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Updated August 29, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT
Pentagon Considers Preemptive Cyber-Strikes
  Insiders Doubt 2008 Pentagon Hack Was Foreign Spy Attack
7 US Troops Killed in Latest Afghanistan Fighting
  Karzai: US Pullout Deadline a Boost to Taliban
  UK Colonel: Taliban Has Spies in British Army Bases
  Afghan President Condemns CIA Payment Reports
  Afghan NATO Base Attacked by '28 Suicide Bombers'
  2 Contractors Mistakenly Killed by NATO Forces in Afghanistan
Iraq on Highest Alert for Terror Attacks
  Allawi Says He Fears Major Crisis Over Iran
  Obama Says Iraq War 'Ending,' Calls Country 'Sovereign'
  Iraq: 'American Soldiers Sacrificed a Lot. but We Sacrificed More'
Yemen Says US Exaggerates al-Qaeda Threat
  Yemen on Highest Terror Alert Amid Fears of Attacks
Report: Israel Plans Attack on Hezbollah Arms Depots in Syria
Amen to the Imam  by Jack Hunter
Christopher Hitchens and the Quest for Grade-A Muslims  by M. Junaid Levesque-Alam
In Defiance of the Constitution, 49,000 Troops Still Deployed in Iraq  by Joe Wolverton, II
A Tea Party Foreign Policy  by Rep. Ron Paul
Pro-Bombing Iran Is Anti-Israel  by MJ Rosenberg
Cordoba House and Religious Freedom  by David Bromwich

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For Obama, Steep Learning Curve as Chief in Time of War
How Bush and Blair Plotted in Secret to Stop Brown
Imam Behind NYC Mosque Faces Divisions Over Center
NY Gov Slammed for 'Westernized' Muslims Comment
ATF Agents Investigate Arson at Islamic Center Site
New Dissent in Japan Is Loudly Anti-Foreign
Bogota Unlikely to Redo US Base Pact
iPhone App Tracks Battle Buddies
US Sneaking Through Internet Kill Switch Laws
Iraq's Next Chapter: Power Shift as Awakening Languishes
Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Wednesday's Attacks Across Iraq
US Reconstruction Team Serviceman Wounded in Iraq
As US Military Bases Close, Iraqis Left Behind
Blast Hits US Patrol in Basra
Security Official Survives Assassination in Fallujah
Saturday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 3 Wounded
Iran Says Probe in US Hikers Case Near Completion
Protesters Ask Iran to Spare Convicted Woman
Iran Says No Final Decision on Woman's Stoning
Minister: Swedish Cosmetics Firm Aimed to Harm Iran Regime
Ahmadinejad Adviser: 'War Talk Is Zionist Propaganda'
Mideast Peace Talks
Palestinians Reject Bid for Bi-Weekly Netanyahu-Abbas Meetings
Israeli PM Won't Discuss Freeze Before Talks
Palestinians Demonstrate Against Negotiations With Israel
Hamas Warns PA Before Peace Talks
Mideast Talks – Fast Clock, Big Hurdles
EU's Ashton to Skip Restarted Mideast Peace Talks
Shas Spiritual Leader: Abbas and Palestinians Should Perish From This World
Thousands Rally for Release of Israeli Soldier
WikiLeaks CIA Paper Cites Jewish Acts of Terrorism in West Bank
Two Palestinians Wounded by Israeli Fire in Gaza
Lebanese Leaders Call for Weapons-Free Capital
Lebanon Arrests 4 After Deadly Beirut Shootout
Egyptian Police Find Weapons Bound for Gaza
Amnesty Urges Egypt Not to Try Workers in Military Court
Turkey Fumes Over Iran VP's 'Genocide' Remark
Historic Mass Marks New Beginning for Turkey's Christians
Yemen Peace Hinges on Houthi Prisoner Release
Al-Qaeda 'Allied With Separatists' in Yemen
One Yemeni Trooper Killed in Ambush
Qaeda Says Responsible for Killing 8 Yemen Troops
Middle East
Saudi Dissident to Remain in Jail
Doors Start to Open to Activists in Syria
DR Congo/Rwanda
Rwanda Threatens to Withdraw Peacekeepers From Congo
How Did Rebels Rape 200 Women Just Miles From UN Base in Congo?
UN: Rwandan Troops May Have Committed War Crimes in Efforts to End '94 Genocide
Deadly Nigeria Clashes in North as Elections Loom
Fire Strikes Ruling Party Headquarters
Nigerian Govt Accused of Killing Ex-Militant
15 Dead in Fresh Clashes in Somalia
Denmark Navy Says Helicopter Foils Somali Pirates
ICC Asks UN to Act Against Kenya for Hosting Sudan President
Madagascan Ex-President Found Guilty of Murder Charge
14 Militants, 1 Policeman Killed in North Caucasus
UN Tells France to Stop Forced Expulsion of Roma
Australia Poll Deadlock No Closer to Resolution
Aussies Issued UK Travel Warning
Venezuelans Protest Against Unchecked Violence
10 Soldiers Killed in Helicopter Crash in Venezuela
18 Nations Wrap Up Mock Terror Exercise in Panama Canal
Bolivia Opposition Chief's Land Confiscated
Expansion of Havana's Airport Will Begin, Maybe to Prepare for Increased US Travel
Weekend Reviews
The American Way of War: How Bush's Wars Became Obama's
Playing the Genocide Card
Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent Into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death
The Unmaking of a Company Man
US to Fund 100,000 Extra Afghan Troops
Graft-Fighting Prosecutor Is Dismissed in Afghanistan
Afghan Police Kill 9 Insurgents in NE Afghanistan
Gunmen Kill Afghan Election Candidate
Several Girl Students Poisoned in New Attack at Kabul School
Video: Gas Attack at Afghan Girl's School
Taliban Primp, Sing, Snipe US Troops in Rare Video
Afghan Official: 'Deny Visas to Pakistan Generals'
German Commander in Afghanistan: WikiLeaks Endangers Lives
Taliban Threaten Bureaucrats
US Scans Afghan Inmates for Biometric Database
One Month On, Pakistan's Torment Worsens
USAID Head Hurried Out of Pakistan Relief Camp After 'Suspicious Individuals' Spotted
Signs of Trouble Re-Emerge in South Waziristan
Military Taking Threats to Pakistan Aid Workers Seriously: Mullen
8 Killed in Clashes Between Militant Groups in NW Pakistan
Pakistan Militants Surrender After Hostage Drama
Musharraf to Formally Launch New Party in September, Says Spokesperson
Upstarts Chip Away at Power of Feudal Pakistani Landlords
In a Snub, Pakistan Asks India to Send Aid Through UN
Pakistan Floods Just One of Its Water Woes
India, China Defense Row Heats Up
China Quietly Deploys 11,000 Troops in Gilgit Area in Occupied Kashmir
China Denies Reports of India Military Rift
Defense Exchanges With India Not Suspended, Says China
Indian Police Arrest Kashmiri Woman Separatist Leader
Police in China Kill 4 Tibetans, Wound 30 in Mine Dispute
North Korea

North Korea to Use Nuclear Deterrent if Attacked, Says Ambassador to Cuba

China Seeks Fresh Nuclear Talks With North Korea
Carter's Diplomacy Helps Free American Prisoner
North Korea Denies Facebook, Twitter Accounts
North Korean Leader May Be Heading Home After China Trip That Spurred Succession Speculation
Myanmar's Ruling Elite Prepares Itself for Elections
Myanmar Leader Quits Military Post but Holds Reins of the Nation
Protests Fan Hong Kong Anger Over Manila Killings
Uzbekistan Pardons Prisoners Ahead of Independence Day
Vietnam to Release More Than 17,000 Prisoners on Amnesty Day
Philippines: a Year On, Little Solace for 57 Killed
'War on Terror'
Canada Terror Plot: Parliament Was Target
Canada Arrests of Citizens Raise Concerns of Homegrown Terrorism
Co-Founder of Islamic Charity That Funneled Money to Chechnya Goes on Trial
Britain: No Payment for Suicide Bomber's Widow
MI5 Called in on MI6 Spy Riddle
Spy Last Seen Alive Eight Days Before Body Was Found in Bag
Murdered Spy's Family 'Deeply Upset' About Private Life Claims
WikiLeaks Publishes Mundane CIA Thought Experiment
Americans Still Dying
Tucson (AZ) Army Ranger Killed by Small Arms Fire in Afghanistan
Marine From Falls Church (VA) Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan
Chesapeake (VA) Marine Killed by Enemy Gunfire in Afghanistan
Guardsman (GA) With Ties to Chicago Dies From Wounds Suffered in June
Albuquerque (NM) Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Safety Harbor (FL) Marine Remembered at Sheriff's Youth Ranch
Slain Elkhart (IN) Soldier's Parents Trying to Cope
Wichita Falls (TX) Fallen Soldier Put Family First
Vermont Community Remembers Fallen Guardsman
Navy Seal From Kentucky Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Indianapolis (IN) Paratrooper Laid to Rest
Glastonbury (CT) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

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Westerwelle's Big Adventure

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Pincus v. Assange: Who Speaks for You?

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The Possible Prosecution of WikiLeaks

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A Mosque in New York City

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Life in the USSA

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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