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Updated September 27, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
US Helicopters Attack Pakistan, Killing Over 60
  At Least 15 Killed in Series of US Drone Strikes on Pakistan
  Pakistan: NATO Choppers Breached UN Rules 
Afghan Election Commission Orders Recounts
  Afghan 'Vote-Rigging Videos' Emerge
  Violence Kills 100 Afghan Police Every Month: Govt
  Book Fuels US Concerns Over 'Paranoid and Depressed' Karzai
  NATO Troops Kill Two Afghan Civilians
Iranian Troops Cross Into Iraq, Killing 30
  Fortified Border: Iraq on Guard Against Iran
  Allawi's Iraqiya Rules Out Working With Maliki
  Arab League Considers Sending Soldiers to Iraq
Settlers Celebrate End of Construction Freeze
  'Jews for Justice' Aid Ship Heads to Gaza
Attorney: Feds Trying to Silence Antiwar Activists
  Former CIA Chief: Obama Should Be Able to Shut Down Internet
Justice Dept: Assassinations Up to President, Not Courts

13 Dead After Navy Rescue Debacle in Gulf of Aden

Obama Argues His Assassination Program Is a 'State Secret'  by Glenn Greenwald
GOP Forgets Property Rights in 'Ground Zero Mosque' Debate  by Eric Garris
Arming Saudi Arabia Against Iran Is Off Target  by Ghassan Michel Rubeiz
Free Pollard Now, Pay Later  by Grant Smith
Gandhi's Wisdom  by Uri Avnery
Spreading Democracy to Afghanistan, One Journalist's Arrest at a Time  by Dave Lindorff

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US Accused of Yemen Proxy Detention
A Historic Moment for North Korea Watchers
Money Transfers Could Face Anti-Terrorism Scrutiny
Helicopter Fires Rockets at Site of Somali Militant Meeting
Hoyer: GOP Would Have to Slash Pentagon Under 'Pledge'
US Envoy Visits Nagasaki
UN 'To Appoint Space Envoy to Greet Alien Visitors'
Afghan Election Descends Into War of Numbers
'No NATO Trainers, No Transition to Afghan Control'
American and Afghan Troops Begin Combat for Kandahar
NATO: Bomb Blast Kills 2 Troops in Afghanistan
4 Aid Workers Kidnapped in Afghanistan
IEDs Show Troop Surge Working, US Officers Say
US Seeks Bangladesh Troops for Afghanistan
Afghan Women Enter a Male Bastion: The Army
Musharraf Headed Back to Pakistan
Plane Arrives in Pakistan After False Bomb Threat
Kashmir Separatists Reject Indian Peace Package
Kashmir Braces for More Violence
Hope, Cynicism in Kashmir Over Govt Security Review
North Korea
North Korea Meeting Likely to Set Stage for Dynastic Succession
North Korea Readies for Massive Military Parade
Spaniard Is North Korea's Face to Outside World
Japan Leader Calls Apology to China 'Unthinkable'
US Seizes Chance as China Rattles Asia
China Praises Its Growing Transparency in Rights Report
New Bomb Raises Security Concerns in Thai Capital
US: Inverted Philippine Flag Was 'Honest Mistake'
Photos Show S-300 Missiles Unguarded on Russian Bases
China-Russia Ties 'Sealed by Blood': Medvedev
4 African Military Chiefs Discuss Fighting al-Qaeda Jointly
Sanctions Stay Until Zimbabwean Rights Improve: US
'War on Terror'
MI5 Agents at Risk Over Legal Guidance on Interrogation
TSA Requiring Passengers to Disclose More Information
Former State Dept Lawyer: Bush White House Tried to Destroy Alternative Memo on Torture
Man Charged With Terrorism Offenses Over Suspected Dissident Irish Republican Army Weapons
Iraq Waits for a Government on a Long Vacation
Iraqiya Lawmaker Escapes Assassination Attempt in Baghdad
Saadoun Blast Targeted Key INA Member
Iraq's Awakening Stripped of Their Police Ranks
Iraqi Women Embrace American Mothers of War Dead
Iraq Inaugurates Patrol Boat in Bid to Build Up Navy
Blast Near Fallujah Kills 4 Iraqi Police
Iraqi Government Employee Killed in Ambush
Sunday: 11 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded
Ringleaders Behind Iran Parade Bombing Are Dead, General Says
US and Iran Edging Back to Nuclear Talks
Omanis Arrive in Iran to Aid 2 US Hikers, Paper Reports
Computer Attacks Linked to Wealthy Group or Nation
Worm Hits Computers of Staff at Iran Nuclear Plant
Iran Says Bushehr Nuclear Plant Not Damaged by Stuxnet
Settlement 'Freeze' Ending
Settlers Threaten Hunger Strike if Freeze Extended
Netanyahu Urges Settlers Not to Provoke Collapse of Peace Talks
'Hussein Obama, Land of Israel Is Ours'
Leftists: Building Will Destroy Israel
Top Likud Minister: Obama Knows Settlements Are Part of Jewish Homeland
Hamas and Fatah Revive Palestinian Reconciliation Talks
US Urging Israelis, Palestinians to Keep Talking
Abbas to Consult Arab Ministers on Peace Talks
Abbas Meets With Jewish Community in Paris
Pregnant Israeli Woman Lightly Wounded in West Bank Shooting
Middle East
Official Doubts Scale of Yemen's Campaign Against al-Qaeda
Turkey: Gallery Attack Ignites Debate
Nine Members of Banned Muslim Brotherhood Arrested in Egypt
US Military
Defense Contractors on Offensive
Scope of Burial Mistakes at Arlington Is a Mystery
Pentagon Paid $47,000 to Destroy Sept. 11 Memoir

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