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Updated October 2, 2010 - 11:04 PM EDT
Pakistan Warns NATO Against Future Attacks
  2 US Drone Strikes Kill 18 in NW Pakistan
  Pentagon: Pakistan Border Closure Hasn't Affected Afghan War
  Poll: Pakistani Tribesmen Strongly Oppose US Drone Strikes
  Dozens of NATO Oil Tankers Attacked in Pakistan
US Still Taking a Hard Line on Talks with Taliban
  Officials: Photos Show US Soldiers Posing With Slain Afghan Civilians
Parties Unite to Back Maliki for New Term as PM
  In Maliki’s Govt Deal, Anti-US Cleric the Real Winner
  Ahmed Chalabi: WMD Were 'Marginal' to Iraq Invasion
Mideast Talks in Limbo, PM Blames Palestinians
  Netanyahu: Settlement Construction Won't Affect Peace Process
Officials 'Assume' bin Laden Behind Alleged Plot
  New 'bin Laden Tape' Slams Muslim Govts for Military Spending
  FBI Activist Raid Target Invited to White House in April
US 'Sorry' for Deliberately Infecting Guatemalans With STDs
Darfur Rebels Say Sudan Army Raids Kill 27 Civilians
Aussies May Push Prosecution of WikiLeaks Chief Over Docs
UN Congo Report Edited to 'Tone Down' Attacks on Civilians
James Powers and the Murky World of 'Top Secret America'  by Matthew Harwood
Time to Repeal Congress' Blank Check on Wars  by Rep. Barbara Lee
FBI Raids and the Criminalization of Dissent  by Amy Goodman
Drone Warfare on Trial  by Robert Koehler
Dwight Was Right  by Michael Moore
The US Searches for War Criminals  by Glenn Greenwald

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Australian Spies 'May Have Tracked' WikiLeaks Founder
Blackwater Wins Piece of $10 Billion Merc Deal
Dearborn Police Chief Regrets Imam's Death in Police Shootout
Obama and Petraeus: A Wary Relationship
Iowa Peace Activists Condemn FBI's Surveillance of Group
US Losing Control of Bombs to China Monopoly
US May Disable Some Sub-Based Nuke Capacity
Poland Seeks Stronger US Military Presence
'War on Terror'
Former Intel Director: New Cyberattack May Be Worse Than 9/11
NYPD Prepares for Guerilla-Style Terror Attack
US Power Plants at Risk of Attack by Computer Worm Like Stuxnet
Sweden Raises Terror Alert
Terror in Paris: French Capital on Red Alert
Feds Want Case Dropped Against Afghan in Calif
Director of National Intel May Win Expanded Shield From FOIA
Report: US, EU Must Join to Stop Homegrown Terror
DHS Badges Don't Get No Respect
Pennsylvania Homeland Security Director Resigns Over Surveillance Contract Flap
Congressmen Press Obama to Attack Iran
Iran Blasts US for Latest Sanctions Move
'Anti-Terrorist' Operation Took Place in Iraq: Iran MP
Report: Former Iranian Foreign Minister Arrested
Iranian Hard-Liners Upset Over Political Prisoners' Letters
Iraq Sees Lowest Monthly Toll Since January
In Iraq, New Leadership but Same Reality
Official: Kurdish Security Using Threats in Bid to Oust Iraqi Arabs
Northern Checkpoints a Laboratory for Arab-Kurd Relations
Iraqiya MP Survives Assassination Attempt Near Mosul
US Encouraged Iraqi Leaders Taking Steps to Form Government
Govt: Iraqis Now Allowed to Import Cucumbers, Bell Peppers
IMF Releases 741-Million-Dollar Loan to Iraq
Friday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
Netanyahu: Palestinians Must Show Some Flexibility
Palestinians: Ball in Netanyahu's Court
Defining 'Jewish State': for Many, Term Has Different Meanings
Settlements Stymie US Envoy's Mideast Effort
Norway Bans Tests of Israel-Bound Subs in Its Waters
Palestinians Building Jewish Settlements
Principal Faces Hearing Over Textbook
Israeli Court Rejects Nobel Laureate's Appeal
Middle East
United Arab Emirates Police Chief Accuses Israeli Spy Agency of Threats
Turkish Analyst: Washington Increasingly Upset With Ankara
Syria's Assad Aims to Reassure on Visit to Iran
Weekend Reviews
Review: Midnight on the Mavi Marmara
America, World's Top Military Forever?
Let the Swords Encircle Me: Freedom and Fanaticism in Iran
Chalmers Johnson's Dismantling the Empire: A Must Read
Nuremberg: A Lost War-Crimes Documentary Lives Again
Officials: Up to 20 Britons Training in Pakistan
Pakistan to Respond to NATO Attacks After Probe
Holbrooke Doubts Pakistan Border Will Stay Closed
Ex-Pakistani Leader Admits Mistakes While in Power
US Struggles to Counter 'Taliban Propaganda'
Senator Concerned by Commanders' Comments on Afghanistan Timeline
Blast Kills 2 Romanian Soldiers in Afghanistan
Four Georgian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
NATO Claims Insurgent Captures
Dwarves Serve in War-Torn Afghanistan
US Pressing India to Buy US Military Hardware
Relief in India Over Ayodhya Holy Site Ruling
Eight Militants, Policeman Killed in Kashmir
Koreas Agree to 1st Family Reunions in 1 Year
South Korea: Looking to Germany for Lessons on Reunification
North Korea's Kim Jong-Il No Lame Duck, in US View
Japan PM Concerned Over China's Maritime Expansion
Bangkok Kept Under State of Emergency
Serbian Minister Sees Kosovo Talks in Early 2011
Serbia Turns Back on Virulent Nationalism
Ukraine's Pro-Russian President Gets New Powers
Sarkozy to Propose New Bond With Russia
Ethnic Russian Party Gains Before Latvian Vote
Car Bombs Kill 8, Mar Nigeria 50th Ceremony
Violence in Mogadishu Swells Number of Displaced Somalis
Ivory Coast Minister Named in Plot to Smuggle US Arms
No Forgiveness for My Enemies, Warns Freed President of Ecuador
Ecuador Revolt: Attempted Coup or Uprising?
Ecuador's Police Chief Takes Blame, Quits Over Correa Crisis
Two Dead, 37 Wounded in Operation to Rescue Ecuador's President From Hospital
Bid to Lift Travel Ban on Cuba Stalls in Congress
Church: 7 Jailed Dissidents Reject Leaving Cuba
Spain Detains 41 Suspected of Funding Colombia Rebels
The War at Home
Joint Chiefs Chairman Urges Community Vet Support
New Video Game Changed to Prevent Players Taking on Role of Taliban Militants

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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