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Updated August 16, 2010 - 11:19 PM EDT

Gates Slams Petraeus' Idea to Delay Afghan Pullout

  NATO Death Toll in Afghanistan Tops 2,000
  NATO Admits Killing 5 Afghan Civilians in Strike
  Gen. Petraeus Cautions Against 'Rapid Pullout' in Afghanistan
  Afghan Police Chief Blamed for Aid Killings
INA Rejects Maliki, Allawi as Possible Iraqi PMs
  Attacks in Iraq Rise During Ramadan
  Sunday: 33 Iraqis Killed, 91 Wounded
Iran Opposition: Sanctions Helping Ahmadinejad
South Korean President Proposes Reuniting With N. Korea
  South Korea, US to Stage Massive Joint War Games
Reports Suggest Direct Mideast Talks May Be Close
  Israeli MP Slams Threats to Revoke Her Citizenship
  Arab Nations Lobby West to Revive Nuclear-Free Mideast Proposal
Guantanamo Trials Draw Strong Criticism
Pakistan Does Not Need Western Aid, Opposition Leader Says
Hamid Karzai and America's Vietnam Mistake  by Malou Innocent and Ted Galen Carpenter
A Campaign for War With Iran Begins  by Trita Parsi
Will Washington Ever Connect the Dots?  by Rami G. Khouri
What If Washington…?  by Tom Engelhardt
Can WikiLeaks Help Save Lives?  by Ray McGovern
Why Petraeus Can't Make the Sale  by Dan Froomkin

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Somalis in US Flooding Into 'Deadly Pipeline' to al-Shabaab
Petraeus Denounces 'Reprehensible' WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks Chief to Write Monthly Column in Top Swedish Online Tabloid
GOP Senator Suggests Mosque Will Be Election Issue
Barred Muslim Scholar Back in US
War Souvenirs: Stay Back
Iraqi Politics
Iraqiya: Iranian Ambassador's Statements Breach Iraq's Sovereignty
State of Law Insists on Maliki
Iraq: Al-Dawa Party 'Unanimously' Votes to Drop al-Maliki
Petraeus: Iraq's 'Final Chapter' Yet to Be Written
Sunni Security Militia Targeted in Iraq Violence
Rush-Hour Bombs Kill 4 in Baghdad
Five Iraqis Have British Soldier Murder Charges Dropped, 2 To Be Charged
Policeman Injured in Grenade Attack in Fallujah
US Navy Says 4 Ships Robbed Off Iraqi Coast
Sunday: 33 Iraqis Killed, 91 Wounded
Hamas, Secular Groups, Oppose Direct Talks With Israel
Israel to Reject Quartet Call for Establishment of Palestinian State by 2011
Israel to Purchase 20 F-35I Fighter Jets From US
Israel to Reject Preconditions in Talks
Report: Palestinians Mull Counter Offer to Direct Talks
In Sign of Calm, Israel Removes Gunfire Barrier
Israeli Ex-General Says Flotilla Activists Wanted Violence
Netanyahu Approves Building New Classrooms in Settlements
The Girl Who Became the Only Fisherwoman in Gaza
Middle East
Al-Qaeda No. 2 Urges Turkish Break With Israel
Iran to Continue Nuclear Enrichment for Its Future Power Plants
Israel Says Turkey Snubbed Its Ambassador
Lebanon Seeks Donors for Its Army
Prominent Critic of Syria's Assad Turns 80 in Jail
Eritrean Migrant Death Toll on Israel-Egypt Border Rises
Bahrain Arrests Four Shi'ite Activists as Poll Nears
Distrust Overshadows Improved Russia-NATO Ties
Bomb Threat Hits Catholic Pilgrims in France
Petraeus Opposes a Rapid Pullout in Afghanistan
Gen. Petraeus Says Afghanistan War Strategy 'Fundamentally Sound'
NATO Strike Kills 2 Fleeing Militants
US Set to Award $1 Million Contract to Expand the Market for Afghan Carpets
Afghanistan Discovers New 1.8 Bln Barrel Oil Deposit
'TTP, Jandullah Plan to Target Embassies, Shia Clerics'
Petraeus Defends Pakistan's Efforts
UN Chief: Never Seen Anything Like Pakistan Floods
Pakistan May Accept India's Assistance for Flood Victims if It Is Routed Through UN
India Offers Talks to End Kashmir Violence
India Prime Minister Appeals to Kashmir Protesters
India PM Pushes Pakistan to Crack Down on Militants
Kashmiri Protester Throws Shoe at Top Indian Official
In India's Jammu and Kashmir State, Rocks Are Weapon of Choice
North Korea Warns of 'Severest Punishment' Over War Games
US-South Korea Drills Anger North, Worry China
South Korea: North Must Change, Embrace Reunification
Lee Says South Korea May Need Extra Tax to Pay for Eventual Reunification
Third Figure Clouds North Korea Succession
Journalist Jailed in Somalia
Nigeria: Shell Says Pipeline Sabotage Increasing
Blast Hits Mexican TV Station
US Military
USAF Command Seeking Airmen for Brief Deployments to Africa
US Firm Investigated Over Afghanistan Fraud Allegations
Advocates See Trouble for Misdiagnosed Soldiers
Data: Hundreds of Soldiers With PTSD Incorrectly Dismissed

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