

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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