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Updated September 24, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
FBI in Mass Raids of Antiwar Activists’ Homes
CIA's Afghan Kill Teams Expand War in Pakistan
  CIA Director Admitted US Drone Strikes Killed American Citizens: Book
Gates: 'No Doubts' About War Strategy
  US Afghan War Review Unlikely to Prompt Big Changes
  Data: Afghan Vote Actually More Violent Than Last One
  Arrests of Journalists: Is NATO Censoring Afghan War Coverage?
IAEA Rejects Move for Israel to Join Nuke Treaty
  Israel 'Ready to Compromise' on Settlements
  Israeli MPs Slam 'Inappropriate' Obama Speech
  Israeli FM Orders Envoys to 'Delegitimize' UN Report on Flotilla Killings
  Abbas: I Will Not Stop Peace Talks With Israel if Settlement Continues
  Rhetoric Aside, Settlement 'Freeze' Has Meant Very Little
US Walks Out on Ahmadinejad's UN Speech
  Ahmadinejad: US Used 9/11 to Prolong World Domination
AU Troops Kill 20 Civilians in Mogadishu Market
Admiral: No Plans Made to Hold Gitmo Detainees for Life
Army of Tech-Savvy Warriors Fighting Battles in Cyberspace
To Better Afghanistan, Boot the Contractors  by Josef Storm & Malou Innocent
Torture in Iraq Continues, Unabated  by Amy Goodman
Thinking in Tehran Suggests West Overplaying Nuclear Fears  by Gareth Evans
Losing Ahmadinejad's Translation  by Lawrence Davidson
The Real 'Merchants of Death'  by Conn Hallinan
Teetering on the Apocalypse  by James Carroll

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Military Suicide Prevention Efforts Fail: Report
UK: Terrorism Detentions for 28 Days to Be Ended
Six Arrested for 'Burning Qurans' in UK
British Cuts to Military Concern US Officials
FBI Files on Iowa City Peace Activists Made Public
Clegg Likely to Cause Surprise With Veiled Attack on Gulf War
Rampant Drug Use, Random Gunfire at Blackwater's Baghdad Parties
Gates Defends Policy on Afghanistan and the Debate That Shaped It
Afghan Militia Policing Role Under Fire
4 Senators Urge Obama to Fire Afghanistan Watchdog
Czechs to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
Afghan President Calls for Release of Journalists
Al-Jazeera Accuses NATO of Attempting to Suppress Afghan Coverage After Arrests
US Envoy Vows to Hit Pakistan Mistrust Head-On
Two Girls' Schools Blown Up in Peshawar
Pakistani Given 86 Years for Firing at US Troops
North Korean Leadership Changes Point to Shift in Nuclear Dealings
North Korea Promotes 3 Key Diplomats in Reshuffle
2 Koreas Meet to Arrange Split Families' Reunions
North Korean Foreign Delegate Dismisses Succession Reports
China Seeks to Play Down Differences With US
US: China, Japan Should Quickly Settle Differences
Dispute With Japan Highlights China's Foreign-Policy Power Struggle
China Says 4 Japanese Filmed Military Targets
Philippine Muslim Rebels Drop Independence Demand, Seek US-Style State
Recent IMU Attacks in Tajikistan Unsettle Central Asia
India's Supreme Court Delays Verdict on Contested Religious Site
Indonesian Ex-Policeman Claims al-Qaeda Link
Cambodia: Opposition Leader Convicted in Absentia
Sri Lankan Leader Promises Era of Peace After Decades of Conflict
Vietnam Finds Mass Grave of Communist Soldiers
Russia's Putin Says He Wants Peaceful Division of Arctic
Dutch Police Free Somali Terror Suspect
Two Croatian MiG-21 Fighter Planes Crash, Pilots Eject Safely
South Sudan Agrees to Ceasefire With Rebel Fighters
Along Tense Sudan Border, UN Sees Less Cooperation
Uganda Detains Top al-Shabaab Commander
Sarkozy Vows to Free Qaeda Hostages
'War on Terror'
10,000 TSA Employees Get Secret Clearances
Obama Says US Has Refocused Terror Fight
France Terror Level at 'Peak'
Cyber Command Chief Proposes Secure Network for Government, Key Industries
Iran Says Nuclear Talks Can Succeed Only if Fair
Ahmadinejad Says Other US Hikers May Be Freed
Ahmadinejad's 9/11 Speech Sparks US Fury
Protesters Denounce Ahmadinejad Outside UN
American Hiker Wants to Meet With Iran President
Iran Criticizes Russia Over S-300 Missile Deal Ban
Obama Tells Iran It Must Stand Up on Nuke Program
Stuxnet Worm 'Targeted High-Value Iranian Assets'
Diplomats: Iran Ends Seat Bid on UN Nuclear Board
Iran Says Group Behind Deadly Bombing Identified
Iran: Persian 'Blogfather' Faces Death Sentence
Fallujah Raid Highlights Iraq's Security Concerns
Iraqi Police Say Blast Kills 4 Children in Baghdad
Baghdad Gunmen Kill Army Officer in Ambush
Neighbors Call on Iraq to Make Haste in Forming New Government
Iraq Oil Exports Slightly Down in August
Thursday: 12 Iraqis Killed; 12 Iraqis, 1 Foreign Contractor Wounded
Is Gideon Levy the Most Hated Man in Israel or Just the Most Heroic?
Israeli Leaders Condemn Clinton Immigrant Comments
A Stumbling Block for Middle East Peace Talks
Gaza Hamas Sentences Alleged Collaborator to Death
Hamas: We Uncovered Spy Network Collaborating With Israel in Gaza
Netanyahu: UN Report on Gaza Flotilla Raid Is Biased and Distorted
Fayyad: Israel Should Start 'Rolling Back' Occupation Now
Barak Changes the Guard Amid Scandal
Middle East
UAE Elected to Seat on Board of IAEA
Turkey: We Expect Formal Apology, Compensation From Israel
Colombia: No. 2 Rebel Commander Killed
Judge Frees 26 Accused of Providing Arms to FARC
Colombian Congress Requests Extradition of Israeli Mercenary
Nicaraguan Diplomat Found Dead in His Bronx Apartment, Throat Slashed, Police Say
US Military
DoD Says Brain Injury Office Chief Is Reassigned
Obama Seeks to Limit Ruling on Gays in Military
Alien Minors Act Could Boost US Military Ranks
Picturing War's Wounded and Dead
Pentagon, Lockheed Martin Reach Terms for New F-35s

Justin Raimondo
The Hollow Man:
Rand Paul's Father Complex 

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The Terrorism Fraud

Ivan Eland
Democracy Is Overrated

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Bloggers Chasten Washington Know-It-Alls

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Risking the Unthinkable

Nebojsa Malic
Capitulation, Not Compromise

David R. Henderson
P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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