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Updated September 6, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
US, UK Commanders at Odds in Afghanistan
  Inside Corrupt-istan, a Loss of Faith in Leaders
  2,000 More Troops May Be Going to Afghanistan
  Treasury Dept: No US Bailout for Kabul Bank
  Despite Massive Escalation, Marines Still 'Spread Thin' in Afghanistan
  UK Times: Iran Using Needlessly Convoluted Scheme to Fund Taliban
US Will 'Almost Certainly' Stay in Iraq After 2011
  US Troops in Combat in Baghdad, 12 Iraqis Killed
  Attack Shows Lasting Threat to US in Iraq
  Blair: Iraq War Was Necessary Because of 9/11
Suicide Car Bomber Kills 19 in NW Pakistan
  Donors Trust Banned Pak Charities More Than Govt
  Floods in Pakistan Carry the Seeds of Upheaval
Israeli FM: Peace 'Unattainable' for Generations
  Israel Unlikely to Extend Current Settlement Curbs
  Free Palestine Movement Plans to Send Plane to Gaza
Inside al-Qaeda
At Least Nine Killed in South Yemen Clashes
Joe Biden and the False Iraq War Narrative  by Gareth Porter
Do Americans Know What Happened in Iraq?  by Michael O'Brien
Speech Defect: Emissions of Evil From the Oval Office  by Chris Floyd
Top 10 Reasons Why Wars Last Too Long  by Stephen M. Walt
Tony Blair Is All Unctuous About Iraq  by Amitabh Pal
The False Case for Attacking Iran  by Daniel Larison

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Antiwar Groups Battle for Survival
Muslim World: Debate Over Planned NYC Mosque Seen as Opportunity to Set Story Straight About Islam
Washington Times Struggling
US Expert Warns of Fallout From North Korea Collapse
At Least 43 Killed in Violence in Sudan's Darfur
Five Killed, Scores Hurt in Dagestan Suicide Bombing
Doctors Call for David Kelly Inquest
Taliban Threaten to Attack Afghan Polling Stations
British Firm Ordered to Quit Afghanistan Amid Allegations of Weapons Smuggling
Officials Freeze Assets of Kabul Bank Shareholders, Excepting Karzai's Brother
Government Steps in on Afghan Bank
Bank's Woes Worsen as Owners Are Accused of Lending to Themselves
Three NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
US General Claims Taliban Facing 'Financial Crisis'
War, Corruption Swell Number of Afghan Street Kids
First Georgian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Reports: Afghan Captors Release Japanese Reporter
2 French Hostages in Afghanistan 'in Good Health'
Three NATO Tankers Blown Up
Eight Policemen Dead in Pakistan Suicide Attack
Pro-Taliban Militants Resurface in Peshawar
Jang Reporter Tortured, Humiliated After Abduction by People in Police Uniforms
India Tests 'Diving' Cruise Missile Successfully
Indian Judge Alleges Betting Rings Are Supporting Terrorism
Basque Separatists ETA Announce Cease-Fire
Basque Government in Spain Calls ETA Cease-Fire Meaningless
ETA Truce Leaves Madrid Skeptical, Enthuses Separatists
Scottish National Party to Shelve Plans for Vote on Independence
Ex-UK Military Chief Says Blair Underfunded Army
Somalis Swamp Hospitals After 8 Violent Days
UN Reports Thousands More Displaced by Fighting in Somali Capital
'War on Terror'
German Radical Reveals Terror Plots
Blair Warns Over Deep-Rooted Radical Islam
Mideast Crisis Looms Over Israeli Settlements
Hamas Official: Settlers Are Army Reserve
Mideast Leaders Hopeful After Opening of Talks
In Middle East Peace Talks, Clinton Faces a Crucial Test
Netanyahu Seeks 'New Solutions' to Palestinian Conflict
Israel Picks Gaza War Commander as New Military Chief
Mullen Says US Withdrawal From Iraq Won't Involve Turkey
Maliki: Iraq Capable of Vanquishing Enemies
Three Civilians Wounded in IED Blast Inside Baghdad House
Former Saddam Confidant Says He'll Die in Prison
Sunni and Shi'ite Iraqi Journalists Talk About War
Iraq Cuts Oil Product Supplies to Kurdish Region
Sunday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 58 Wounded
Iran: Israeli Attack Would Mean Its Own Demise
Iran Is Being Sanctioned for Crimes It Didn't Commit, Official Notes
PA Hits Back at Ahmadinejad: You Have No Right to Speak About Palestine
Thin Line for Group of Muslims in Egypt
ElBaradei Says Regime Behind Daughter's Swimsuit Photos
Middle East
Defense Officials Back US Bid to Send Envoy to Syria
Yemen Arrests 14 Suspected al-Qaeda Members
23 Accused of Coup Plot in Bahrain
Jordanian King: World Will 'Pay Price' if Direct Mideast Talks Fail
The War at Home
From the Other Side of Ground Zero, Anti-Muslim Venom
American Muslims Ask, Will We Ever Belong?
Thriving Dayton Mosques Welcome Visitors of All Faiths
A Small Town Answers a Hate Crime With Solidarity
Army Studies Concussions' Effects on Bomb Techs
5 Antiwar Protesters Indicted in Bangor Naval Base Incident

Justin Raimondo
Come Home America

Charles V. Peņa
The Curious Case of al-Soofi and al-Murisi

Philip Giraldi
Somebody's Son or Daughter is Our Tragedy

Ivan Eland
Assessing the Iraq War

Kelley B. Vlahos
Why Muqtada Haunts the White House

David R. Henderson
P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

Nebojsa Malic
Westerwelle's Big Adventure

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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