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Updated October 10, 2010 - 11:22 PM EDT
Pakistan Reopens Major NATO Supply Route
  US Missile Strikes Kill 8 in Pakistan
  NATO Loses 150 Tankers in 10 Days
  Pakistan Considers Imposing Tax on NATO Supply Trucks
Wary Afghans Mull Possible Taliban Peace Talks
  British Aid Worker Killed in Botched US-Led Afghan Rescue
  Four Italian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Attack
  More Than 170 Afghan Candidates Accused of Electoral Frauds
Israeli Cabinet OKs Loyalty Oath for Non-Jews
  Abbas May Circumvent Israel, Ask US to Recognize Palestinian State
  Israel Fears Settlement Pressure on PM Will Increase After US Elections
Al-Qaeda Views West Terror Alert Fears as Victory
  Allies Question US Travel Warning
  CIA 'Tortured Suspects' in Secret Prison in Poland
Americans Among Insurgent Leaders in Somalia
Obama Will End the War or Lose the Elections  by Kevin B. Zeese
The State-Secrets Defense: A Privilege Too Far Gone  by Laura K. Donohue
The Karzai Family Fortune, Courtesy of US Taxpayers  by Michael Tennant
Birth of the National Security State  by Philip Giraldi
The Peace Prize in the Digital Age  by Jillian York
Afghanistan: War Without End  The Guardian

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Kucinich Probes Whether FBI Informant Triggered Kent State Massacre
US Often Weighed North Korea 'Nuke Option'
China, Angered by Peace Prize, Blocks Celebration
Invited Ambassadors Denied Entry to White House Event Over Excel Blooper
Israeli Media Claim to Have Discovered Syrian Hezbollah Site on Google Earth
Report: US Drone Strike Kills Key al-Qaeda Leader in Pakistan
US Apology on NATO Strikes Accepted: Pakistan Interior Min.
Allies in War, but the Goals Clash
Man Thought to Be Karachi Suicide Bomber Walks Home
Fiery Musharraf Slams US Assessment of Pakistan
Firing Incidents Claim 4 Lives in Karachi
Top US Senator Wants Pakistan Aid Linked to Results of 'Execution' Video Probe
Karzai Appeals to Taliban in Kandahar Heartland
Cameron Defends Hostage Decision
A Woman's Touch in Afghanistan
15 Including Eight Maoists Killed in India Clashes
'Tiger Hanif' Faces Extradition Over Indian Bombings
India to Launch Military Satellites in Near Future: Senior Official
Kyrgyz Vote Setback Could Spark Violence: Governor
Kyrgyz Leader Hails New Democratic Era
Kyrgyz Tensions Simmer Amid Inquiry Into Unrest
No Word From China's Imprisoned Nobel Winner
China Media Slams Nobel Peace Prize for Dissident
Nobel Euphoria Fails to Mask Tough Reality in China
Wife to Meet Imprisoned Nobel Winner on Sunday
Chinese Activists Report Pressure After Nobel Win
China Remains Uncompromising in Response to Nobel
China's Activists Savour Peace Prize for Dissident
China Says Japanese Suspected of Filming Is Freed
North Korea
N. Korea's Charm Offensive Marks Handover to Its New Leader
North Korea's Leader-in-Waiting Seen in Public: Report
With Succession Set, North Korea Throws a Party
China Delegation Arrives in Pyongyang for Anniversary
Pro-Junta Party Vows to Foster Democracy
Junta-Backed Party Announces Platform
Myanmar's Top Court to Hear Suu Kyi Appeal
Anger Rising in Nepal Amid PM Stalemate
Bangladesh Police Detain Fourth Islamist Militant
Accused Russian Arms Trafficker Files Appeal Against Extradition to US From Thailand
1,000 Rally to Back New Anti-Kremlin Bloc
Irish Police Arrest 9 IRA Dissidents, Seize Arms
UK: No Promises on Aircraft Carriers
South Sudan President Asks for Peacekeepers
Sudan Northerners, Southerners Clash in Khartoum
Sudan Says It Is Committed to Independence Vote
Islamic Cleric Slain in North Nigeria
International Court Orders Trial to Resume
Zimbabwean Liberation Hero Burial Snubs Mugabe
Ex-Ghana Leader Rawlings Named AU Envoy to Somalia
Lawyer for Ecuador Police Warns of 'Witch Hunt'
Argentina Protests UK Falklands Military Exercise
Morales Signs Anti-Racism Law: Could Be Used to Stifle Criticism
US Military
Suicidal Soldiers Are Humiliated by Superiors With Fatal Results, Military Medical Experts Say
Tarawa Shows Difficulties of Finding War Missing
Obama Signs Defense Trade Deals With UK, Australia
Weekend Reviews
Behind the Afghan Reputation
Time to Rethink US Bases in Asia
War Everlasting
Iraq War Mobilizes a Collection of Thoughtful Teen Literature
Abbas Seeking Alternatives if Mideast Talks Fail
Barak: Labor Ministers Free to Vote Their Conscience on Loyalty Oath Bill
Livni Urges PM to Fulfill Obama's Moratorium Request
Israel: PA Threat to Declare State Unilaterally a 'Mirage'
IDF Raid Kills Commander of Hamas Armed Wing in West Bank
Video: Israeli Settler Runs Over Kids Throwing Rocks
Report: Suspect in Dubai Hit Used ID of Fallen IDF Soldier
Syria: Israel-US Fighter Jet Deal Destabilizes Region
Flotilla Victims' Families to International Criminal Court: Prosecute Israel
Extremist Israelis Damage Palestinian Olive Trees
Mira Awad: Israel's Palestinian Singing Star Caught Between Worlds
OECD Chief Warns: Jerusalem Conference Could Be Canceled
Hamas Takes Hard Line Against Suspected Spies in Gaza
Iran Claims Country Is 'Stronger' After Sanctions
Iran Acknowledges Espionage at Nuclear Facilities
Iran: Ready for Nuclear Talks in Late Oct or Early Nov
Netherlands Investigates IAEA Shipment to Iran
Attacks in Iranian Kurdistan Are Government Orchestrated, Analysts Believe
Three Lawmakers Resign Over Iran's Suicide Bomb Attack
Iraqi PM Urges Rivals to Agree to Unity Government
Iraq PM Calls for Opponents to Return From Exile
Shuttle Campaigning, Iraqi-Style
Gunmen in Iraq Kill Three Ministry Workers
Biden Calls Iraqi Kurdish Leader
Kurds Fume Over Census Delay
Saturday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded
Hezbollah Urges Mass Turnout for Ahmadinejad
US: 'Stable' Lebanon in the Interests of All
Hezbollah Opens Resistance Site as Theme Park
Muslim Brotherhood to Contest Egyptian Elections
Qaeda Militant Admits to Deadly Yemen Attacks
Calif. Man Admits Illegally Working as Yemeni Agent

'War on Terror'

Torture Victim Sues Obama Administration Over 'Kafkaesque Nightmare' in Guantánamo
Conflict Over 'Newburgh Four' Evidence Brings Bombing Trial Deliberations to a Halt
Riverdale Bomb Trial Jurors in Evidence Flub
Cyber Espionage Besieges Australia's Military
Canadian Jailed in US on Terrorism Charge Released
Hollywood Director Cancels UK Visit Over Terror Warnings
Americans Still Dying
Fallen Army Ranger (MD) Had Deployed 12 Times in Nine Years
Mother of Slain Soldier (MI): ''You Want to Shut the Door and Pretend It Hasn't Happened'
Lifelong Friend Recalls Fallen Aiken (SC) Soldier, Father of Five
Michigan Marine Leaves Behind Wife and Unborn Baby Daughter
Minnesota Army Aviator Laid to Rest
Air Force Battlefield Controller (AL) Killed in Afghanistan
Swanton (VT) Salutes Its Fallen Marine
Rosamond (CA) Family Prepares to Bury Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Special Forces Soldier From Texas Dies in Afghanistan
Fitzgerald (GA) Community Honors Fallen Airman
Video in Remembrance of Marine Combat Photographer From Gallitzin (PA)
Corbin (KY) Marine Loses Life in Helmand Province
Wichita (KS) Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Illinois Bomb Squad Airman Killed by IED in Afghanistan

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