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Updated November 5, 2010 - 11:20 PM EDT
Suicide Bombers Kill 72 in Pakistani Mosques
Russia to NATO: Stop Pushing Militants North
  Afghan Campaign Destroys Hundreds of Houses: Rights Group
  Russian Troops to Continue Afghan Drug Raids
  Candidates Accuse Karzai, Iran of Trying to Rig Afghan Vote
US Military Seeks Major Aid Boost to Yemen
  US Plays Down Talk of Ticking Package Bomb
  Synagogue Leader: We Were Not Target of Parcel Bomb Plot
Palestinians Give US More Time to Restart Talks
  Abbas Slams ‘Ferocious’ Settlement Expansion in East Jerusalem
Gen. Clapper Claims Control Over Intel Budget
  Citing US, British Demands, YouTube Censors Anwar Awlaki

Al-Qaeda's No. 2 Man Calls for Revenge Over Convicted Scientist


FBI Links 5 Shootings at Military Targets in Virginia

WikiLeaks Founder May Seek Swiss or Icelandic Asylum
Norway Probing Reports of Mass US Surveillance in Oslo
Will the Tea Tempest Storm the Pentagon?  by Chris Preble & John Samples
Obama's Hopeless Iran Strategy  by Robert Dreyfuss
Obama, Afghanistan, and That Infernal Drip  by Russ Baker
Guantánamo, Exception or Rule?  by Chase Madar and Tom Engelhardt
GOP Hawks and Doves  by Philip Giraldi
Colossus: the Giant Gazan Prison  by Larbi Sadiki

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Bush: 'Damn Right' I Personally Ordered Waterboarding
White House Calls Brian Williams After He Questions Mail-Bomb Terrorist Threat
Hillary Clinton Wants 'Lame-Duck' Congress to Pass START Treaty
Post-Midterms, Obama to Focus on Foreign Policy in Four-Nation Asian Trip
WikiLeaks Founder Tells US to Open Up on Iraq War
Kurds Turn Down Saudi Initiative
Christians Consider Their Future After Deadly Attack
Iraq's Ex-Premier Sees Security Deteriorating Amid Political Stalemate
UN Rights Chief Criticizes Iraq Over Religious Violence
Baghdad School System Struggling as Pupils Resume Studies
Baghdad Studio of Feisty TV Station Shut Down in Dispute With Iraqi Government
Silent Demonstration in Nineveh Demanding Protection of Iraqi Christians
Rocket Blows Up in Police Vehicle, Kills 4
2 Rockets Land on US Base, Another Seized in Babel
Explosion Near Billiard Club, Sticky Bomb Defused in Fallujah
Thursday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
Iran Detains 'UK-Linked Fighters'
Britain Denies Iran's Claim of UK-Linked Terrorists
Iran Hails US Labelling of Jundallah as 'Terrorists'
Iran Blocks Former President's Website
Iranian Protesters Bash US and Britain in Rallies
US Embassy Occupation, 31 Years Later
London Tells Israel It Will Amend War Crimes Law
Saudi Prince Rules Out Engagement With Israel Until Arab Land Is Returned
Israel Defense Minister Stung by 'Idiot' Insult
Hezbollah Boycotts Lebanese Talks Over UN Tribunal
Fears Rise Over Hezbollah Reaction if Indicted in Hariri Murder
Turkey: Kurdish Splinter Group Claims Responsibility for Bombing in Istanbul
From Somalia's Chaos, a Housing Market Is Born
3 Charged in US With Aiding Somali Terror Group
Serb Leader Tadic Apologizes for 1991 Vukovar Massacre
EU Commission Reports Set to Reward Montenegro, Disappoint Albania
Iran Says It Gave Afghans $500 Million
NATO: 3 Service Members Killed in Afghanistan
Four Afghanistan Police Officers Killed, Apparently by Taliban
Neighboring Countries Ponder a Post-Occupation Afghanistan
Afghan Attorney General Investigates Voting Fraud
Huge Expansion of Kabul Embassy Not Done Till 2014
German Defense Minister Expresses Cautious Optimism on Afghanistan
NATO Chief Hails Progress in Afghanistan After London Talks
2 Hurt in Indirect Fire on Afghanistan's Bagram Airfield
Northern Ireland Lawmakers Deemed Too Fat for Afghan Trip
US Treasury Targets Anti-India Terror Groups
Obama Unlikely to Wade Into Kashmir 'Tar Pit' on His Trip
Official: Mumbai Plane Lands With Suspicious Cargo
Indian Woman Vows to Continue Decade Hunger Strike
Myanmar Military Rulers Cancel Voting for 1.5m People in Areas of Unrest
Myanmar Hit by Massive Net Attack Ahead of Election
Myanmar Opposition Group Has New Tack: Cooperation
Pakistani Officials Concerned About Obama's Decision to Bypass Nation on Trip
Sri Lanka Plans to Resettle Civilians Driven Away by Rebels
'War on Terror'
German Concern Over UK Handling of Yemen Printer Bomb
Greek Bombers Used Hollow Books
Homemade Bomb Explodes at Southwest Houston Wal-Mart
Grassley Wants Bomb Suspect's Papers
US Military
Navy Seal Accused of Selling Ak-47 Assault Rifles Smuggled From Iraq and Afghanistan
C-4, Weapons Seized in Colorado in Navy SEAL Smuggling Ring
Contractor Louis Berger Settles in Afghan Overbilling Probe
Navy Officer Sues for Objector Status
US Military Looking for Higher-Tech Drones That Can Fly in Heavily Guarded Airspace
Lockheed's Stevens Says F-35 May Need 'More Time, More Dollars'

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A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

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Ted Sorensen's Death Should Cause Reflection

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Anatomy of a Pentagon Lie

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At the Crossroads

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Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

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The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

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