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Updated October 29, 2010 - 11:01 PM EDT
US-Bound Cargo From Yemen Had Explosives
  Explosive Packages Were Addressed to Chicago Synagogues
  US Fighter Jets Escort Plane With Cargo From Yemen
DHS Sets Military Role in Civilian Cybersecurity
  Massive US Intel Cost Revealed: $80 Billion for 2010
  Despite Scare Talk, Attacks on Pentagon Networks Drop
  UK: No Terror Arrests in 100,000 Police Counter-Terror Searches
  US Envoy Says Iran and Syria 'Destabilizing' Lebanon
  MI6 Chief Says Secrecy Vital to Countering Iran
NATO: Don't Judge Kandahar Offensive Until June
  Audit: Accounting for US Spending in Afghanistan 'Difficult at Best'
  US-Employed Afghan Security Firms Often Benefit Taliban Insurgents
  Minister: French Troops May Withdraw From Afghanistan in 2011
US Says Iran, Syria, Hezbollah Endanger Lebanon
  US Preparing New Nuclear Offer for Iran, Officials Say
  MPs: US Sanctions on Iran Are Harming EU Independence
Iraq Cafe Suicide Bombing Kills 26, Wounds 75
US Official Set Up Secret Spy Network in Asia
15 Die as US Drone Strikes Continue in Pakistan
Obama Rejects Child Soldier Ban, Vows to Continue Aid
Big Men, Big Money, Big Voting Scam  by Ann Jones and Tom Engelhardt
Jonathan Pollard's First Freedom Gambit  by Grant Smith
Drowning Humanitarian Aid  by Christopher Stokes
Defying a Superpower  by Robert Koehler
War Should Be an Election Issue  by Amy Goodman
Letting Go of North Korea  by Doug Bandow

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Daniel Ellsberg Signs Deal for Nuclear Memoir
Iraq and Afghan Wars Rarely Mentioned in Campaigns
Pentagon Says Intel Contractors Went Too Far
Top US Officer: Army Hasn't Seen End of Wars' 'Undetermined Toll'
White House Prepares for Foreign Policy Challenges — From Congress
Saudi Prince Backs Moving Planned NYC Mosque
Report: Bush Thought Military Shot Down PA Plane on 9/11
Yemen Leader's Hold on Country Growing Tenuous
Tribal Feud Flares in Yemen's Capital
Yemen Tribesmen Kidnap Swedish Engineer in Yemen
Netanyahu: Settlement Building Won't Affect Final Status Peace Deal
Israel: Nigeria Weapons Heading for Gaza Strip
Nigeria Customs: Weapons Ship Sailed From India
The War of the Olive Harvest: Palestinians vs. Settlers
Abbas: We'll Demand UN Recognition Within Months
Hamas Official: Another Gaza War Would Cost Israel Dearly
As Rabin Is Remembered, Some See His Legacy Slipping Away
Likud Activists Form Their Own Tea Party Movement
Schools, Stipends Trigger Israeli Religious Battle
Iraqi Lawmakers Demand Inquiry of Abuse Claims
The Tariq Aziz Sentencing: a Welcome Diversion for Maliki?
Iraq Governor Suspended for Alleged Ba'ath Party Affiliation
Iraqi TV Personality Takes on a Perilous Job: Giving a Microphone to the Masses
Iraq Being Offered Surplus US Military Equipment
IED Injures 3 Policemen in Mosul
Iraq Attacks Kill 2 Policemen
Thursday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 19 Wounded
Middle East
Bahrain Detainees Allege Abuses at Coup Plot Trial
Egypt's FM: No Breakthrough in Mideast Talks
Hezbollah Calls for Boycott of UN Tribunal
Kuwait Court Upholds Acquittal of Alleged al-Qaeda Cell
Nine Turkish Officers Accused of Blackmail, Spying
Russian Military Test-Fires 3 Ballistic Missiles
Russia Calls on US to Probe WikiLeaks Documents
Ivory Coast
UN Sends More Peacekeepers to Ivory Coast for Poll
Ivory Coast's Decade of Conflict and Limbo
Somali Militants Grow More Brazen in Attack
Al-Shabaab Executes Two Girls for 'Spying'
Southern Sudanese Head South Ahead of Key Vote
Hotel Rwanda Manager Accused of Funding Rebels
Zimbabwe's White Farmers Face New Violent Surge
'War on Terror'
UN Says Ex-al Qaeda Child Soldier Should Not Be Jailed
Italy Seeks Stiffer Sentence for Ex-CIA Official
Officials: Muslim Source Turned in Terror Suspect
UK Figures Show Fall in Terrorism Arrests
Britain Urges US to Take Down 'Extremist' Websites
MI6 Chief Admits to His 'Dilemma' Over Torture
Ridgefield Mayor's Victorious Defense Worked to Discredit FBI Informant
FBI Learned of Subway Terror Suspect in January
Accused DC Bomber Sought Terror Ties
Judge: LA Terror Plot Cooperator Broke Probation
NATO Soldier Killed in Afghan Blast
Afghan Warlord's Private Army Trained in Australia
Bomb Attack in Southern Afghanistan Kills 3 Police
20 Militants Killed in Orakzai, Mohmand
Gunmen Attack Japanese Consular Car in Pakistan
Militants Behead Fake Taliban
Four Shi'ite Traders Gunned Down in Quetta
Pakistani Criminal Justice System Proves No Match for Terrorism Cases
Clinton Says China Is Not an Adversary
China to Boost Maritime Fleet Amid Tensions at Sea
China Crackdown on Dissidents Continues Despite Citizen's Nobel Peace Prize
China Set to Reassert Clout in UN
Media: Myanmar Uncovers Plot to Bomb Airport, Cities
Role for Civilians in Myanmar 'Welcomed'
US: Myanmar Offer on Suu Kyi 'Craven Manipulation'
As Clinton Visit Nears, Vietnam Arrests Bloggers, Sentences Activists
Computer Attack Hits Dissidents in Vietnam
North Korea
Canada to Impose New Sanctions on North Korea
Civilians Falling Victim to Mexico Drug War
US Military
Last US Marine to Face Court-Martial in Haditha Killings
Airmen Given Expired Anthrax Vaccines

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