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Updated November 10, 2010 - 9:40 PM EST
Obama to Downplay Afghan 2011 Transition
  US Air Strikes Continue to Soar in Afghanistan
  NATO to Investigate as Troops Kill Three Civilians in Helmand
  Vast Majority of Afghans Back Taliban Talks
  US Review of Afghan War Nears Completion

Gates: US Open to Continuing Iraq War After 2011


Maliki Ally Claims Iraqi Government a Done Deal


Christian Areas Targeted in Baghdad Attacks

UK: Yemen Bomb Could Have Detonated Over US

Obama Lawyers Defend 'Kill Lists'


Muslim Americans Foil Terror Threats


Multi-Billion-Dollar Arms Deals Could Haunt US

Biden: Support of Israel Must Continue 'Forever'
  Netanyahu: Settlements in East Jerusalem Not Really Settlements
  Canada PM Will Defend Israel 'Whatever the Cost'
GOP Congressman Ready to Probe Bush Over Torture
Pakistan Summons US Envoy Over Support for India

'Mystery Missile' May Have Been Errant Launch, Experts Say

Is Palestine America's Next Vietnam?  by Ira Chernus and Tom Engelhardt
The Pentagon Must Protect Whistleblowers  by Nick Schwellenbach
Bush Boasts About Waterboarding  by Ray McGovern
Tea Party at the Pentagon?  by John Feffer
Welcome to India, Obama Sahib  by Eric Margolis
What Laila Sees  by David Smith-Ferri

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CIA Director Says 'Leaks Cannot Be Tolerated'

Private Security Companies Sign Code of Conduct

Obama Says US Earnest, Reaching Out to Muslim World

US Angrily Slams UN Call to Abolish Death Penalty

Montenegro Wins EU Commission Endorsement of Its Membership Bid

German Minister Says Military Should Secure Economy


Kurds Hold to Presidency, Iraq Stalemate Rolls On

Little Promise in Iraq's Parliament

UK Military Prosecutors Investigate Iraq Abuse Claims

Kirkuk: A Ticking Time Bomb in Volatile North Iraq

A Happy Ending to the Worst Atrocity of Saddam's Regime

Tuesday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 18 Wounded

The War at Home

Sergeant Accused of Killing Afghan Civilians Faces Hearing

Pentagon Arms Buyer Sees Spending Growth at Risk

Request to Ban Iowa Activists from Federal Bldg. Raises Eyebrows

Iraq War Deserter Seeks Asylum in Germany

UK Navy Grandees Attack 'Perverse' Defense Cuts

3 UK Soldiers Could Face War Crimes Trial

'War on Terror'

In Washington, Extreme Divide on Terror Issues

No One Charged in Destruction of CIA Interrogation Tapes

Waterboarding Is Torture, British Government Confirms

Suspect in Subway Terror Sting Pleads Not Guilty

French Detain 5 Suspects in Terror Network Probe

Bush Book

Jerrold Nadler: Bring on George W. Bush Probe

Bush Rejects Claims That Israel Was Behind Iraq War

Bush Rebuffed Israeli Request to Bomb Syrian Reactor

Bush Ordered Pentagon to 'Study' for Attack on Iran

Do Bush's Claims Stand Up Under Interrogation?

Former UK Intel Chairman: Waterboarding Didn't Stop Terror Plots

Ex-Chancellor Schroeder Says Bush 'Not Telling the Truth'


Afghanistan: How Well Is the US Really Doing in Kandahar?

Afghanistan Shuts Down 150 Afghan, Foreign Aid Groups

These Parachuting Dogs Will Win the War in Afghanistan

Afghan Police Arrest Suspected Insurgent on Plane

Two NATO Soldiers, District Governor Killed in Afghanistan


Iran Slams Israeli War Threats

Iran: Nuclear Issue Won't Be Discussed in Talks With the West

US: UAE Not Seeking to Ease Iran Sanctions

Middle East

US OKs $5B Sale of Boeing Helicopters to UAE

Inflexibility Over Tribunal Damaging US-Syrian Relations

Israel Stages Bioweapons Attack Exercise

Jordan's Parliament Without an Opposition


Yemen Wants Much More US Aid to Fight Terrorism

In Yemen, Cultural Propriety Poses a Security Challenge


South Korea Abandons Apology Demand Over Cheonan

Japan May Put Troops Near Disputed Isles

China Asks Japan Not to Attend Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

Tribal Militants Kill 19 People in Northeast India


Burma's Military Proxy Claims Victory

Burmese Ex-Military Men Win Seats, Opposition Does Well in Rangoon
Napolitano: Numbering Thousands, al-Shabaab 'Strongest al-Qaeda Force'

UN: Somali Piracy Outpaces Efforts to Stop It


With Breakup Looming, Will Sudan Return to War?


Justin Raimondo
Notes of a Traveling Agitator

Ivan Eland
Can W. Reinvent His Presidency?

Kelley B. Vlahos
2012: Exploiting Islamophobia to Win Big

Nebojsa Malic
Diplomats Gone Wild

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Philip Giraldi
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

David R. Henderson
Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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