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Updated September 20, 2010 - 11:12 PM EDT
Afghan Voter Turnout: Worse Than Reported
  Afghanistan’s Election 'Success' – Violence, Fraud and Low Turnout
  Violence, Fraud and Cronyism Keep Millions Away From Afghan Poll
  5 US Soldiers Accused of Killing Afghan Civilians
  Ahmadinejad: Iran 'Open to Cooperation' With US on the Taliban
Deadliest Day of Sept. As Iraq War Continues
  US Troops Still Forced to Bolster Iraqi Forces in Battle
  War Correspondent: Iraq War Crime Was Too Hot to Broadcast
  Sunday: 56 Iraqis Killed, 171 Wounded
Israel: We'll Sell Arms to Russia's Enemies
  Israeli, Palestinian Officials Head to US as Settlement Crisis Looms
  Israeli FM: Peace Talks An Opportunity to Eject Arabs
  Netanyahu: No Change in Stance on West Bank Freeze
  Israeli Army Seeks to Make Infantry Units More Lethal
Officials: US Drones Kill 6 in Pakistan
Tajikistan Ambush Kills More Than 40 Troops
Colombian Troops Kill 22 Rebels Along Ecuador Border
The War Socialism of the American Right  by Michael Lind
Did Tony Blair Endorse Preventive War on Iran?  by Stephen M. Walt
What Israel Wants From the Palestinians, It Takes  by Ahmed Moor
The Petraeus Bait and Switch  by Gareth Porter
Torture Tort Terror  by Jacob Sullum
Burning Kashmir  by Eric Margolis

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Official: US Missile Kills 5 in Pakistan
Govt Has Let Blackwater, KBR Off the Hook
TSA Secure Flight: The Next TSA Privacy Threat?
PM: Somalia to Open 2nd Front Against Insurgents
Colin Powell Unsure Whether US Is Winning in Afghanistan
UN Struggles to Prove Its Relevance
Iraq War Resister Marks One Year Sanctuary in Vancouver Church
Ahmadinejad Arrives in New York
In False Report of Captured American Soldiers, a Warning to Ahmadinejad?
Colin Powell Says No Iran Strike Likely
US Woman Who Was Held in Iran Says She's Not a Spy
Ahmadinejad Calls on US to Release 8 Iranians
Iran: IAEA Inspectors Flouted Law
Clinton Urges 'Responsible' Leaders to Take Control in Iran
Iran Has 'No Problem' With Sanctions
Ahmadinejad Says Future Is Iran's
Despite 'End' of Combat, US Assists in Iraqi Raid
Iraqi Artifacts Are Found in Prime Minister's Storeroom
Iraq's Bar Association to Defend Iraqi Soldier Who Killed US Soldiers
Iraq War Saga: A Baghdad Family Cherishes Good Grades, Dreams of an Xbox
Iraqi Political Theater, Even as Democracy Struggles
Iraq Signs 15-Year Oil Pipeline Deal With Turkey
Sunday: 56 Iraqis Killed, 171 Wounded
IDF Still Using Banned Weapon Against Civilian Protesters
Netanyahu: We Tried and Failed to Stop Russian Missile Sale to Syria
In West Bank, Corruption-Busting Teenagers Shake Up Local Government
Olmert: Bush Offered to Absorb 100,000 Palestinian Refugees if Peace Deal Reached
Israel to Allow First Import of Cars to Gaza Since 2007
Lieberman Warns Arab-Israeli Parliamentarians to Pick 'Sides'
Carter: Obama Backtracked on Israel Settlement Freeze
Britain's Secret Service Blew Up Ships to Deter Jews From Going to Palestine
Middle East
Report: Egypt Warns of Immediate Terror Threat From Sinai
Zarqawi Mentor Detained in Jordan
Protest in Turkey Over Quran Desecration
Report: Presidents of Serbia, Kosovo Set to Discuss Talks on Kosovo
Swedish Opposition Concedes, Government Shy of Majority
Basque Rebels Seek International Mediators: Report
'War on Terror'
NYPD Antiterror Unit Relies on Civilian Analysts
Security Experts Cite Denver as Frontline in Fight Against Homegrown Terrorism
Dutch Arrest Terrorism Suspect at Schiphol Airport
Tanzanian Witness in 1998 Bombings Is Identified
Elections in Afghanistan
Day After Afghan Vote, Complaints of Fraud and Irregularities Begin to Surface
Why the Next Parliament Won't Check Karzai's Power
Amid Low Turnout and Violence, Officials Portray Afghan Election as Success
Afghanistan Vote Count Begins Amid Fears of Fraud
NATO: Afghan Election 'Less Bloody Than 2009'
Bodies of Three Kidnapped Election Workers Are Found in Afghanistan
Blast Kills at Least Six Children in North Afghanistan
Afghanistan Blast Kills Two British Soldiers
Rogue US Soldiers in Afghanistan
US Contractor Accused of Fraud Still Winning Big Afghan Projects
Female Marines a New Weapon in Afghanistan
Petraeus Interview: We're Not Going 'To Turn Afghanistan Into Any Sort of Switzerland'
3 More Die in Anti-India Unrest in Kashmir
Kashmir Govt: We Have No Control Over Army
Kashmir Separatist Calls Off Army Camp Protest Plans
Taliban Bomb Another School in Peshawar
Kids Without Food in Pakistan Floods Face Death
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's Ex-Army Chief Vows to Fight Back From Jail
More Than 500 Testify on Final Days of Sri Lankan Offensive
Protesters Return to Bangkok Streets
Thailand's Red Shirts Mark Coup Anniversary
Taiwanese Tourists Shot Outside New Delhi Mosque

Philippine Troops Kill Wanted Abu Sayyaf Militant

China Halts Top-Level Ties With Japan Over Boat Dispute
Christians Pray in Shuttered Church in Indonesia
New Questions About Nigerian's Grip on Power
US Removes Nigeria From Major Drug Trafficking List
Islamists Seize Somali Radio Stations
Kenyan Lawyers Linked to al-Shabaab, Say Police
France May Take Military Action on Niger Hostages
Swiss Army Made Covert Mission in Libya
Cuba to Release More Political Prisoners, Will Bring Total to 36
Chavez Foes Face Obstacles Ahead of Crucial Vote

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The Koran Burning-Islamic Center Brouhaha

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The Picture of Erik Prince

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Capitulation, Not Compromise

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P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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