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Updated October 18, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
Quarter of Afghan Votes to Be Thrown Out
  Karzai Backs Off: Some Security Contractors Can Stay
Pakistani Taliban Leader 'Wasn't Killed in Strike'
  Pakistani PM Angrily Denies Row Between President, Supreme Court
  Targeted Killings, Election Violence Leave 33 Dead in Karachi
Gates: WikiLeaks Didn't Reveal Intel Sources
  Centcom Iraq War SIGACTS File Lists – WikiLeaks Preempt?
US Demands Maliki Oust Sadr From Coalition
  Disillusioned US Allies in Iraq Rejoin Insurgency
CIA Paid Tycoon Use His Jet for 'Torture' Flights
  Scout in Mumbai Attacks Was DEA Informant While in Terror Camp
Abbas: With Statehood, Palestine Ready to End All Claims
Yemen Launches Flurry of Air Strikes Following Clashes
Why Military Spending Stays Off Limits  by Daniel Larison
Obama's Robot Wars Endanger Us All  by Johann Hari
Smaller, Older, Less Prepared: Where Is the Payoff for Huge Pentagon Budget Hikes?  by Winslow T. Wheeler
The State of Blah-Blah-Blah  by Uri Avnery
The 'Spectacularly Misnamed Radicals' Fire Back on Military Spending  by Justin Logan
Postcard From Palestine  by Christopher Hayes

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Microsoft Expands Effort to Protect Nonprofit Groups
Discovery of GPS Tracker Becomes Privacy Issue
Declassified Statement on Jonathan Pollard by Caspar W. Weinberger
French Minister: Saudis Warn of New Terror Threat
Gibbs: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Will End Under Obama Administration
US Political Ads Stoke Fear of Foreigners
Abbas: I Won't Resume Talks Until Building Freeze Renewed
Israeli Envoy Says Only Peace Can Halt Settlements
Another Flotilla Sets Sail for Gaza
Israeli Air Strike Kills Two Palestinians in Gaza
Israeli Troops 'Disguised as Arabs' at Anti-Barrier Protests
Israel, Hamas Have Resumed Prisoner Swap Talks
Illinois Candidates Spar Over Who Is More Devoted to Israel
US Reform Rabbis Oppose Proposed Loyalty Oath Law
Did Canada's Support for Israel Cost It a Seat on UN Security Council?
Galant: Gaza Op Didn't Solve South Israel's Security Issues
US: Chinese Businesses and Banks Bypassing UN Sanctions Against Iran
Report: Iran Arrests Six Afghan Military Officers, Soldier
Ahmadinejad: Iran Conditionally Ready for Talks With G5+1
Iran Warns Domestic Media on Opposition Coverage
American Freed in Iran Denies Links to Rebel Group
American Held in Iran for 30 Months Says to Sue Group
US Welcomes Release of American by Iran
Iraqi Govt: IEDs Killed 231, Wounded 601 Others in 2010
Rush-Hour Baghdad Bombings Kill 1, Wound 5 People
12 Killed in Iraq Gold Shop Robbery
Iraq Looks to Black Gold for Salvation
Jordan Promises Maliki Support for Iraq Reconciliation
Italy Eyes Iraq Investment, Worried Over Security
Sunday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 16 Wounded
Netanyahu Says Lebanon 'Becoming Iran Satellite'
Hezbollah Chief 'Deceived' Iran Leader With Gun Gift
US: UN Hariri Tribunal 'Will Not Be Stopped'
Middle East
Canada 'Moving Quickly' to Find New Mideast Base
Mob Attacks Kuwait TV Station Over Royal 'Insult'
Syrian President in Saudi Arabia for Regional Talks
NATO Service Member Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Peace Initiative in Afghanistan May Be Unfruitful
The £1 Billion Hostage Trade
Pakistanis Vote in Karachi Election After Violence
Pakistan PM: Constitution Requires People to Accept My Word Over Press
China Wants to Maintain Ties After Japanese, Chinese Protests
China Urges Anti-Japan Protesters to Stay Within Law
Japan PM Worried Over Safety of Japanese in China
North and South Korea Restore Aviation Hotline
FM: LeT Not Using Sri Lankan Soil to Train Terrorists
Thai 'Red Shirts' Rally to Demand Leaders Be Freed
Basque Separatist Urges Permanent Halt to Violence
Russia's Spies Out of Control, Says New Book
UK Foreign Secretary Says Military to Stay Strong
Kidnapped British Aid Worker in Good Health
Somalia's Ghost Town
South Korea: Somali Pirates Abduct 43 Sailors Off Kenya
Rwanda Opposition Leader Held in 'Immoral' Conditions
Rwanda's Kagame Rules Out Third Term
Nigeria: Militant's Brother Held in Bombing
Court: Ex-Nigerian Leader Can Be Extradited to UK
Women March, Demand End to Mass Rapes in East Congo
Peres Cancels Morocco Trip After King Denies Request to Meet
UN Envoy for West Sahara 'On New Mission to Region'
Mugabe Must Rule Forever: ZANU-PF Women's League
US Military
'Wolfhound' Released in Afghanistan
Marine Wounded in Iraq Still Fighting – This Time for Benefits
'War on Terror'
Australian Police Probe Gitmo Detainee Book Deal

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