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Updated September 19, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT
Afghan Vote Marked by Light Turnout, Attacks
  Afghan Voting Violence: More Than 40 Dead
  Ballot-Stuffing Witnessed Amid Troubled Afghanistan Vote
  Afghans Scrub Fingers Clean to Cast Extra Votes
  The Votes Are in but Will Afghans Accept the Results?
  Members of US Platoon Accused of Killing Afghan Civilians for Sport
Baghdad Car Bombs Kill 38, Wound 116
  Sunday: 56 Iraqis killed, 171 Wounded
US Official: Saudi Arms Deal Warning to Iran
  US Poll: Most Oppose Attack on Iran, Wants Israel-Palestine Neutrality
  Hostage Killed and Five Freed in Iran Shootout
Israel Says It Will Not Extend Settlement Curbs
  Abbas Threatens to Resign if Direct Peace Talks Fail
  'Largest Flotilla Yet' En-Route to Gaza
  For Palestinians, Settler Abuse Is Only the Beginning of the Ordeal
Official: US Missile Kills 5 in Pakistan
Homeland Security Chief: US Not Overreacting to Terrorism
Pittsburgh Names Antiwar Rallies as Security Threats
Reality Check: Iran Is Not a Nuclear Threat  by Scott Horton
A Campaign to Free Bradley Manning  by Ann Wright
Iraq Runs Surplus, but Obama Wants to Send More Money  by Michael Tennant
The Transparent Cabal  by Ed Warner
A Blast From the Past  by Solomon Hughes
How Much Is an Iraqi Life Worth?  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Police Release 'Pope Threat' Men Without Charge
A Peace Movement Victory in Court
WikiLeaks Founder 'Free to Leave Sweden'
Radical Islam on Rise in Balkans
No Word on Easing Cuba Travel Restrictions From Obama Administration
Australian Troops Deserve Afghan Debate: Greens
Navy Sacks Three Leaders in One Day
Military Lawyer: Defending Detainee Slowed Promotion
Elections in Afghanistan
Taliban Not the Only Culprits of Campaign Violence
Could Local Militias Shape the Afghan Elections?
Karzai Votes for Female Hindu Candidate: Sources
Early Figures Show Afghans Cast 3.6 Million Votes
Rockets Disrupt Afghan Election in South
Afghanistan Election Day: Spotty Turnout, Fake Voter Cards, and Some Feisty Voters
In Marjah, Violence and Intimidation Depress Vote
Two Injured in Explosion in Afghan Polling Station
Governor's Convoy Bombed as Afghans Go to Polls
Q&A: How Does Afghanistan's Parliamentary Election Work?
71 Taliban Reported Killed in Eastern Afghan Province
US-Led Troops Push Into Rural Kandahar
Army Monitored Stryker Brigade, Hit Hard in Afghanistan, for Signs of Stress
Regulators Ignored Warnings About Afghan Bank
150 Years of Afghan History in One Theater Marathon
48 Die in Two-Day Sectarian Clashes Over Water Channel
Donors Want Pakistan to Tax Rich to Pay for Floods
Karachi Slowly Returning to Normalcy After London Slaying of Politician
Pakistan Political Parties Announce Merger
Eighteen Militants Arrested in Khyber Operation
UK Police Seek Imran Farooq's Killer
One Killed, One Injured in Shooting Incident SW Pakistan
Pakistan Navy Gets F-22p Frigate From China
Fresh Unrest Rocks Indian Kashmir as Toll Hits 102
Troops Open Fire on Funeral Procession in Indian Kashmir, Killing 3
Kashmir Clashes Continue as Residents Defy Curfew
India Warns Pakistan: Don't Interfere in Kashmir
Battle for Kashmir: Youth in Revolt
As India Overhauls Homeland Security, US Firms Vie for Its Business
Churchill Blamed for Indian Famine That Killed Three Million
Myanmar Bars Ethnic Leaders From Polls
Myanmar Expands Private Banks With Military Ties
North Korea May Have Hit Succession Snag: Report
Chinese Hold Anti-Japan Protests Over Boat Dispute
Police: Safety Lapse Likely Caused Sri Lanka Blast
Christians in Indonesia Defy Police, Past Attacks
Thousands of Ammo Rounds Found on Former Military Golf Course on Okinawa
Chechen Leader Hails Polish Court Decision
Renegade Spanish Mayor Declares War on Gibraltar With Toll at the Border
Suspect Prepared 'Bomb' for Danish Cartoon Paper
Chavez Insists Venezuela Won't Accept US Diplomat
Colombian Spy Chief Ordered Illegal Wiretaps, Ex-Official Says
Canadian Government Set to Announce Improved Benefits for Wounded Soldiers
US Military
Army Confronts Escalating Drug Abuse as Soldiers Return From Iraq
Guam Sailor Accused of Cutting Throat of Fellow Servicemember
Military Won't Even Notice When Gay Ban Ends, Expert Testifies
Texas Man Who Duped Army Gets 6 Months in Prison
US Army Activates Civil Affairs Brigade in Germany
Weekend Reviews
The Transparent Cabal
Tools for Radicals
Risking the Unthinkable
American Empire Before the Fall
Andrew Bacevich's Washington Rules and John Dower's Cultures of War
The Pat Tillman Story: A Sobering New Documentary Raises More Questions Than It Answers
Bacevich: America's Wars Are 'Permanent' and Often Pointless
Richard Nixon Was Scarier Than We Knew
Washington Rules - America's Path to Permanent War
Tony Blair Defends the Iraq War
Video: Iraq's Budding Film-Makers
Baghdad Approves Project to Transport Crude Oil Through Syrian Territories
Q&A With Acting Iraqi Parliament Speaker Fuad Masum
How Goes Iraq? View From a Bookstore Is Revealing
182nd Field Artillery Unit Begins Deployment to Kuwait
Saturday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
In Syria, Iranian President Disparages US Peace Efforts in Mideast
'Iran Ready for Nuclear Talks, but We Won't Make Concessions'
Crackdown on Pro-Reform Leaders as Security Forces Raid Mousavi's Office
Ahmadinejad Hopeful US Will Release Iranians
Iran Power Struggle Key to 2 Detainees' Fate
Resistance to West Rising: Ahmadinejad
Iran Sentences Rights Activist to 6 Years in Jail
Carter: Iran Rescue Effort Should Have Worked
Iran Invites Turkey Into Space Program: Report
Iran Exporting the Internet, Part 1
Iran Exporting the Internet, Part 2
Killing of West Bank Hamas Militant Outrages Palestinians
Hamas Opposes Planned PA Return to Kerem Shalom
Palestinian Officials Launch 'Smiles Campaign' in US Jewish Media
Carter in New Book: Obama Turned Back on Settlement Freeze
Mitchell: No Peace Deal Without Lebanon
Hezbollah Aid to General Who Threatened PM Ups Tension in Lebanon
Interior Minister: Lebanon Needs New Election Law, Monitors
Middle East
Rebel Bomb Attack Injures 10 in Turkey
Three Killed in Armed Protest in North Yemen
Russia Will Provide Syria With Advanced Missiles, Despite Israel, US Protests
Nigerian Leader Front-Runner as Election Battle Begins
North Nigeria Politicians Seek to Block Jonathan's Bid
Nigeria Arrests Suspected Killers of Ex-Militant
French Team Probe Rwandan Leader's 1994 Plane Crash
Spain Wants Ex-Rwandan Army Chief Extradited for Genocide
Military Rule Holds Sway as Guinea Postpones Elections
Fire Hits Guinea Election Security Force Office
Violence Spirals Out of Control in East Congo
Mauritanian Troops in Mali Battle al-Qaeda-Linked Fighters
Sudan-Chad Forces Arrest Kidnappers of Chinese Engineer
Libya Probes Firing on Italian Fishing Vessel
The War at Home
City Puts Cost of Quran-Burning Security at $200,000, Sends Bill to Church
Blackwater Subsidiary's Corporate Work Appears to Fade
Secretary of Stand-Up: Corny Washington Jokes? Robert Gates Has a Million of 'Em
'War on Terror'
Inside the Mind of the Times Square Bomber
Canadian Convicted of Lying in Air India Bomb Case
Americans Still Dying
Soldier (CA) Dies From Burns Suffered in 2008, Counted as Iraq War Casualty
Pennsylvania Electrical Sub-Contractor Killed in Afghan Base Attack
Milton (FL) Man Working as Plumbing Contractor Killed in Mortar Attack
Grandfather's Horse Pulls Carriage With Indiana Marine's Casket
Ohio Marine Leaves Behind 'Yet-To-Be Born' Baby Girl
Friends, Family Honor North Carolina Marine Who Died in Afghanistan
Soldier From Hampton (VA) Dies in Insurgent Bomb Blast
Friends Pay Tribute to Decatur (IL) Father of Two Killed in Iraq
Athens (MI) 'Numb' Over Local Airman's Death in Iraq
Griffin (GA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Laid to Rest
Harper (KS) Soldier Killed by IED on Fifth Combat Tour
Soldier (VA) With Ties to North Carolina Killed in Afghanistan

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Capitulation, Not Compromise

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P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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