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Updated September 17, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
Taliban Kidnap Candidates, Officials on Eve of Vote
  Gates 'Encouraged' by Afghan War Escalation
  NATO Troops Kill Two More Afghan Protesters at Quran Rally
  Afghan Electoral Workers Slain by Taliban
  NATO Dismisses Call for Afghan Partition, Fearing 'Civil War'
  Taliban Soften as Talks Gain Speed
Israel OKs US 'Gift' of Warplanes Worth Billions
  Despite US Warnings, Arab Countries Will Press Israel to Sign NPT
  No Sign Impasse Is Resolved as Clinton Ends Mideast Trip
Americans Want Smaller World Role
Top Iraqiya Official: Govt Deal Will Have Abdulmahdi as PM
Civilians Killed as AU Troops Shell Mogadishu Market
UK's Cameron Faces Political Revolt Over Nuke Delay
Report: US May Lift Block on Military Aid to Lebanon
Supporters Plan Rallies for WikiLeaks Soldier
It's Still the War, Stupid!  by Terry Michael
Our Own Holy War  by Robert Koehler
Remembering the US Soldier Who Committed Suicide After She Refused to Take Part in Torture  by Greg Mitchell
They Died for Iran  by Sheldon Richman
Afghanistan's Corruption Conundrum  by John Grant
Neocons, AFL-CIO Both Blast China: Want Obama to Act  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Senate Panel Approves New Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia
Saudi Deal Could Be First of More Gulf US Arms Pacts
In Gaza, Dreaming of Fish and Flowers
MI5 Chief Warns of Terror Threat From Britons Trained in Somalia
FBI Urges US Mohammed Cartoonist to Go Into Hiding
Once Wary, Obama Relies on Petraeus
US Drones Prowl Mexico Bicentennial
The War at Home
US 'Sees World Influence Declining' Amid Economic Woe
Pennsylvania's Governor Apologizes for Monitoring Activists
Two Men Behind Islamic Center Aren't Always in Sync
Combat's 'Ended,' but US Still Controls Green Zone Access
US Soldier Killed, Another Wounded North of Baghdad
Iraq Approves Settlement for Saddam's US Victims
Iraq Was 'Failure of Strategic Thinking', UK Chief of Defense Staff Tells MPs
Family and Watchdogs Slam Probe Into Kurd Reporter's Death
Iraq, Syria Agree to Build Cross-Border Oil, Gas Pipelines
Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed; 14 Iraqis Wounded
Iran Sanctions Working: US and French Defense Chiefs
Iran's President to Attend UN General Assembly in New York
Iran Agents Raid Opposition Leader's Office
Abbas Says Talks With Israel Will Continue
Clinton Urges Israel: Extend Settlement Freeze, Even for a Limited Time
Palestinians Able to Establish a State: World Bank
State Dept: Selling Arms to Israel Is National Interest
Egypt to Israel: Curb Construction for 3 Months
Israel's Settlements Key to Peace Talk Progress
Internet Holy Day Blackout Imposed in Israel
US Envoy: Time May Come for Special Nuke Probe of Syria
Iran: UN Nuke Agency Hounding Syria
Hundreds of Syrians Begin Visit From Occupied Golan
Mitchell: US Wants Syrian-Israeli Accord
Clinton Says US to Involve Syria and Lebanon in Peace Talks
Pentagon Wants to Funnel US Arms to Yemen to Fight al-Qaeda
Two Soldiers Killed in al-Qaeda Ambush in Southern Yemen
Experts Find High Explosive Materials at Attacked Yemen Gas Pipeline
Middle East
Ten Killed When Van Is Hit by Blast in Southeast Turkey
Egypt's Youth Build New Opposition Movement
Head of al-Arabiya News Network Resigns Over Programming Dispute
UN Paints Bleak Somalia Picture
Somalia Parliament Demands Govt Vote
Somalia President Denies Dispute With PM
Seven Kidnapped as Islamic Fighters in Africa Target French
Guinea Vote Delays May Stoke Ethnic Divisions
'War on Terror'
Interior Ministry: France Faces High Terrorism Threat
Two Former Gitmo Inmates Arrive in Germany
US Cybersecurity Plans Lagging, Critics Say
US Urges NATO to Build 'Cyber Shield'
GAO to Look Into FBI's Handling of Anthrax Probe
Protests Raise Security Stakes Before Afghan Poll
Security, Fraud Concerns Loom as Afghans Prepare to Vote
Taliban Urge Afghan Vote Boycott, Warn of Violence
Campaigning Considered Too Dangerous in Kandahar
Afghan Election to Test Government Reforms
A Rundown on the Afghan Parliamentary Election
No Forced Return of Afghans From Flood-Hit Pakistan: UN
Senior Pakistani Politician Killed in Britain
13 Killed, 19 Injured in Tribal Clash in Kurram
US Envoy Warns Pakistan of Flood Funding Shortfall
EU to Waive Tariffs to Help Pakistan
6 India Security Forces Wounded in Kashmir Clashes
India Draws Up New Plan to Pacify Kashmir
Kyrgyzstan Ponders Rent Hike for Russian Base
Rights Groups Slam Kyrgyz Activist's Life Sentence
North Korea
US Officials: Korea Warship Attack an 'Act of War'
US Lacks Intel on North Korea, Including Succession
US Envoy Says Pursuing Talks, Sanctions on North Korea
US, Allies Working on New North Korea Strategy
North Korea Calls for Probe With US Into Ship Sinking
Myanmar Bars Elections in 'Troubled' Areas
US Looks Beyond Myanmar Vote for Political Change
China Urges 'Concrete Action' From Japan on Boat Row
Khmer Rouge Tribunal Indicts 4 Senior Leaders
Philippines: 3 Soldiers Killed by Abu Sayyaf
Kazakhstan President May Seek Another 10 Years
Russian Opposition Challenges Putin, Medvedev
Islamists Claim Responsibility for Russian Bombing
Russia, Canada Trade Rival Arctic Claims
French Minister Says Veil Ban Won't Endanger Troops
UK Spy Chief Warns of Dissident Republican Threat
Danish Police: Blast Suspect Is Chechen Boxer

Chechen Separatist Leader Arrives in Poland

Cuba Offers 19 Ways Obama Can Loosen US Embargo
US Jails Guatemalan Ex-Soldier for Hiding Massacre Role
US Military
Air Force Increasing Deployment Lengths for Some 42,000 Airmen
Ft. Hood Shooting Suspect's Hearing to Be Open
3 Bodies Found in Wrong Graves at Arlington
'Batman' Prepares to Join the Air Force
Ft. Carson Major Charged With Bribery
Pentagon's 2nd-Engine Estimate Sparks Debate

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The Koran Burning-Islamic Center Brouhaha

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The Picture of Erik Prince

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Capitulation, Not Compromise

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P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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