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Updated October 30, 2010 - 11:13 PM EDT
Woman Arrested in Yemen 'Bomb Plot'
  Pre-Election Bomb Plot a Political Boost for Obama
  UK Says Yemen Bomb Could Have Brought Down Plane
  Obama Vows to 'Destroy' al-Qaeda in Yemen
  Intercepted Device Likely a Cell Phone, Photo Analysis Shows
  Explosive Packages Were Addressed to Chicago Synagogues
  US Not to Increase Threat Level, Says White House
Taliban Peace Talks Come to a Halt
  Karzai Says US-Russia Drug Raid Violated Sovereignty
  Pentagon Had Red Flags About Command Climate in 'Kill Team' Brigade
  Official: NATO Killed 80 Rebels in Afghanistan’s Paktia Province
  Over 20 Insurgents Killed in NATO Kandahar Attack
Iran Agrees to Nuclear Talks, EU Confirms
  Iran's Exports to US More Than Double in 1st Half
Israel, US Discuss 'Land Lease' From Palestinians
  Palestinians Plan to Declare Statehood in 2011
Pakistan Balks at US Demand for N. Waz Invasion
Iraq Cafe Suicide Bombing Kills 26, Wounds 75
Somali Confirms Troops Selling Arms to Islamists
Koreas Exchange Gunfire at Land Border
How the Wars Are Sinking the Economy  by Linda Bilmes
Washington's Dubious Offer of Negotiations With Iran  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Washington Post's Blinders on Afghan War  by Robert Parry
Save Tariq Aziz!  by Robert Dreyfuss
Bipartisan Warfare State  by Jack Kenny
WikiLeaks Docs Underestimate Iraqi Dead  by John Tirman

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More Shots Fired at Marine Corps Museum Outside DC
FBI: Shooter Could Be a Marine
NATO to Cut Kosovo Troop Numbers by Half to 5,000
China: 'Pakistan Is Our Israel'
German Defense Cutbacks Pass Key Test
41% of Non-Christian AF Cadets Cite Proselytizing
Dems Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential 2012 Contenders
Yemen Ends Campaign in Shabwa, No al-Qaeda Found
Yemen 'Plot'
US Says al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Behind Cargo Terror Plot
US Hunts for More Suspicious Packages
Inside the Yemen Bomb Plot
Yemen Packages on UPS, Fedex Jets Show 'Massive' Air-Cargo Security Hole
US Warned of Mail Bomb Terror Tactic Last Month
Yemen Packages May Hold Underwear-Bomber Explosive
UPS Suspends Shipments From Yemen
'War on Terror'
TSA to Phase in New Pat-Down Procedures at Airports Nationwide
FBI Asks How Subway Bomb Defendant Was Radicalized
Phoenix Man Indicted for Violating Arms Export Law
New Prison Term for LA Terror Plot Cooperator
Khadr Tells Guantanamo Jury of Interrogators' Rape Threats
Testimony Ends in Guantanamo 'Child Soldier' Case
Envoy: No Peace Talks Underway With Afghan Taliban
Defense Chief Confirms Afghan Militia in Australia
Russia, US Collaborate in Afghan Drug Raid
In Pakistan, Religious Shrines Step Up Security Against Attacks
PM: Not Afraid of Unification of Pakistani Muslim Leagues
ASEAN to Bring in US as Counterbalance to China
China Says Japan Distorted Facts in Island Dispute
China, Japan Ties Strained Over Islands at Summit
India Decides Not to Book Arundhati Roy With Sedition
After 6 Decades of Separation in Korea, a Meeting
China's Rise Prompts Vietnam to Strengthen Ties to Other Nations
Weekend Reviews
Neoconservatism Defined
Washington Rules Is a Sobering Look at a Nation at War
The Great Game: Afghanistan
Petraeus: Iran's Kabul Payments 'Disingenuous'
In Ahmadinejad Birthday Tweet, State Dept. Urges Iran to Free Hikers
Palin Pounces on State Department Over Ahmadinejad Birthday Tweet
Rio Tinto Says Iran Can Keep Stake in Uranium Mine
Sadr City, Shi'ite Heart of Baghdad, Beats Freely as War Ebbs
Iraq: HRW Wants New Inquiry of Journalist's Death
Friday: 27 Iraqis Killed, 76 Wounded
Israel Angry Over UNESCO Description of West Bank Holy Site
Nigeria: Seized Weapons Linked to Palestine
Islamic Jihad Slams Peace Talks at Mass Gaza Rally
International Tribunal Says Hezbollah Tried to Obstruct Justice in Prime Minister's Killing
US Rejects Hezbollah 'Intimidation' on Tribunal
Middle East
Turkey's Intel Severs Ties With Mossad
Kidnapped Swedish Engineer Freed in Yemen
Russia & Her Neighbors
Georgia Arrests 20 Suspected of Spying for Russia
Russian Poll: Medvedev Almost as Popular as Putin
Poland, Russia Sign Long-Delayed Gas Agreement
Morocco Says Breaks Up al-Qaeda-Linked Cells
Morocco Expels al-Jazeera Over 'Irresponsible' Reporting on Separatists
Moroccans Protest Against Israeli Speaker's Parliament Visit
US Military
Most Troops Wouldn't Oppose Serving With Gays, Survey Finds
Whistleblower Soldier Charged in Afghan Killing Out of Solitary
Northrop-Built Navy Ships 'Not Survivable' in Combat, Official Says
WWII Military Munitions Found Near Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal
General Odierno Takes Control of Joint Forces Command in Norfolk

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