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Updated October 8, 2010 - 11:25 PM EDT
Guards at US Bases Are Tied to Taliban
  Eights Months in, A Full Blown Insurgency in Marjah
  6 Afghan Militiamen Killed in NATO Airstrike
  Dozens of Taliban Killed as War Enters 10th Year
  Nine Years in, Afghans Don't Trust US
  Afghan Talks May Be Underway, but Peace Is Not at Hand
NATO Contractors 'Attacking Own Vehicles'
  Despite US Apology, Pakistan Border Remains Closed
  Two Drone Strikes Kills 9 in North Waziristan
  Is Pakistan Falling Apart?
  Pakistan Has Mixed Record Against Taliban, White House Says
  Pakistan Working on More Nuclear Weapons
Obama Dumps Jones as Nat'l Security Advisor
  Was Jones Fired Over Spat With Pakistan?
Reports: Deal Near to Continue Mideast Talks
  Labor Expects New Settlement Freeze as Payoff for Loyalty Oath
  Israel Is Now Punishing Palestinians Shamelessly
  In Hunt for Dubai Hit Men, Tantalizing Trail Goes Cold
Diplomats, Officials: Obama Exaggerating Terror Threat
  EU, US Hold Talks After Terror Alert Causes Alarm
  One Agency Wants Internet Wiretaps, Another Wants Privacy Protected
Facing Maliki Govt, Allawi Now Keen on Power-Sharing
  The Army Certainly Thinks 'Combat Conditions' Still Prevail in Iraq
  Thursday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded
The Long War: Year Ten  by Andrew Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
Spending Millions to Kill Each Terrorist  by Ron Smith
Times Square Bomber: Cause and Effect in the War on Terror  by Glenn Greenwald
Empire Going Mad  by Thomas Ruttig
They Don't Value Life?  by Jeremy Sapienza
Trickle-Down Surveillance  by Matthew Harwood

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What Happened in Europe's Secret CIA Prisons?
US Man Suspected of Trying to Spy for Israel
Did Israel Ever Consider Using Nuclear Weapons?
Freed Guantanamo Detainee Sues US Military Over Alleged Torture
New Inspector General Finally Watching CIA
Mullen Vows to Hunt Down bin Laden, Zawahiri
Kenya: ODM Rebel MPs Claim Pentagon Behind Poll Chaos

'War on Terror'

US Official: Terror Alert Kept as Long as Needed
Top House Dem Warns US 'Unprepared' for Dirty-Bomb Attack
European Parliament Balks at US Data Deals
Obama Signs Bill to Curb Over Classification
UK University Says It Didn't Radicalize Bomber
Gunfire at Police Car Kills Five Iranians
Russia to Return Iran's Advance Pay for Missiles
US Urges Egypt Against Business Deals With Iran
Iran's Judiciary Warns Gold Merchants Over Strike
Civilian Killed, Another Wounded in Baghdad Blast
Twin Blasts Kill 5 at Market South of Baghdad
10 Wounded in Bike Bomb Blast North of Hilla
Thursday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded
Ill-Timed Oath May Torpedo Talks
Ambassador Oren: Israel Offered Incentives Package
Barak Backs Loyalty Pledge, With Change
No Easing of Palestinian Demand Seen at Arab League
Israel Signs Agreement to 'Buy' F-35 Jets From US
Gaza Burns as Hamas Declares War on Drugs
For Israeli Army, Tests of Accountability
Iranian-Lebanese Film Recounts Suffering in War With Israel
Israeli Aircraft Injure Three in Strike on Car in Gaza Strip
Settler Youth Arrested by Shin Bet for Exposing Top Officer
Israel Will Use Attack Dogs in Future Flotilla Raids
International Olympic Committee President Invites Israel, Palestine for Talks
Greece, Israel to Resume Military Exercise
Yemen Arrests 7 Suspects in Attack on UK Diplomat
Al Shabaab Militants Desert Strategic Town as Leadership Feud Reported
Uphill Battle to Prevent Failed State in Yemen: Experts
US Military
Mental Exam for Ft. Hood Suspect Blocked by Lawyer
Don't Pimp My Ride: Marines May Stick With Humvees
Turbulence Dogs F-35 Stealth Fighter Plane
Airbus Says Military Certification Advances US Tanker Bid
Contractors in Kabul Accused of 'Lewd and Deviant Behavior'
Senate Report: Mismanaged US Contractor Money Aids Enemy in Afghanistan
British Firm 'Hired Warlords Close to Taliban to Provide Security'
Expanding Control, Taliban Refresh Stamp on Afghan Justice
Taliban Leader, 7 Others Killed in Northern Afghanistan
German Soldier Killed by Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan
Little Hope for Afghan Peace Council
Afghan Peace Council Opens as Afghans Assess Nine Years of War
Army Officer Recommends Trial in Afghan Killings
Fast Food Returns to Military Bases in Afghanistan
8 Killed in Blasts at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan
German Militants Training in Pakistani Border Area
Pakistan Military Chief Promises Probe of Execution Video
Warrants Issued for Five Pakistanis in Mumbai Attacks
US Condemns Deadly Bombings at Pakistani Shrine
Musharraf Promised to Send Pakistan Troops to Iraq: Former Prime Minister
Lawmakers Scuffle With Officials in Indian Kashmir
India to Buy 250-300 Fighter Jets From Russia: Minister
North Korea Pressing Forward on Nuclear Program, Report Says
Dialogue, Tensions Coexist in Inter-Korean Ties
US Won't Push South Korea on North
US Praises Japan PM Over China Row
History of Telecom Company Illustrates Lack of Strategic Trust Between US, China
In Indonesia, Military Aids in Fight Against Local Militants
Kyrgyzstan's Ethnic Uzbeks Toil to Rebuild Homes
Russian Military Successfully Tests New Missile
Four Bosnian Serb Policemen Charged Over War Killings
South Sudan Could Snub North, Hold Own Freedom Vote
UN Sec. Council Greeted by Anti-US Chants in Sudan
UN Says Civilian Working for Peacekeepers Abducted in Darfur
South Africa: No Troops for Somalia
AU Claims Troops 'Gaining Ground' in Somali Capital

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