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Updated September 29, 2010 - 11:14 PM EDT
NATO Attack Kills Afghan Children
  CNN Poll: Growing Pessimism Over Afghan War
  Obama Argues for Continuation of Afghan War
Terror Plot in Europe 'Prompted Drone Strikes'
  Reports: US Drone Strike Killed 'Al-Qaeda Leader'
  Report: Pakistan Military Seeks Zardari's Ouster
  Clinton Demands Pakistan Tax Hikes

CIA Chief Warned Obama in 2009: Drone Strikes Won't Win War

Officials Issue Urgent but Vague Terror Alert
Israel FM: Peace Only Possible by Expulsion of Arabs
  Israeli Troops Treated Jewish Activists ‘Harshly’ in Boat Raid
Uganda: A Pawn in the US's Proxy African War on Terror  by Nicholas Young
Terrorist Threat Has Roots in US Policy  by Sheldon Richman
'Pro-Israel' Neocons Go Global  by Ira Chernus
Are Obama's Hands Tied?  by William Pfaff
Israel's Reasoning Against Peace  by Jonathan Cook
Dodge City Meets Pakistan  by Eric Margolis

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White House Agrees to Share Covert Operations Information With More Members of Congress

Clinton, Gates Blast Congress on Iraq Funding Cuts

Pentagon Officials Say Their Spending Is Bloated

Blair Knew of Guantanamo Torture in 2002, Lawyers Claim

Catholic Worker Groups Part of Faulty FBI Probe, Says New Report

Germany to Settle Last World War One Debt

'America Used to Be Our Enemy No 1. but Now It's al-Qaeda,' Say Former Insurgents

US Soldier Held Over Deaths of Two Comrades in Iraq

Iraq DM in Ankara With PKK on Agenda

Pentagon Plans $4.2bn Arms Sales to Iraq

Attacks Kill 3 Iraqi Police

Tuesday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded

US War at Home

Generals Criticize 2007 Basra Pull-Out

Fort Hood Reports Record Number of Suicides

UK War at Home

UK SecDef Fox: Defense Cuts Will Have 'Grave Consequences'

Iraq War Was Wrong, Says Labor Leader Ed Miliband

'War on Terror'

Inside the FBI's Terrorism Fight: Making Friends

Islamists 'Plotting Mumbai-Style Attack on Cities'

Police: Norway Terror Plot Targeted Danish Paper

Terror Informant 'Has a Bad Memory'

Man's 'Nerdy' Hobby Lands Him in Hot Water After Taking Photos of Kentwood Water Tower
US Launches 'Cyber Storm III' to Test Preparedness Against Cyber Attack

Iran Vows to Make No Concessions in Future Nuclear Talks

Report: Shell Increases Oil Trade With Iran Despite Sanctions

Suspicions Aroused in Killing of Iranian Doctors

Pioneer Iran Blogger Sentenced to 19 Years Prison


Sudan Sets Conditions for South Independence Vote

UN Envoy Proposes Somalia Force

Kenya Turns to K Street to Help Reshape Image

Russian President Medvedev Fires Moscow's Mayor, a Longtime Putin Supporter

Karzai Tearful as Bombing Kills Afghan Official

Petraeus: Taliban Have Reached Out to Reconcile

US Troops Face Powerful Enemy on Afghan Border

Afghanistan's President Karzai Names Taliban Outreach Group

Afghan Government Appoints 70-Member Peace Council

Videos Raise New Voter Fraud Questions in Afghanistan


Obama: 'The Cancer Is in Pakistan'

Pakistan Warns Against More NATO Raids

Pakistan's Army Pushes Shake-Up for Government

Af-Pak al-Qaeda Chief 'Killed' by US Drone

Five Die in NATO Shelling on Pak-Afghan Border Town

US Drone Strike Kills Four in Wana

Pakistan's Army Pushes Shake-Up for Government

Gaza Flotillas

UN Panel: Israel Suppressing Footage of Gaza Flotilla Raid

US Criticizes 'Unbalanced' UN Flotilla Probe

Jewish Gaza-Bound Activists: IDF Used Excessive Force in Naval Raid

'Jewish Vessel' Passenger: Soldier Tasered Me


Netanyahu Disowns Lieberman's UN Call for Expelling Arabs

Arab League Would Support Palestinian Withdrawal From Peace Talks

Israeli Foreign Minister Breaks With Netanyahu Over Peace Talks

US Jews Outraged by Lieberman's UN Speech

Israeli Foreign Minister Distances Himself From Talks

Dozens of Arab Families May Be Evicted From East Jerusalem Neighborhood Under Court Ruling

Israeli's Media Campaign in Turkey

Mitchell in Mideast as Abbas Says Talks May Collapse

Nobel Peace Laureate Barred From Israel


Kim Gives More Power to the In-Crowd

South Korea Says 2 Koreas to Hold Military Talks


Justin Raimondo
Obama: 'The Generals Made Me Do It!'

Ivan Eland
The Taliban: Forced Into Negotiation While Winning?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Palin and Beck Don't Support the Troops

David R. Henderson
An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

Nebojsa Malic
After Empire

Philip Giraldi
The Terrorism Fraud

Charles V. Peņa
Risking the Unthinkable

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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